Cursed Princess (RagSan Ts) shot 1

Let’s begin..

Love is curse!!!

How many of you think that love is curse?No, there’s none but still there’s a princess for whom the love is curse!!!

Long long there lived a king, named shekar and his queen janki!!
Their life was smooth till janki gives birth to daughter’s..
First daughter – Ragini
Second daughter – Swara
Ragini is 2 years elder to swara

When Ragini was 6

There a mystery got unfold by janki that her husband was in the relationship before she is married to him and she was sharmishta!

Janki:how could you shekar? How could you? Today my daughter is suffering because of you!!

She looks painfully at her daughter Ragini who is sleeping by hugging a pillow in the soft Royal bed covered with the soft comfort

Shekar who is having tears:janki. I didn’t knew that….
Janki:what you didn’t knew? Haan? What you didn’t knew? By spoiling a girl’s life(she closes her eyes painfully) she didn’t suicide but you killed her and along with her you killed our relationship you killed your family, and when you are not responsive to family how can you be a good king to your people!

Shekar was about to say something..
When janki:don’t talk to me, i don’t want to listen

When they were interrupted by Rajmatha
Rajmatha:enough, now we have to save our princess any how!!

Ragini was been cursed, when Sharmishta took her life on Ragini’s 6th birthday on the same function from then Ragini isn’t well!!
Later it was known that she is cursed because of shekar’s betrayal to sharmishta!!
Shekar used sharmishta and left the pregnant sharmishta
Sharmishta was been disowned by the people and atlast searching him she got to know that he was king
Shekar gave her some coins and told her to not to say and he don’t love her and it was a mistake and on the celebration of Ragini’s 6th birthday, sharmishta took her life in the function which caused everyone to know about the truth!!
Sharmishta’s pain and her tears cursed Ragini!!


A small street is shown where 2 guy’s around 25 are shown riding in the horse

One guy stops and climbs down the horse listening a chiming of anklets!!

And the other guy:what happened Prince Sanskar?

Yes its Sanskar..

He faces him frustrated :not again!

Guy:sorry sorry sorry, sanskar
Sanskar:good, Alekh

Alekh:so now say..
Sanskar;nothing, it’s been so many days after my arrival from gurukul.. And our king made me so annoyed to pose for art, it’s soo…
Alekh interrupt :stop stop! You are a..
Sanskar noticed few people:i am so sorry prince i couldn’t obey your order’s

Alekh looks at him confused why is he asking sorry from him?

Few people come there:Prince… Look Our Prince Sanskar is here

Alekh was shocked when everyone assumed him to be prince:its a misunder……
People’s interrupt him:prince sanskar please do visit our home, prince sanskar you were so small when we first saw you but still you look exactly same, the royal look

Alekh looks at sanskar while he winks at him

Sanskar:please look after Prince Sanskar and i would complete the work given by Prince

People’s requests him to come to the respective homes

Sanskar waves his hand to him and leaves from there immediately

Sanskar moves to the side, he remembered the chiming of anklets
He unknowingly smiled!

He moves and witnesses a girl in ash colour simlle and plain gown and a the black cloth tied around her few long hairs behind and some of her messy hair has fell on her place, dragging a goods cart with all her force, he could listen her struggles by her huffs.. It’s wheel stuck due to a holes in way

He went to her:can i help you young lady!

She feared!! Her hands started to shiver listening his voice!

She with all her courage her strength and her force pulled it and this time she could free it from hole

He noticed her reaction, there was something in her!! Her messy long hair has prevented him to see her face! He had a sudden feeling that it was her anklet but he at one side denying the fact but still his heart was fighting about it and more than that why the hell is he thinking something like that?

She moved fast pushing the cart

Sanskar:excuse me!!

She speeds her move, sanskar follows her

She reached a small hut where an old man was doing a painting
She immediately ran inside

Old man:what happened child?
But she didn’t listen to him but ran inside and sat in the corner
By entangling her both shivering hands!!
Her heart beat was raising like she had ran from miles!

