You are the culpirit (episode 3)

Durga comes home .
Dayal : So how was the girst day in “office” ?
Duraga : I had a very good day in my “office” today Baba . Shauraya Goenka’s interest is increasing towards me . Today I saw him talking to Mrs. Sakshi Goenka that he hadn’t come to meet me. Shauraya smiles when he bluffs snd I knew it . He was bluffing .
Dayal : Good going .
There shauraya was talking with Karan over his phone .
Shautaya : Abbey shes such an amazing girl . Chal we do a bet on her . And its 50 50. Okay ?
Karan : What yaar shauraya ? You always talk of betting on girls and all . Join ofgicr do somw work . At least you will have a work to do other than betting on girls .
Shauraya : Shut up and do as l say . We will bet on raping her . Common bet .
Karan : Chal thik hai Bet .
Shauraya : Thats like my boy .
He hangs up .

The scene shifts to sakshi .
Sakshi : Even after doing so much of research on Durga Thakur , I didn’t know anything suspicious about her . How can this be possible ? Who are you Durga Thakur ?
Rajnath : Stop pressurizing your brain Sakshi . Durga is just a mere employee . Why are you wasting so much time on her ? Huh ? We have a lot of things to do in life .
Sakshi : You can’t understand Rajnath . Because you are not thinkibg as l am .
Rajnath : Oh , Sakshi please don’t start again . You and your games , conspiracies .
Sakshi : I hope you are right .
She goes .
Shauraya is going outside .
Sakshi comes there .
Sakshi : Where are you going shauraya ?
Shauraya : To chill , party and drink with my freinds .
Sakshi : I hope you aren’t bluffing and if you are , I will know it soon .
Shauraya : What are you saying mom? Well why will l buff to you ? Is there any reason for it ?
Sakshi : Go but , come soon .
Shauraya : I may not .
Saying this he goes .

Later sakshi is playing piano thinking about durga .
She calls durga .
Sakshi : Hello durga .
Durga : Hello Mrs. Goenka . Is there any work for me ?
Sakshi : Yes I have got a work for you . Would you pleade answer my question ? I mean can l ask you aquestion ?
Durga : Yes , of course Mrs. Goenka please go ahead .
Sakshi : Should we keep our enemies close or our friends ?
Durga :Well Mrs. Goenka we should keep our enemies closer thsn our friends .
Sakshi : For what reason ?
Durga : So that we can know their secrets . Its benefitial for us right ?
Sakshi : Smart answer . You always solve my problem . Thank you .
Durga : My pleasure .
Sakshi hangs up .

Precap : Shauraya meets Durga . Sakshi asks akash to find out everything about Durga Thakur .

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  1. Good going but pls try to make it a little longer…

  2. Hey where are you? Post the next episode fast

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