D4 Get up and Dance 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

D4 Get up and Dance 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tarun smiles watching Nehtra close to Mikhail and asks Baby if there is some problem. He takes her hand in his arm while passing Mikhail. Mikhail watches them there and was moved. Later Mikhail was making the arrangements when he watch Baby come with an umbrella boy, ready for the shoot, he stares at her. Tarun comes to him and asks if he accept him to be lucky, Baby is really cute. He goes to help Baby take a seat. Mikhail watch them as a drink is served to them. Nehtra brings Mikhail to sit in the nearby chairs. They stylist was correcting Baby’s makeup. Sonam and Amar arrive and were shocked to see Nehtra with Mikhail and Tarun and Baby together. She wonders why wrong numbers are being connected, Harry comes from behind and shares his fear about something wrong.
Baby and Mikhail look at each other, Tarun and Nehtra drive to take their attentions and pass a smile to each other. There is a call to begin, Tarun comes holding Baby’s hand, and she withdraws it. He kiss Baby on forehead calling her beautiful. Mikhail dislikes the gesture and comes to stand beside Baby in the center. The shoot begin, Baby and Mikhail pose to get photographed. The photographed instructs Baby to maintain the pose and smile, he wants pose and chemistry between the two. Mikhail and Baby hold each other closely, stare into each other’s eyes. Nehtra and Tarun dislike. The photograph demands a closer eye contact, then for their love, getting closer to each other. Tarun was moved by the closeness and calls for a break. Baby and Mikhail get apart, Mikhail calls makeup. Nehtra assures about doing it and goes to Mikhail. Baby’s makeup artist comes to check hers. She poses towards photographer, while Mikhail stares towards her.
They come to center stage again, Mikhail watches Baby holding in different dancing poses this time. Every cheer, Sonam deliberately shouts that they look great together. Nehtra and Tarun visibly dislike the closeness, tear fell off Nehtra’s eye. Harry comes to call them both amazing, and the poses were excellent. Sonam says she likes them as a perfect couple from the beginning. Tarun asks Baby if it’s done, let’s go. Sonam stops him and asks how he can be so boring. She suggests about playing a game, arm wrestling and goes to get Baby changed.
Outdoor, Sonam and Amar have an arm wrestling match in which Amar is defeated. Tara announces since Sonam has won, so she will fight with the next contender that is Tarun. Nehtra goes to shoot a vide from her cell phone, Sonam urge Tarun by saying his father in law would be upset that he is losing from a girl. Nehtra pumps what if Baby’s father change his decision. Tarun pushes himself and defeats Sonam, demanding Nehtra to get this news to his father in law as well. Baby stares. He apologizes Sonam, it was for his father in law. Sonam curtly smiles and announces that Tarun will now face the next contestant, Mikhail. They all buck him up. Mikhail and Tarun come to confrontation, staring into each other’s eyes. They all cheer Mikhail. Mikhail was in a winning position, he asks Tarun if he must call a doctor, in case he get an arm twist. Tarun pushes himself, they eye contact doesn’t break. Tarun says doctors aren’t so delicate, he won’t mind if Mikhail calls a doctor for himself. He smiles at Baby that she must understand her father chose him, because he rock.

PRECAP: Baby tells Nehtra she is aware she told her father. Nehtra smiles that Baby is jealous that Mikhail is hers. Baby calls it her mistake, she can get everything by creating problems in Baby’s life, except Mikhail. On the shoot, Harry reads the dialogues about only remembering their love while Mikhail and Baby perform together, getting close to each other. Tarun and Nehtra leave their chairs at the kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona

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