Old man moved to her:what happened? Did someone say something?
She was silent, she didn’t faced him

Old man:i am leaving to Jaigarh for work and will return after 3 days, don’t go out!

She still didn’t reacted!

Old man sadly gets up
When she too gets up gives him the required things for his travel

and he goes outside where he found a young lad standing searching for someone!!
And he very well knew this young lad because he was the one to paint a frame on the palace!

And the girl comes out, sanskar sees her beautiful cute face he was mesmerised to see innocence in her face then to be said he was attracted greatly, and her eyes were enough to hypnotise him

Oldman stammered:yo..your..maje…..
Sanskar stops him nodding in no immediately
While oldman looks confused

And the girl immediately goes picking the mud pots
Sanskar notices her hands shivering that too when she saw him!!

Old man:you here…..
Sanskar interrupts:who is the girl?
Old man:em.. Maj…
Sanskar:i knew you from almost 20 years and you didn’t had any family!
Old man:she.. She is my friend’s grand daughter who don’t have anyone now, so..

He turns to go when he sees alekh coming there running

Alekh breathing heavily :Sanskar, lets go now and what was that? Prince sanskar gave you work…

Sanskar was in his own world, he turns to the old man who has packed something’s and goes out

Alekh:oh bhaai, come now

Sanskar goes back leaving alekh

Alekh:huh, what happened to him?

Sanskar moves to the hut which is closed now

He thinks to knock but stops himself
Why is he doing this? Why is she so attracted to him? Why he wanted to read her eyes? Yes her eyes had so many things it reflected him pain, hurt
And also she was not like some other girls
His thoughts were interrupted by sobs
He could listen sobs

When alekh came :sanskar come now!
Alekh:no buts and if’s!!! We came hiding do you want us to get caught!

Sanskar:ok, now don’t cry

Sanskar goes!!
Followed by alekh!


Sanskar was sitting in his big Royal room
He was only getting her flashes!!

Sanskar:ohhhh lord, why is this happening with me?

A lady in a sky blue coloured netted gown and a beautiful diamond crown emerald stone were placed in between diamonds
Followed a by a man in white 2 piece velvet suit with golden design in it and also a sword was placed around his hip

It was Queen Aastha and king Arjun, Sanskar’s

Aastha:what happened sanskar?
Sanskar:nothing mom!!

Arjun signs Aastha to talk and Aastha does same to him
Sanskar:mom.. Dad any problem

Arjun:ac.. Actually no!!
Aastha huffs:sanskar we wanted to talk about……
She stopped

Sanskar:about what mom?
Aastha:about(she looks at arjun) um…
Arjun/aastha:about Marriage!!

He didn’t looked shocked
Aastha:you are not shocked?
Sanskar :nope why should i be shocked, when i knew before only the reason you both coming here
Both smiles sheepishly
Arjun:you have no objections right?
Sanskar just then got the flash of that girl
Arjun:we have decided to keep a Royal ball, where every princesses would be attending it..
Sanskar immediately :only Princess’s?
Arjun:so then whom do you want queen’s?
Sanskar was like??

Arjun:even all the girls of our empire gonna attend this Ball, we want the best among all!
Sanskar excited :all girls!!
Aastha:oh ho, looks like someone is desperate
Arjun:yes!! But why i feel that you are waiting for one

Sanskar immediately :waiting for no one!
Both laughs seeing Sanskar’s expression!

Arjun:ok… We will leave now it’s after a week we kept the royal ball
They were about to go

When sanskar:um.. Every girls of our empire gonna attend? Like if belongs to poor background too
Both turns and laughs

Aastha:now say the truth…
Sanskar stammering :truth? Wh..aatt truth?
Arjun:every girls gonna attend? Happy?! Our soldiers are going to every homes and invite! And don’t behave like this in front of someone else they might misunderstand you to be a jerk!
Sanskar pouts

They smiles seeing his antics, they got to know that someone has disturbed his heart!! But they didn’t say anything about it because it’s still not confirmed!

