Curse Of Love Outside Marriage ~ Five Intertwined Lives – Episode 2

The episode starts with Rohan looking up unto Rastogi’s balcony and smirking, thinking “Mrs. Suman Rastogi, you chucked me out of your house, right? Now let me show how I get into your own house with your own knowledge!!!”

In Rohan’ room

AJ comes to Rohan’s room, calling out for Rohan, he looks around but does not find Rohan anywhere, he gets disappointed and is about to leave when all of a sudden, he notices a hand on the carpet below the bed. He gets anxious and makes his slow steps forward and then he gets shocked to see Tanya lying unconscious on the carpet. He screams “Bhabi!!!” and goes near her to check on her. He continues to scream and call out the other members of the family. Soon, Rohit, Sonakshi, Veena and Naren too come there. Rohit checks her pulse and tells “Her B.P. has dropped down!!!”, Naren bangs his forehead and says, “Tanya is pregnant and this can be critical for her child, we need to take her to the hospital, FAST!!!” Rohit calls the emergency ward members and the Ambulance from the Sippy Hospital. Later, him and Sonakshi lift Tanya together and takes her to the hospital.

In Rastogi’s Flat

Rohan starts climbing from the balcony of the flat on the ground floor, slowing making his move upwards. He uses all his strength and keeps going up and finally he reaches the balcony of Rastogi’s flat. He gets inside and smirks while saying, “So finally, I have reached the Rastogi’s house, now only thing left is to make my way to Pari’s room. Inside, Pari is constantly shouting and banging the door of her room, “Ma, please, why have you shut me inside this room, please let me outside!!!” Suman shouts, “No way, Pari, I’m not going to let you outside, until and unless you agree that you will get married to no matter whichever guy, I select for you!!!” Rohan who had sneaked into Sonakshi’s room and had been eavesdropping their conversation till now, is shocked and left mouth agape. All of a sudden, Suman gets a phone call from Sonakshi that Tanya has been admitted in the hospital. Rohan too hears Suman’s conversation regarding the information of Tanya being hospitalized, however he pays no heed to it. Suman gets worried for Tanya’s condition and hangs up the phone saying, “Already that Veena Sippy is blaming my Pari for whatever is happening in her son’s life, while her SON IS EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE!!! And after all, like I TOLD HER IN THE PARTY, LIKE SON LIKE FATHER!!! Rohan Sippy has taken on his father!!!” She reminisces how she had informed Veena about Naren’s illicit affair and Pooja being the result of that illicit affair!!!” However, she soon comes out of her thoughts saying, “I need to go to the hospital and check on Tanya’s condition, I cannot allow any danger befall my PARI!!! Let me go there!!!” She takes out her car keys and makes her move outwards informing Muniya to take care of Pari and serve dinner to Pulkit once he returns home

As soon as Suman goes out, Rohan makes his move out of Sonakshi’s room and slowly goes to Pari’s room which he finds locked, he searches for the keys desperately, without getting noticed by Muniya and without making any noise. Finally, he gets hold of the keys and makes his move inside Pari’s room. Pari on hearing the door being opened, slowly turns around and is surprised to see Rohan standing in front of her. She runs and hugs him affectionately and tightly saying, “Ro, Mom is forcing me to get married!!!” Rohan pulls her forward and kisses on her forehead saying, “I know I heard her conversation when I came inside!” Then Pari remembers, that Suman had thrown him out, not allowing him to come back again and gets worried, asking him, “But Ro, how did you even come inside??” Rohan catches her hands and continues, “Leave all that Pari!!! What is important right now is that we are together and I want us to be together like this always!!!” Pari gets tensed, moves away from him and continues, “But how is that possible Ro, you are a MARRIED MAN, so having me in your LIFE means that I will be called YOUR MISTRESS all throughout your life!!!” Rohan comes and hugs her from behind, “That is why, I’ve come to you now, Pari!!! You know what even after knowing that Tanya is pregnant with my child, I’m least bothered about her because I want you in my life, PARI, so….” He kneels down takes out a ring from his pocket and asks her, “Will you MARRY ME Miss. Praniti Rastogi to become Mrs. PRANITI ROHAN SIPPY!!!” Pari is left mouth agape in excitement on seeing that, she shouts out in joy and nods her head saying, “Of course, I will Ro, I was waiting for this moment all this time, that you will leave that Tanya and come to me, that you will CHOOSE ME OVER HER!!!” She forwards her hand towards him, while he adorns her finger with the ring. Then, they have a passionate lip lock together.

In Sippy Hospital

Naren comes out of the ward and informs everyone that Tanya is absolutely fine, there is nothing to worry about. He then looks towards Veena apologetically, who turns away her gaze from him saying, “Of course, all this should have happened, after all WHO IS THE FATHER OF ROHAN??” Naren feels dejected on hearing those words from Veena while Rohit and Sonakshi look pathetically towards her. Just then, Suman arrives there, asking Tanya’s abouts. Veena gets irritated on seeing her and shouts, “How dare YOU??? How dare you come here??? Wasn’t whatever you and YOUR DAUGHTER did was enough, or is there more to see!!!” Suman shouts back at her. “The fault was not just my daughter’s; it was of YOUR SON’S TOO!!! Mrs. Veena Sippy!!!” Just then AJ notices that Rohan is nowhere to be seen, while Sonakshi and Rohit try to pacify their mothers telling them they’re in a hospital.

AJ comes to Rohit and tells, “Bhai, Rohan is nowhere to be seen!!” Rohit realises the same, and looks around asking, “Where is ROHAN??” Just then Rohan calls out Rohit saying, “I’m here Rohit!!!” All turn towards him and are shocked to see him together with Pari in BRIDAL ATTIRE, Sonakshi notices the MANGALSUTRA around Pari’s neck and her forehead filled with Vermillion, she cups her mouth in astonishment.


To be continued

(Next episode to be updated on 14-02-2020, Friday)

  1. SerialLover

    Definitely Rohan and Pari will be jailed, was both know that it is illegal when Tanya is alive.
    This also hurts equally as the episodes, but nice story, and nice narration!!
    Finally got this after almost 3 weeks!!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Apologies for the delay, Serial Lover, got help up with exams and submissions. Yeah, there is a possibility of Rohan and Pari getting jailed but the story has another twist!!!
      I know this is an equally tragic story like the original, but the I assure there will be a HAPPY ENDING!!!
      Thanks a million for reading and commenting on my episode!!!

  2. Are these events going to be in the distant future or is it a lucky narration from someone, how will Barry return to him after threatening her in today’s episode, I don’t know how Barry thinks, if I were in her place I wouldn’t have returned to the traitor Rohan and would not approach the Sepi family after what they did to my sister

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey, M, you can call this A LUCKY NARRATION BY ALEYAMMA, because this is indeed a ff creation by me. It seems you really feel for Pari, but the events in my ff are not the same as the original, it is quite different. So wait and watch for the rest!!!

  3. Aleyamma

    The next update is rescheduled on 21-02-2020

  4. Aleyamma

    Hey reader friends,
    Apologies once again. I’m not updating this FF today and will not be doing for a some more weeks as I’m taking a break from this FF right now.
    But I assure you I am not discontinuing it as I never discontinue anything once I start and will surely update after some time.
    Right now, I will be just focusing on my three FFs on KKB, YJHJK and RadhaKrishn.

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