My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-1

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Sorry guys for not replying every one.

So here’s the first part as I promised.

Meet our super crazy cutie pie SWARA

Chapter 1


Bose House

As they are not too rich, Janki owns a hi-fi flat big enough for them not any mansion.

Akki: Shona…… Is it necessary to go? If your mom is going on a busiess trip, u can stay at my home ryt?

Swara: I know but my mom wants me to meet my so called dad, whom I met when I was 2 according to her.

Akki gets sad 🙁 Seeing her sad face swara says…..

Swara: Akki plzz yaar aisa face math banao. U know I cant refuse mom. She wants me to meet my so called dad. Ab mein unhe pareshan nai karna chahti.
If I go and stay there for few days, next time even she wont be able to force me to go there again.
I just want to end it once and for all ( Hehe stupid girl she doesn’t know that her life is going to take a bumpy ride)

Akki: Fine Take care and be in touch. Call me as soon as u reach there.

Sw: ji huzoor jaise aap kahe

Ak(curious): Btw wer does ur dad live?

Sw(uninterestingly): Calfornia

Ak(shocked): whaaaaaattttttt???????? 😮

Akki started running towards swara’s empty luggage bag which is too big, bought it puts it on bed and folds herself into the huge bag.

As this happened within few seconds, swara was first shocked seeing her friend’s antics, then started rolling on the floor holding her stomach, which hurts due to laughing  

Akki got up and frowns at swara

Ak: whats wrong?

Sw: What were u even trying to do all of a sudden?? Hahahahahaa

Ak: U r going too far ryt? Plzz take me with u in this bag. U don’t understand I’ll miss u so damn much(sad). 

Sw: Awwwww (pulling her cheeks) even I’ll miss u too. But don’t worry I’ll be back soon.

U know what? Wait and watch Mr. Roy will himself send me back. I’ll trouble him and his family soo much that, he’ll cal mom and say “janki iss shaithaan ko le jao. We cant tolerate her aur kabhi wapas math laana” (H)

Saying this both the friends burst out laughing, oblivious that someone is watching them

That person comes and twists swara’s ear

Sw(dramatically): Aww mom, plzz leave me, If my ear gets damaged, to whom will u give all the jewellery that u have been saving for my wedding?????

Janki: hey bhagwaan, mai ne is shaitaan ko kaunsi time pe paida kia ki iski drame kabhi khatam hi nai hoti??? Plzz Save shekar and his wife from this nautanki.

Akki giggles and Swara pouts

Sw: Mommmm……

Ak: Chalo, I gotta go, bye aunty, Bye shona Baby .

Have a safe journey. Love u

Sw: bye akki… Love u too :*

Jan: bye beta.

Akki leaves. Janki holds swara’s hands and sits in front of her

Jan: Shona Baby u trust ur mom ryt??

Sw: Of course mom yeh bhi koi puchne wali baat hai kya?

Jan: tho bas usi baat pe, trust me even this tym, And give a chance to ur dad but before that promise me that u wont do any nautanki at your dad’s place and also u wont trouble

Shomi. Promise ?????

Sw:  Okay mom anything for u mom and I am ready to give him a chance only for u. But if he fails, I’m never going there after this. Done?

Jan(happy): done

Kisses her forehead :-*

Jan: chalo chalo ur packing is done ryt? So common we r getting late for the flight.

Sw(scared): Flighttttt???????? :s




Did I tell anyone that I’m scared of heights.

Ohh noo I’m gonna die even before experiencing true love… goooodddd why me???? 😐

Relax Swara relax…. Breath in breath out…..

Flight is going to land in few minutes, u r alright relax

Jan: Baby chalo we reached.

Whatttt I’m alive 😀


Thanku bahgwan ji I know I know u don’t want me to come to u so early bcoz u can’t tolerate me hehe…. No problem even I don’t want to come this early unless I torture my future
hubby (poor sanky) hehehe

I held her mom’s hand and started running

Sw: mom jaldi chalo (to myself) first I have to get out of this airport…. 😀


After a while in front of Roy Mansion


“Omgggggg….. such a huge house….. no no mansion

Huh……… who is this beautiful woman…..” I wondered

Woman: Welcome Janki ji how ru ? 🙂

Jan: I’m good Sharmishta 🙂

“Ohhhhh so she is Mrs. Roy…..but She doesn’t seem bad…… what am I doing idiot don’t jump into any conclusion seeing face” I thought.

Shomi: how r u Swara beta???

Sw(uninterestingly): Fine.

Sho: Please come in.

(they go inside)

Sw(myself): wowwww my dad is too rich

Jan(hesistting): uhh….Where is shekhar?

Sh: Ohhh he’s got an imp meeting he’ll be back in an hour.

