Cute proposal ever (deep & arohi) os

Hey Guys this is julie. I am writing a story named ajeeb daastaan hai yeh now I got a story in my mind making deep & arohi of ishq mein marjawan serial.

Now let’s start.

6 feet height, white tone, neatly dressed up & looking hot handling a purse in his hand standing in front of an entrance gate at 2 feet distance & my name is deep. Deep raichand. I can go in but stopped by seeing a board on gate which is written as “beware of dogs”. I took my phone & called her.

Immediately my would be sasur came from inside and opened the gate.

Decently I did namaste for him & tried to go in but he stopped me in middle & asked “whom I am”

I showed the purse in my hand & said ” recently you have missed this purse right uncle.”

With surprised expression ” I missed my purse almost 2 months back. Now where & how did you find it my son? Also I didn’t even filed police complaint against it.

‘Even if you give complaint they will not return your gift because they are police not postman ”
He thinks in mind.

“I got it before 2 months only uncle”

“Then why did you brought it now?” Again “first you come inside ” I entered my setting my hair & by giving a winning smile to dog.

I have prepared so much & came here with full confidence. Don’t know whether it happens good or bad with me but I have decided to complete the work for which I came here. And I kept my right leg front & entered in.

After getting in my sasur asked “if forgot to ask what is your name son?”

“Deep raichand ”

My sasur told to my sasu mom to bring coffee. She saw me from kitchen and agreed. Me and uncle sat opposite to each other . I haven’t looked for her or searched her. Because after knowing the reason I came for my sasur himself will call her.

“Now say deep where did you get my purse?”

Before I gave my answer she came out from her room in cute pink dress looking gorgeous & stunning & said “hi deep”

Immediately uncle ” do you know him before? Is he your friend arohi?”

I don’t know whether she has belief in me or may be by his father’s given freedom she took a deep breath & said in one go ” me & deep are in love dad”

With out bringing coffee my sasu mom came out from kitchen stood in front of us like seeing next what her daughter is going to say. She only called me here to say about us to her parents but she only told them everything. Uncle glanced me from top to bottom.

“Yes uncle is didn’t came here to give purse. Me and arohi are in true love. ”

“So will you not give me my purse back” uncle asked seriously.

I kept purse in his hand “if some unknown person comes to you and says that he is loving your daughter then it will not look good. That is why i used your purse as a gate pass .”

That’s it he didn’t asked me anything further.
By seeing arohi he asked “from how many days you both know each other?”

She said “from 2 months dad”.

Again by seeing me ” do you have guarantee that he will stay with you forever?”

Before she could answer ” if break ups or divorce are done then it is not love. She didn’t bring any pressure cooker to check whether it has guarantee or not. Until I am alive I will be with her.” I said with full confidence.

“What did you see in him arohi that you are supporting him”? Again he asked her.

Again I said ” any girl will say when & how much they loved but no girl will be able to say why they loved?”

My sasur once looked at sasu mom , 5 minutes he looked at me and arohi and then sasu mom looked at uncle & arohi, arohi is looking at uncle and lastly me looking at everyone.

Later uncle ” ok tell me your love story. When & how it started tell me clearly then I….” Before he completes I interrupted him ” u are super uncle. Aunty you just bring popcorn for all of us. Once I started na then there will be no interval. It’s a feel good love story.”

Aunty looked at me weirdly & went inside and brought popcorn.

I started our story ” to success a love story there should be understanding between couple & also should have support of either family or friends. Same wise in our story along with you your purse also had a hand in urban story. On that day night in an unexpected place at unexpected time the bus is stopped.”

Uncle asked “which bus? Why it is stopped?”

“Don’t you remember uncle? You only stopped the bus. 2 months back indore to lucknow bus. Then only you came into our love story. Due to the sudden break I woke from deep sleep. After opening eyes I saw you entering in bus & back of you aunty. I thought ‘who are these people stopped bus in middle’ then I saw in that darkness night a white chudidhar who has little makeup one beautiful face & that girl came back of aunty. After seeing her my heart stopped beating for a second “this uncle had a beautiful daughter” at that time that girl said ” please give me way uncle”. Then there are only 3 seats in the bus. One of them is beside me. That girl sat in the back seat of aunty.