Aastha:hope that girl too attends,who have disturbed my son very badly!

Sanskar lost:i wish!!
Aastha:caught you!
Sanskar looks at her:i was just going to say i wish…
Sanskar :to get someone like you
Aastha:enough!! Keep the reasons yourself
She laughs:and yes choose the best daughter-in-law for me

Both leaves

Sanskar goes out and sees the preparation has started now itself

There he sees the same girl fixing curtains, he unknowingly smiles
And moves to her but realises it to be someone else

He smacks himself
When Alekh pats him from behind

He sees the girl in him
Sanskar smiles:oh so i was not hallucinating, you were really there!!

Alekh smiles :you were hallucinating about me

Sanskar:i want to see you smiling, please smile once
Sanskar was in his own world where he was seeing the girl looking at him with expressionless face

Alekh checks his temperature:are you fine?
Sanskar:please smile once, Angel!

Alekh:oh pyaar vyaar ka chakkar huh?
He laughs
Alekh screams in his ears
Sanskar gets scared and sees she wasn’t there

Alekh:woh kaun thi?
Sanskar:no one…
He escapes from there

When he sees few of the dancers were rehearsing the ballet dance

He sees her standing in between them

He immediately runs there

Alekh sees him running:sanskar,(but it was too late he has already left) what happened to this guy?

All the dancers stops when they saw Ragini

Sanskar:here there was a girl right? In a ash colour dress

A dancer:sorry to interrupt your highness, there wasn’t any girl!
Sanskar?:oh sorry!

He while coming sees soldiers going to invite the peoples for Royal Ball


Here a princess in a pale pink gown is shown
And she is princess swara

A maid informs her about the invitation for the royal ball

Her lips crawls into a wide smile

Here Rajmatha looks at the painting of Princess Ragini and queen janki

Rajmatha wipes the lone tear:janki you left us and princess Ragini…… (after a long pause) hope she is fine wherever she is, if today everything was fine our princess would have took part in the Royal ball!!

Swara heard it, she gets sad thinking about her sister!!


A soldier knocks the door

Here the same girl was sitting, she doesn’t open the door

But the soldier continuously knocks the door!
Soldier:the notice from the Royal kingdom!!

And the soldier still kept knocking
When another soldier pats him
And the soldier was shocked!

The soldier who was knocking the door was revealed to be Sanskar
And the other one revealed to be Alekh

Alekh:what’s going on!!
Sanskar gets frustrated but still maintained smile and in low voice:i.. I thought to help soldier’s
Alekh in low tone:wah wah, what a lie!! Even a kid wont believe
Sanskar:so what, you believe?
Alekh:so, is bhabhi inside the…
Sanskar interrupts:no what you are saying…..

When the girl opened the door

Both looks at her but sanskar was lost in her

Soon he composes


And the girl was fearing she was looking down

When sanskar listens alekh’s comment and tapered his eyes at him!

Alekh feels his gaze, if sanskar could he would have killed him just by his glare!

Alekh:i mean beautiful sister!!
Sanskar himself looking at alekh:better
Alekh himself looking at sanskar:i knew it!
Sanskar passes a quick glare to Alekh

Alekh maintaining himself:ahem.. Um we are here to invite you to th….

Girl immediately gets back and was about to close the door when sanskar tries to stop in this process sanskar gets hurt
He winces in pain!

And the girl looks at him

Alekh angrily:you girl, what you did?

She shivers

Sanskar notices it:no it.. It’s ok..

She goes in and brings water

Sanskar understands and he forwards his wounded hand
She pours on his wound

Sanskar just kept looking at her

She went in again and brought a turmeric paste and handover to alekh

Alekh:when you did then you should get punishment, you broke my friends hand

She nods in no

Alekh:now you only apply it
Alekh looks at sanskar:my friend, what you can’t move your hand? What will we do now?
Sanskar controls his laugh seeing his friends antic
Alekh:what will you do now? Who will give you job? Who will marry you?
Sanskar looks at him sarcastically himself:alekh this is going too much
Alekh looking at him:nothing much..

