Crush on my teacher! (RagSan)

Hey guys! I am not really new here but still it’s a new account so yeah…

So I am gonna start a new story about ragsan. Hope you all like it?.

Ragini ‘s pov.

“Maa please just let me sleep for two minutes! I promise to get up after the given time” I whined while looking at my mom who was busy scrolling the warm and frizzy soft blanket off to wake me up this early morning just for the purpose of exercise! Uggh! I hate exercise! I am a major lazy as*.

“Get you or you won’t get to eat yippee noodle which your sister has brought this morning after her jog” she threatened me with the mocking tone. Oh no! I love yippee! I can give up my whole life for it. Sleep is nothing in front of yippee! Why do she have to always threaten me? I whined again in the back of my mind. I sat on my bed with a small pout settling on my lips while my mother went out of my room smirking at me! Did she just now smirk at me?! I asked to myself not believing what the world has turned into!

I quickly got up and did my daily chores and then went downstairs to eat my delicious breakfast.

When I was nearing the kitchen I heard a stranger’s voice which sounded strong and manly with the rough edge to it but s*xy nonetheless. Who is in the kitchen ?I wondered. I also heard my father speaking to that stranger with his warm tone and then I got even more curious to know who is it because my father is not usually warm with anyone besides my mom me and my sister. He is usually tough in front of outsiders, if he is talking with the man so friendly then I guess he must know that man for a long time. Anyways why am I thinking about it so much? I should probably go and see it myself that who is he talking with. I took some slow steps towards the kitchen while fidgeting with the edge of my duppata. Hey don’t blame me! I am nervous! I am always nervous around strangers.

As I entered the kitchen I first saw my mom cooking our breakfast and then my father who is smiling at the person he is talking with and finally my dark black eyes landed on the figure who is sitting on a chair in front of me already looking at me intently!

I can seem to take my eyes off this man who is looking at me like I am his breakfast! He has a pair of mesmerising eyes so dark and dull like a soulless marbles. His nose is straight and has a pointed edge to it which adds to his beauty. His creamy white skin is so tempting! His lips are pink and thin, the way a girl wants it to be and lastly his black shiny hairs are styled one sided with some of the strands of his hairs falling gracefully in front of his eyes covering half of his forehead. He looks like Zeus! Nope he is more handsome than Zeus with his perfect triangular jaw! What else can a girl ask for ?I thought  with excitement bubbling inside my stomach. But what is he doing here? Who is he? Many questions started to flood in my mind.

Finally my dad who was chatting with the handsome dude noticed the stranger’s gaze which was directed to me and smiled brightly at me. “Ohh ragini you are here already? When did you came downstairs?” He asked me and I just mumbled “just now” as a reply after taking off my eyes from that stranger and looking at the ground awkwardly.

He smiled at me while I was standing there dumbfounded. Uff! Why was U staring at that man? He looks pretty old for a girl of my age. I mean I am going to turn 18 this month but I am still a teenager and he looks like he is in his twenties!

“Come ragini, join us to the table” my father said to me dearly. I was wondering where is my sister saara? She is the talkative than me. I always feel comfortable around her especially when some guests visits us because she can handel any conversation properly but I starts blabbing stupid things because of nervousness. Finally and slowly like a shy girl I take a seat next to my father while the is now smiling at me. I look away from him again and I think I saw him chuckling at me silently before diverting my eyes from his handsome face.

” Ragini he is Sanskar. Sanskar she is Ragini. My beautiful daughter” my dad said proudly. “Hello Ragini. Nice to meet you”was his reply with a husky tone to his voice. “H-hii” I shuttered while replying. I don’t know what to say more than that.

“Ragini” my father called for my attention and said something that would definitely change my life. He said ” Sanskar is going to be your tution teacher this year. Don’t be nervous around him kid” my father wishpered to me. Ohh no! I thought to myself.


Okay friends I will stop here. Do let me know your thoughts and opinions. Comsider this as prologue  a Comment me to make me know if you liked it or should I discontinue it. Please also hit like if you liked it

Good night sleepy heads!

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