Next another girl who is more beautiful entered in bus. I thought I was dreaming. That girl called you “dad”. Then I got that she is your daughter. Bus is started. I saw the entire bus & found only 1 seat beside me. I never imagined she will sit beside me. I told her to sit in my window seat Atleast by excuse of looking out I thought I can see her. She sat there. After half an hour my slept has gone but she is going to sleep. I don’t know who is she but I liked her. I don’t know to talk with girls more how can I talk with her? But I have to talk with her. Before she get down from bus I should get her phone number. But I am not getting courage. I started to look outside the window. Then I heard a cell ringtone which introduced her to me. Because the magic is we both are having same ringtone.

She thought it was her phone but I showed her & told it was mine. We looked at each other & smiled. I received my call. After finishing the call is turned to her & she turned to me & says ” I love that ringtone song” at a time. Again we both smiled.

“Hi this is deep. What is your name?”

“Arohi” She told smilingly. She looked amazing while smiling. That’s it don’t know what to talk to her further….I mean …it is night I thought whether she will talk or not. If she thinks that I am a flirt then. So I kept silence. I took my ear phones from my pocket & decided to listen my favourite song which we both had as a ringtone. Without thinking further i asked her to take rearphone to listen her favourite song. She also agreed with out denying. I felt so happy inside . We are listening our favourite song on one earphone so closely. That was awesome moment.

Suddenly not knowing what to talk I asked what is her age? She looked at me shockingly. I felt stupid to ask that question & turned my face aside then she told ’21’. Now I was shocked. Now I understood that she also started liking me. Later by listening songs I slept.

We reached lucknow. After I woke up in didn’t see her beside me. She is getting down from bus. I called her “arohi” She stopped & I went to her .

Arohi: Why you called me?

Deep: I want your number?


Deep: I liked you in the very first sight. If you sat in first seat I may think that she is beautiful & might be stopped thinking about you but whole night you sat beside me & talked with me. How can I forget those moments? I have to try my level best right.

Arohi: if I sat beside you then is there a rule to give number?

Deep: If there is another girl I will not ask her because it was you. Love at first sight it is a magic and I felt it last night. I believe it. That is I asked your number and if you give address also it is fine with me.

We both had a cute eyelock. Later when leaving she said ” kesarbagh police station come there & found my address and number “.

‘What do you mean” I asked her.

“My dad will be there”

“Is he a criminal or what? Did he came out on bail?” I asked her smilingly.

“No he is a police officer ” She went away smilingly.

By seeing her smiling I felt happy but I thought how to find her number. Then I saw your purse in your seat uncle. I opened it & saw your daughter’s photo & address in it.

Then after that day here before you after 2 months. So uncle what you have decided? Is it love? Do you think I will stay with your daughter forever? And I stopped story. Uncle is thinking something. I am seeing uncle, arohi is seeing me & her dad and aunty is looking at uncle.

By breaking the silence again I ” it is difficult to decide uncle because you will not find love in our story. We both only can feel our love and we can’t explain it to others. If you like me, my behaviour & my face then you can enquire about me then only agree for our marriage. Then you can see our love.”

After some silence uncle looked at aunty & asked doubtingly “what to do”

Then again I ” That’s it uncle by listening story you cannot find love. My dad name is rakesh raichand a business man. Mom saloni house wife. I completed my masters and joined in dad’said business 2 years back. My age is 25 if you liked me this is my dad’s number 99******60 next is your wish uncle.” And I became calm. Uncle looked at arohi.

Arohi “please accept dad I love deep a lot” She said these with eyes. Then uncle turned to me & said “after seeing good day I will call you deep”

Arohi is so much happy that she hugged me in front all. After caring down she thanked her dad so much. Aunty went inside the kitchen & brought coffee. After an hour I left from there.

If we love someone we have to express it on time. Now uncle will not waste time in searching a groom for arohi & will enquire about me. Anyways he will like for sure. Handsome jo hun mein.

Later Ardeep are happily married.

The end.

That’s it guys I hope you all like it.

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    Lovely os???

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    Cute message with cute love story.,its no one can understands love except lovers..nd they can’t explain their love..why?? Nd what??.. I loved ur story..fully..completely ❤❤❤❤

  3. It is a cute & lovely OS ….well written

  4. Lovely story…but aap contents or bada sakti this…rite now its short and sweet story

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