At the time sanskar felt a soft hand getting in contact with his, he sees her applying the paste on his hand

Both look at him shocked!!

Alekh:you are feeling dizzy? My friend.. Oh my

Girl was looking at them in fear!

Alekh:you are feeling dizzy right!
Sanskar nods!

Sanskar acts like feeling dizzy

Alekh:arey, what are you seeing help him to get in he needs rest!

Girl nods in no
When alekh:when you did this to him, then you have to heal him
He had 2 meanings
Which sanskar understood by his teasing stone

Alekh:oh no he is falling.. Girl hold him!

She immediately immediately held his hand and placed on her shoulder
A new feeling were arising in sanskar!

She takes him and sanskar looks at alekh with smile while he winks at him.
She makes him sit on a thin bed

Alekh sits and continues his drama:oh my god, what will i tell his parent?

She bites her nails!

Alekh:arey, why are you standing bring something for him to eat!! He would be hungry after getting this deadly wound

Sanskar sees hand which has a bean sized wound and his friend is doing drama like his hand only broke

She nods and was about to go

Alekh:do your hand made food, and bring for me too!

Sanskar gives him a look

She looks at them
Alekh:why you don’t know to cook!!
She nods in yes
Alekh:arey speak something!!

She sits near a small coal and fires and immediately makes some roti

They are astonished seeing her skill in cooking

Alekh gives him a impressed look
While sanskar smiles

Within few minutes she gives the food
They taste it!!

While sanskar struggles to eat, but he manages to eat
Alekh:girl, what are watching see he can’t eat, feed him!
She being scared :mee..

This was the first word sanskar listened from her

Alekh:you were the reason behind this, then you have to….
Sanskar sees her feared expression :it’s ok!!
Alekh:what? What it’s ok,it’s not ok!
Sanskar glares him

And then turns to her:don’t mind him, um… May i know your good name please!!?

While Alekh give ‘Aww’ look!
Sanskar ignores him

Sanskar sees her feared:um,it’s ok if you don’t want to!!

And later they were about to go

She moves to the door:Ragini!!

They stop

Yes, she is Ragini only

Ragini:my name
He smiles widely:nice name

While alekh was looking them with smile

Alekh:hope you would join the royal ball, and i can guarantee you that our prince would definitely select you only

Ragini shivers him..
Sanskar noticed it!


Sanskar was looking at the moon

Sanskar:till now i always adored you but no, from now there’s someone else who is more adorable then you!Ragini
He remembered her cute face!!

Alekh from behind:is it?

Sanskar feels embarrassed!!

Alekh:ok me now let’s design your outfit!


Ragini was painting the pots

When sanskar comes there!

Ragini sees him
She immediately stands and the pot in Ragini’s hands were about to fall, when sanskar gave the support due to which sanskar has held Ragini’s hand.

Ragini struggles a bit to free herself
He notices her being uncomfortable in his presence

He leaves her

Sanskar:woh, i am sorry but the pot was….
Ragini interrupts:it’s it’s ok…
She looks at him

She places the pots back!


Alekh:what would you do if you don’t like you, but after knowing you as a prince,i hope you are understanding
Sanskar looks at him
Alekh:i think you should not take a chance
Sanskar:i won’t too
Alekh:then only 4 days are left what will you do?
Sanskar:i have did

Realising what he said:what? What you did?
Sanskar:i said my feelings to her as a soldier
Alekh:what she said?
Sanskar looks at him


Ragini places the pot back

Sanskar:Ragini, i want to say..
Ragini:please, please don’t tell anything
Sanskar:you are misunderstanding me.i want
Ragini:i don’t want to talk to anyone and i don’t want to build any kind of relationships
Sanskar confused:but why?
Ragini:i don’t have any answer for your this question

Sanskar:but i cant stop myself from telling you this!

