Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-12)

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Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The last hope

Swara’s  point of view

So here i am….. Who the hell puts such things in my mind? Wasn’t he right? Didn’t he warn me before hand about Kartik? And am i suppose to be angry? Like really? I am going to divorce him? As in…. Divorce him? Maybe it will be much easier for him but what about me? Where’s my heart? The last time i checked, it was with him…. Safe inside the theft proof water proof fire proof locker..  That is his heart….. How am i going to get it back? Should i ask him to return it? Will he return it? Of course he will…. What would he  do with the  main organ of my circulatory system? Probably donate it to some needy person…..

Wait! He has my heart or the brain?

“Oh my dear brain….. Are you even there inside my skull” i yelled.

“Exactly…. I thought you forgot that unfortunately god gifted you with me…. Like out of the millions of stupid and dumb people, it had to be you?” My brain chided.

“Okay okay…. I rarely use you i know… But can you please tell me why did you make me blurt out those things?” I whisper yelled at it.

“Sure! I was the one who told you to do that? Check…. When was the last time you listened to me?” It cried.

“Seven years back in my physics practicals when you wanted me to ask my partner for an eraser…” I replied.

“Exactly…..” It commented sarcastically.

“Uh? Okay….. So what am i supposed to do now?” I asked it.

“Sing and dance….. Your ego will ruin you one day…. And this is just the start.” It yelled.

“Wait…” I tried stopping it….

Wait! I think i need a psychiatrist…..? how can someone communicate with the internal organs of her body? I think only i am gifted with such a beautiful useless talent…..

Thank you god! Note the sarcasm!

A part of me is angry on myself…. I was the one who lied to him…. Who told him that i loved Kartik…… When i clearly liked him…. And to hide my so called feelings, i behaved like a maniac in front of him….

It is quite true that girls often speak the opposite of their feelings to hide them…. The best example being Beatrice from Shakespeare’s novel much ado about nothing…. How she stated that she hated  Benedick and how badly she taunted him at his every move….. I cannot help but think that i am playing Beatrice in my story…. But i really need a real good sister like Hero and a brother in law like Claudio to unite me and my  Benedick – Sanskar

My phone buzzed…. A message…..

I quickly took out my phone to read the message…. It brought a smile on my face to see the sender’s name


I quickly opened it….. Please call me back…… I love you… Please….. Call me back call me back call me back…. I crossed my fingers.

Tel me your address..
Divorce papers will reach soon..
I have already signed them.

I froze on the spot…… He….. He signed it already? I knew it was easy for him and he will readily sign the papers as soon as it reaches him…. But he was so desperate to get rid of me? Am i supposed to be sad? Or happy? Or angry? What am i supposed to do? Slap myself? Dance? Throw a break up party?

ell do with my sarcasm!

You already signed them?

I asked as if there were chances of receiving a no….

Of course.. Who would
miss a chance to get rid of
A burden like you?

He was right! All these years, i was really pathetic… I behaved badly with his parents…. Why his parents? I behaved pathetically with my own parents….. I have always been a burden to everyone….. I have anyways been a pathetic wife… A pathetic daughter in law… A pathetic sister… A pathetic daughter….. I am nothing but a piece of sh*t on this earth….

I couldn’t help but let my tears stroll down my face. So now i was crying….. What am I supposed to do with myself? I think suicide is the best option.

Whatever happens….. Never try to run away from your problems…. They chase faster and for longer than you can imagine…. Face them….

I  remembered my grand maa’s words…. I smiled… She was the best lady i ever knew… Something in me told me to go and meet his grandma. Clutching the purse i was holding, i ran towards the city hospital…. She was the one who out me in this trouble… She has to help me out.

Whatever condition I’m in,I’ll always help you… As long as i am alive

Her words kept ringing in my ears giving me some hope… Maybe she’ll help me…. She promised right? She never broke promises… She had to help me…

You remember you are nineteen years old? She is in coma…. How is she supposed to help you? And you yourself have jumped inside this pool of troubles… You need to come out on your own…

Ignoring the voice,i headed towards the hospital… My last hope

A last unconscious hope……

Sanskar’s point of view

Finally! Finally! Finally i allow my mind to rule me…… Yes…. Now i have signed the divorce papers…. I let her free…. That means that even I am legally declared as a free bird…..

The things that started five years back will end soon….. Our so called relation will end soon….. I can go back to living my own life….. And she can live hers…..

Sometimes allow your heart to take control over your mind.

My Dadi’s words rang in my head….. I couldn’t help but question myself if i was right….

As far as i know, I should be the one who should be angry…. I warned her earlier… If only she listened to me….. She kept faking her relation with Kartik to make me feel useless….. And now when she knows that she was wrong back then, she shows her ‘Swara is always right’ attitude? I had all the rights and reasons to blame her…. To scold her…. If that’s what made her leave me…. Then let her be….. I did what was right… I tried bringing her on the right path…. But i cannot force her…. So let her do whatever she wishes to do….. I am no one to be concerned for her….. Not now… Not ever….. She is past…. A bad past….. It was just an infatuation  from my side…. I no more like her….. I should hate her….

I got a call….. A call from the least expected person…. A person who was really close to me five years back…. And we separated because of that marriage….. Somebody i loved…… But i don’t think i love her any more…. Or maybe i do….

So how many of you have read the actual Shakespeare’s story ‘Much Ado About Nothing?’ That’s what i am currently reading….. And i can relate Beatrice’s character with Swara’s in this story…. They are very much similar…..

Who do you think called Sanskar? Not me i assure you?…..

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