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Baby stops Tarun saying their engagement isnt done and she isnt his fiancé, they need to discuss something about Soul Mates urgently. Mikhail takes her along to a corner. Mikhail demands what she has been doing to herself, does she realize how wrong she is going to do to herself. Baby shouts at him to stop it, who is he to decide what is wrong for her and what’s right. Mikhail clutches her hands hugging her tight, closely and kiss her. She was moved at once. He asks her to say now this isnt love, that she didn’t feel this kiss, that after today she won’t miss him every moment of each day. Baby gets away, then says no she won’t miss anything and she hasn’t feel anything. She is getting engaged to Tarun, what else she needs to say. Mikhail demands if a ring would change her feelings. Baby insists on Mikhail to forget about it, it was just a moment. Yes she likes him, but just as a friend. Mikhail says she isn’t a liar but coward, they both realize the truth but she doesn’t dare live with the truth. She must atleast be loyal to herself that she doesn’t love Tarun. Why she wants to spoil her life. Baby says her Papa chose Tarun, he would do the best. Tarun loves her dearly. Mikhail clutches her calling her crazy, each step from today will take her away from him, and none of the paths would get her close again, ever. She asks to question herself again if she would be able to live without him, won’t she regret about not changing her decision. Baby was upset and runs towards the shaft. She comes to Tarun, he says he was afraid if she left her before engagement. He brings her to the stage, and calls for everyone’s attention. He announces it is the biggest day of his life, and asks for their attentions. He shows her the ring as a surprise and asks if she like it. She nods weakly. He kneels in front of her, proposing her for marriage. Mikhail watches this from a distance. Amar, Harry and Dia held their breaths, Baby finally nods. He put on the ring while everyone claps. Baby puts on ring into Tarun’s hand, he hugs Baby. Amar, Harry and Dia come to greet them, Baby looks at Mikhail who turns to leave. She heads to go behind him but Tarun holds her back. Amar demands Tarun if he can speak to his sister for a while and takes Baby along. Baby cries in front of Amar that he left her life forever and cries hugging Amar.
The next morning, Baby comes to academy looking for Mikhail. He was nowhere. She comes out and looks around. Harry was there working with some files, Baby asks about Mikhail. Harry says he isn’t here. Baby demands where he has gone, Harry forbids her to look for him, she came for rehearsals so he will help her. Baby insists on speaking to him. Harry tells Baby she had a choice till yesterday to speak to him, doesn’t have now. It was difficult for Mikhail to share his feelings for her, she took her decision. Now he has a right to get hold of himself. He brings Baby inside for rehearsals. Baby wasn’t able to focus, Harry asks her to concentrate. This is for Mikhail, at least he should be successful in one thing in life.
Nehtra was on the beach, Tarun comes there and asks why she called him so urgently. Nehtra says some ailments have to be treated urgently otherwise people die. Tarun demands what she wants to say. Nehtra says blind trust is worse than cancer, his fiancé has been lying to him. Tarun tells Nehtra that Baby doesn’t lie to him and he trusts her completely. Nehtra says Baby is really cunning, she is openly cheating on him and he can’t see. She is a genius and he is a dumb; it’s true that Mikhail and Baby are cheating on us both. Else why Baby agreed for engagement, she would break up with him after Soul Mates. Tarun tells Nehtra she promised her Papa and won’t break it. Nehtra laughs if he trusts her blindly, he must break this dream of spending his life with her. She must have kept Mikhail away from Baby. Tarun qualifies they have to do rehearsals together. Nehtra says there are other ways in which they will get apart.
Baby comes to Harry and asks if Mikhail is in Goa? Would he come tomorrow? Harry neglects and asks to begin the next rehearsals. He tells Baby that Mikhail is just her co-dancer and he will make sure they stay away, he doesn’t want his friend to suffer. They rehearse again. After the rehearsals he heads to leave, Baby takes her cell phone and dials Mikhail’s number that go off. She comes to Harry again, he apologizes and leave. Baby was determined not to leave without meeting him and continue with her rehearsals.

PRECAP: She asks Mikhail where he had been, why he didn’t come for rehearsals. Mikhail asks why she is questioning this, if she missed him or she loves him. Baby was about to hug him when Tarun comes there. He demands Baby why she has been working till so late, from now on he would come to pick her up. Baby asks Tarun to let them work well, only two days are left to the show. Dia comes there hurrying Baby to get ready, Baby looks towards Mikhail whom Nehtra was helping with hair.

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