D4 Get up and Dance 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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It was dark at night, Baby comes to Mikhail’s room. It was vacant. She sits there thinking he would return ever. She lay her head behind thinking about his proposal for her, his kiss then her engagement with Tarun. Mikhail returns, he demands Baby what she has been doing here. Baby asks where he had been and why he didn’t come to rehearsals. Mikhail asks why she has been asking, if she loves him or she missed him. Baby tells Mikhail he can’t neglect soul mates for whatever happened. Mikhail confirms if she loves him, Baby was speechless. She moves towards him and was about to hug him when Tarun comes calling her. He asks Baby what she has been doing here, he was calling her for so long. Baby tells him she was taking her kit, she was about to leave now. Tarun forbids her do rehearsals for so long and he will give her pick and drop. Mikhail turns to see her going with Tarun. He slaps the door shut behind her forcefully. He was upset about Baby’s engagement, her words in favor of Tarun.
The next morning, Tarun calls Nehtra demanding why she called. Nehtra taunts she called because she has fallen in love with him. She informs Tarun about Soul Mate’s show, they will be photographed together. Tarun says she didn’t inform him. Nehtra tells Tarun Baby wouldn’t tell him ever, she will get a chance to spend time with him, in s*xy clothes. She tells Tarun if he gets successful to impose his and Baby’s relation on Mikhail he is so egoistic that he won’t let Baby near him. Tarun was determined to show Mikhail Baby is his. Nehtra says she will remind Baby Mikhail is his.
Dia and Harry chose wardrobe for Aneri and Rohan. Dia selects black for Rohan while Harry insists on selecting blue for Aneri. Nehtra comes inside, Dia points at Harry’s hot girlfriend. Nehtra shows her happiness watching them together again, she asks about talking to Nehtra. Mikhail watches her, then allow his makeup artist to continue. Nehtra makes an innocent face, she apologizes them and try to convince them she has changed. She realized she got status and academy but lost her friends. Dia tells Nehtra no one does to friends what she did. Nehtra apologizes as if genuinely and demands a chance. Harry clearly states it isn’t possible. Nehtra pleads them, while Mikhail was busy with stylists. They finally nod at each other, Dia asks her to stop crying. They hug each other, Nehtra promise not to repeat any of her mistake.
She turns to Mikhail and hands him a black shirt. He selects white one. She requests Mikhail to return her friendship. Mikhail says he can never trust her, Nehtra says alright not now but please don’t say he won’t ever do so. She needs a chance, she will win his trust. She can’t take a risk by losing him in her life. Mikhail sits indifferent, then selects the black shirt. He demands her choose a pendant. She cheers and selects one. Nehtra laughs she is innocent until sin is proven, is he her friend now. Mikhail smiles towards Harry and Dia saying a yes to Nehtra.
Tarun comes to drop Baby and promises his support for her in all of her works. Baby was irritated, she tells him only two days are left for Soul Mates, he must promise not to fight Mikhail. Tarun promises that no one will realize he is here. He follows Baby inside. Dia tells Baby to get ready fast, her costume and everything is ready. Baby was shocked to see Nehtra making Mikhail’s hair closely.

PRECAP: Tarun watches Mikhail and Baby pose together for posters and was irked at their closeness. Harry appreciates their closeness, Sonam highlights they are perfect couple. Baby pinches Sonam. Sonam and Tarun have arm wrestling, they all buck Tarun up to win to earn respect in Baby’s father’s eyes. When Tarun wins, Sonam makes a confrontation between Mikhail and Tarun.

Update Credit to: Sona

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