Ragini looks at him but was about to go in
When sanskar held her wrist:it was really hard for me to say, i don’t know why you don’t want to talk to ME or anyone but i want to say something to you

Fb ends

Alekh:arey, why did you stop, what did you say?
Sanskar :its not the thing to be excited!!
Aekh:arey, tell na
Sanskar:i didn’t say much


Sanskar:i dearly want to explain you my feelings but i clearly know i can’t but still i have urge to tell you because your behaviour makes me feel odd
Sanskar interrupt :shh, let me complete from the time i saw you, i know you have some great pain in you but don’t know what has happened to me,i wish i wish i could explain you how i feel when i see you, i would be just frozen, i always get attracted to your eyes which tells me a lot, your one look is enough to skip the beat of my heart, i always want to be with you, i love you Ragini

His words ring in her ears, there was some emotional turmoil going on between her inner voice’s

Her face turned red due to anger:i don’t, i don’t not only you i don’t love anyone in the world, for me love is a curse and what you know about me?!did i talk to you? Did i say anything that you feel something like this? just a look doesn’t meant it’s a love, and from now i don’t want to see your face!

She enters the hut
When sanskar tries to talk she closes the door on his face

Sanskar:you may feel my love is not so meaningful but i know my feelings and i didn’t force you to love me back!!
He just goes from there being frustrated

Fb ends

Alekh:i agree with her, what you know about her? It’s only 3 days that you met her

Sanskar:you would understand it, when something like this will happen to you!

Alekh:forget all those, now tell me what have you planned?

Sanskar :i don’t know
Alekh:hmm, what you think would she attend the ball?

Sanskar:i feel there’s something else, at first i thought to see would she accept a soldier but later i understood by her body language and her reaction when i said my feelings that she is scared of something! And i want to know it
Alekh:but how?
Sanskar thinks…


Oldman returns from his travel

Oldman sits outside

Ragini sees him.and brings water for him, he takes

Before he could complete he sees her already left!!
He feels sad

Oldman:i bought a bangles for you
Ragini rudely:you know right, i don’t like all those then why you bring this!!
Oldman:i am sorry, but i thought it would look good to you
Ragini angrily storms from there

Sanskar witnessed all this!!

He goes to the old man

Sanskar smiles at him
Oldman:your majesty!!
He was about to stand
Sanskar:please don’t
Old man sits back
Sanskar sits next to him:she hurts you a lot, then why are you still loving her, this is not the first time i saw but 4 days back when i came here
Old man looks at him confused
Sanskar:don’t take me wrong
Old man:it’s her habbit, i.. I have ww.. Work..
He was about to stand
Sanskar:why are you hiding from me?
Old man was shocked
Sanskar:i want this girl to attend the Royal ball!!
Old man:no, she will not attend
Sanskar stands :i hope you will make her to!!
He leaves leaving the old man shocked


Aastha shows a diamond crown with sapphire present in it which made it look more beautiful!!
Aastha:when you will choose your girl you have adore her with this
Sanskar lost:no need of this she is already adorable

Sanskar bites his tongue realising what he told

He tried to reason

Aastha made him sit :sanskar, i already told you choose the best for you, but don’t take any wrong decision because it’s not only about you but the girl who will marry you her life is also…..
Sanskar interrupted with smile :i understand mom
Aastha smiles and kisses his forehead

At the time a soldier comes and infroms him the old artist came to meet him

He nods


Old man folding his hand:please Prince Sanskar she won’t attend the Royal ball
Sanskar:do you know why i asked this, because i want to marry her!!
Old man:no you can’t marry her
Old man :please understand Prince
Sanskar:but tell me the valid reason, why i can’t marry her?
Old man :i…
Snskar held his name :tell me why?
Old man:she,She is cursed! My child is cursed

Sanskar looks at him shocked:whaat?


Here Ragini is moving in a street where she witnesses a bird seller

She felt her life and those birds are suffering the same way!!

