You are the culprit (Prologue)

Hey guys Akhana here actually now I am writing proloung please comment if you read it .
A girl wants revenge for which she was for 5 years . But unfortunately she lands in a big trouble . Will she be able to succeed in this mission .
Cast in the show

Vatsal Seth – Shaurya Goenka
Sanjeeda Sheikh – Durga Thakur
Simone Singh – Sakshi Goenka
Ayub Khan – Rajnath Goenka

Guys this will be a ff of 70 episodes and if you don’t like it just once read my first episode when that will be updated. Even then you don’t like it then I will not write anymore .
But please do comment and criticism are most welcome but not any abuses or any bad words . I know as I am new in writing ff I will be a bit bad at writing but with time I may become good and whoever reads it if you will comment then only I will be able to know your opinions about my ff. So please comment .

  1. Please write. I have seen ek hasina thi and i love it. So please do write a fan fiction
    about it. ☺☺☺

  2. Hey please continue ur ff… Ek hasina thi was one of my fav…

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