“Huh rich people…. Even now he doesn’t have time for me any way I don’t care. Its just a matter of few days” I thought to myself and frowned

Jan: wer is ur son? Manik ryt? 😀

“Ohhh so I even have a step-bro cooll…..” I thought

Sho: he is on a tour with his friends to Sydney 🙂

Jan: Ohhh okay then I have to leave 🙂

I immediately snap my head towards mom and sit at her feet

Chal shona drama shuru kar

Sw: Mom, plzzzzzzzz stay……. (dramatic sob) :’(

Jan: Stop ur drama shona baby. U know I can’t stay here I have to go. Take care mommy loves u(hugs swara) . Be good to your dad and Shramishta, don’t trouble them.

Sw: U don’t listen to me, okay fine I’ll be a good girl

Sho: Don’t worry Janki we’ll take care of her 

^o) “wahhhhh kya scene hai, do sautan being friendly (rolls her eyes)” I was amused

Jan: Bye shona.

Sw: bye mom. Take care

After she left Mrs. Roy lead me to my room

Sho: This is ur room beta. I hope u like it.

Sw: Woww its beautiful. Tq so much Mrs. Roy 🙂

May be felt bad as I didn’t call her aunty

Sho: u r welcome beta. Jus call me if u need anything. Aur haan fresh hoke neeche aajao mein dinner serve kardeti hu.

Food ka naam sunte hi my rats started dancing in my tummy hehe (bhukkad kahiki)

Sw: okay , I’ll be der in 10mins 😀


After 10mins, Swara keeps munching the food, while shomi serves her more and more


Mrs. Roy seems to be kind and I don’t have any problem with her

Even she loves my dad its not her fault totally

Agar kisi ki galati hai tho that’s my dad huh…

When I was thinking all these, I see a man of around 50 years coming and sitting beside my chair.

Ohh ye tho mere “DAD” hai. Seeing him I got angry :[email protected] . But I promised mom that I wouldn’t do anything wrong. Ohhkayy cool down swara cool down

Seems like he want to say something. Chalo I’ll start the convo

Sw: Hello Mr. Roy. Want to speak something?

SheKhar: Uhhhh….. I don’t know what to speak. Ummm how r u beta?

Sw: Woww aap ko meri fikar bhi hoti hai

Sh: its not like u think shona

Sw: SWARA it’s swara for u Mr. Shekhar Roy

I turn my face away

Sh(litte louder): U cant disrespect me by calling my name shona

Sw: Respect?? Why should I respect u for leaving my mom??

Sh(softened a bit and guilty): Nai beta u don’t understand

Sw: I understand everything. I understood then that aap ne meri mom ka dil toda and even now I understand that she is still suffering from heart-break (U)

I’m about to cry, but no….. I should not cry in front of Mr.Roy I have to leave

Sw: Now if u plzz excuse me Mr. Roy, I have to rest for some time and then unpack my clothes.

Sh: Okay take care beta

I didn’t know when sleep took over me after reaching my room.

I didn’t speak much To Mr. Roy even the next day, until I wanted to roam around in the city.

So I slowly and quietly made my way downstairs until I’m by the opening to the living room.

I look to see if anyone was in there and sure enough Mr. Roy was on the couch asleep, which is weird bcoz its only 6:00 in the evening, snoring very loudly. It sounds funny lol 😀

Then I realized, I snore sometimes, it is a soft snore but hereditary u see…

Since I’m trying to sneak out the house and the door is in the living room I decided to have little fun. Haha crazy me… 😀

I did a roll on the floor like a cop u see in movies and pointed my finger like a gun (dichkiaon)

Then crawled quickly behind the sofa Dad was asleep on.

“swift as a cheetah” I praised cum mumbled to myself

“come on u can do it” I thought and then did one of those army crawly things and when I made it to the door I stood.

“victoryyyyy” I whisper cheered. 😀

As I was about to open the door knob, guess what happens

“shone bachha what r u doing?” Mr. Roy asks groggily.

“Shit” I murmured, then told him,

Sw: I was sleep walking.

Ohh shit shit… I mentally slapped myself on my head

“I’m not even good at lying who responds when on a sleep walk” I mumbled

He gave me blank expression.

Sw: uhh.. okay I.. I wanted to go out u know look around, stop at a little dinner get something to eat.

He stood up and walked over to me and handed me his keys and a card.

Sh: here now have fun but get back home early.

But I was still dumbfounded, he gave me his keys.

I cant believe he trusts me, when he doesn’t even know me properly.

Sw: thanks 🙂

I left and opened the garage and of course there were like 4 cars.

“rich people” I mumbled.

Now which baby is mine I wondered excitedly.

As I pressed the unlock button, Guess what ….. I would be driving a red, Mercedes Benz, u know the one where the car door lifts up, yep that’s the one.

I ran over and hopped inside and started it.

“God I love u so much ryt now” I shrieked then pulled out the drive way.

Wohoooooooo I screamed. 😀

To be continued……

Hero ko bhi pehle hi epi me introduce kardiya tho kya maza ayega, wait for the nxt one…. Hehehe 😉 :p

Mean while plzz tell me how is my very 1st epi

Plzz do comment, give me suggestions or my point my mistakes, I’ll try rectify it and make the next one more perfect.

Waiting Waiting 😀 😉

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