She slowly goes from behind and opens the cage, the birds flew

And the seller shouts at, Ragini smiled seeing the birds flying freely

Ragini immediately runs from there while the seller was running behind her
Soon he was stopped by someone

Ragini reach near a river
She takes some glasses she by hitting it makes a rhythm of a soft music.

She remembered sanskar and his smile and his way of talking and his gestures!

And then remembers how he expressed his feelings for her
And then she remembers her bitter words for him

Ragini:i never thought, someone would like me too even if i wish to have those feelings then also i can’t, because i am an unlucky, because of me my mom died. I don’t want anyone else to suffer!! God made my life a lonely one, i can’t love anyone they will leave me for forever they will suffer in this life. But it’s ok, whatever the chances i am getting is more than enough to me! I have hidden my arising feelings of love and i dreamt for sometime how the love life would be, my harsh words would keep him away from me and i hope he gets the best girl!!

She smiles and enjoys the surroundings

Ragini sings:Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara

She looks her hand where sanskar held her, she was having a different feeling! And when she first saw him her heart skipped its beat but she feared of falling in love!

Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara
Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon

She jumped danced in happiness forgetting every miseries of her life
And all the credit goes to sanskar, even if she hurt him but for his better life and he gave a new meaning to her life, that first time she isn’t feeling that she is scrap or a useless or a bad omen
In the happiness she forget the surrounding and she slips and was about to fall but someone held her hand
She winced in pain because her feet got twisted
She looks for her saviour and she was shocked to find sanskar who was looking at her with concern!

She forgot all her pain looking his concern for her!

Sanskar:Ragini are you ok?

Ragini soon releases herself from his grip.
Ragini couldn’t walk but turns to go

Sanskar:Ragini wait..

Ragini didn’t stop but she was helpless due to her feet

Soon she felt she was carried by two arms

Ragini looks at sanskar, who is smiling at her

Ragini:what are you doing, leave me!!

Sanskar:if i say i didn’t hold you to leave you then,

She looks at him confused

Ragini struggles to free from his grip

Sanskar:try try
He winks at her

Ragini angrily glares him:leave me
He looks at her lovingly
She was feeling weak by his gaze!

He slowly places her on a hollow trunk
Ragini was like hypnotised on his hypnotising chocolate brown eyes.

The eyes are the window to your soul – William Shakespeare

It was like communicating through eyes
He blinked his eyes twice a times and and adjusted his lens straight to her’s so that she could inspect his eyes and know his feelings, the true love!
Ahaan, it’s not only his but sanskar could see some feelings in her instead the dark pool of fear in her big angelic eyes!
She couldn’t break the eye lock

And her heart was beating like a competition is held there to reach mouth!

Sanskar break the silence:I Love You

Everything was only his intense gaze to her
Ragini comes out of his hypnotic world
She looks at the surround, she didn’t realise when they reach here!

She was lacking words and she don’t know how to react he was making her fall weak but how would she explain him!

She felt the slight pain on her feet

She looks at him..
He charms his smile and was smiling biting his lips
She isn’t understanding his behaviour!

Ragini looks other side and hits her forehead through her palm

Ragini:get away from my way!!

He smiles

Ragini murmurs:oh lord, give him some piece of ear drums

He listens it. He raises his eye bushy eyebrows

Sanskar:I Love You Too

She was about to protest then the reality struck her that..
When he said “I Love You”
She absent minded said “I love you too”
What happened to her?
And now his reaction was for that!! Oh no where she is stuck

Ragini:listen,it was just..
Sanskar controls his laughter

Ragini:may i know the reason behind your unlimited giggles?

Sanskar:I Love you

Ragini:what’s this madness?


She pushed him out of the hollow and comes out

She realises there’s no pain in her feet!
Oh God what is happening to her, she is forgetting everything other than him in his presence!

Ragini:and listen I don’t……

Sanskar smiles, she couldn’t continue

Ragini:i don’t
Sanskar :continue

It was like she forgot that specific word!!
Lord!! Did he do some black magic on her?

Why? Why don’t she remember the word?

Ragini:i mean i don’t.. Ummm usko kya kehte hai
Sanskar:wait let me help you, i don’t… Umm i don’t want to live without you?
Ragini glares him
Sanskar:or, i don’t want anyone other than you!

Ragini angrily:i don’t love you!

Sanskar :is it?
Ragini was about to go
When he pulls her holding her wrist

Ragini:i, i dont like all this, why are you doing this to me?
He leaves her

Sanskar :because to make you understand my love
Ragini :love love love!! Do you think that you are Prince Sanskar, even this attitude prince may not have and aren’t you understanding that i don’t want to see your face!

Sanskar:so you want to marry Prince Sanskar?
Ragini ;i dont want to marry anyone(angrily) i hate you and also that Prince Sanskar
She storms from there

When sanskar???:what did Prince Sanskar do?


Finally the day of Royal ball arrived..

The royal place was decorated in golden clothes and Red roses
And also a beautiful big chandelier which is the centre of attraction to everyone
Many girls, princess’s dressed in beautiful gowns were roaming in the Royal hall and some were excited some were nervous some were anxious that whom will Prince Sanskar choose?

King Arjun and Queen Aastha welcomes everyone

Here Alekh:so?
Sanskar giving final touch to hairs:so?
Sanskar tapered his eyes at him :what?
Alekh:what will you do? Would she come?
Sanskar smiles:no! She won’t come and definitely not to marry me
Sanskar:here there are so many girls
Alekh:hmm, good

Sanskar:still today i will place the crown on her beautiful hair and i will marry only her!

Sanskar goes

Alekh:oh god why is he so confusing?

Sanskar goes to the hall
Alekh follows him

Every girls there were wishing to have a opportunity to have dance with Sanskar


Ragini was sitting in the corner
Today her heart was aching
Unknowingly a lone tear rolls down her cheeks
Ragini :what is happening to me?

Old man:Ragini, today i have to go for the Royal Ball and i want you to accompany me as i can’t handle everyone’s art so would you mind to join me please??
Ragini was about to say no but he folds his hand
She nods
Ragini herself:i hope i don’t meet that soldier (sanskar) i don’t want to fall weak anymore

Old man:there you might……
Ragini interrupts:they will not identify me!

Ragini wore a plain brown colour straight gown and covered her hairs by tying a scarf behind

They left to the palace


Sanskar’s eyes were impatiently searching for someone!
Many of the princess were coming and introducing themselves to him but looks like he was least interested on them!

Arjun to aastha:whom sanskar is searching?
Aastha shruggs her shoulders :i don’t know but i think our to be daughter-in-law

Princess swara enters the royal hall in yellow colour gown and she have tied her hair into a bun
Everyone looks at her

Alekh pats sanskar and signs to look at swara

He looks at the direction but not swara but behind he sees Old man and Ragini was walking behind him bending her head!!
Sanskar’s lips crawls into a wide smile

Soldier’s direct them to make a paint of the function

They goes to a corner and does their work

While princess swara bends in form of Royal greet infront of sanskar and his parents

Alekh suddenly:you told she won’t come
Pointing to Ragini
Sanskar :correction, she won’t come for marrying me
Alekh:but i thought
Sanskar interrupted :keep your thought within yourself and please excuse me

He was staring at Ragini
And Ragini was doing the arts looking at the gathering and interior but she failed to notice sanskar

Someone pats sanskar
He turns and sees aastha
Aastha:where are you lost?
Sanskar points to Ragini:there!
Aastha sees Ragini and then looks at sanskar and smiles impressed!!
Aastha:but still how did you like the one in corner leaving all the girls in center of attraction
Sanskar:exactly center of ATTRACTION!

Alekh who just came :sorry to interrupt queen mother, when the eyes are fixed in corner then how can we expect to look in center!
Aastha:yes sorry sorry.but she is working there

Sanskar:because she…. (he realises he was going to blurt the truth)
Aastha:you can say, i can see the changes in you
Sanskar:Mom!! But before that i want to talk to you and dad
Aastha:any problem!

To be continued

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