My CRUSH :ek simple si love story TS (shivika) shot 1

Hi everyone mahi singed in again.I know my ff is still half but this idea forced me to pen it down .this is actually a real story but I gave it characters of IB .

All characters are same with few changes
Shivom area still in college
Shiv:19 om;19
Rudra is in school:16
Anika has a family named deewans they are also famous like oberois are.
She have two sisters ishana and soumya but she is elder among them.
Anika is also in same college of shivom,age:18

Shot 1
One year ago
Anika’s pov
I know I am topper of class 11 .and at this crucial age of 17 I must not look at boys but………..
Pov ends
It was annual day of college last days of the year. Anika was sitting with her friends gossiping. then the chairman of the college was called to announce the student of the years award.
Anika pov
When our chairman was about to announce the award I was knowing very well it will go to student of 12 class.may be a boy because our senior girls are very useless and insincere.
I came out of my thoughts when our chairman was on the dice.he was started this student is the most intelligent and versatile student of the college let me call him and the award goes to SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI.he came over the stage and I saw him whoaaaaaa he was so handsome although he was not wearing any fashionable things but the marron blazer on his shoulder over our college uniform was looking incredibly hot on him … God save me I will die seeing him.I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM.seriously I really have a crush on him now
Pov ends
Shivay took the award, said few words and went off the dice.anika was all the time staring him.

Next day was refreshment day everyone was wearing civil dresses and enjoying the food.anika was passing by with her friends chitchating that she didn’t see the gang of come in front of them and she slightly pushed a boy. …….and was lost in the eyes of the boy .coming to senses she apologized and went away.
Anika pov
My God again I saw him .y are doing this to me god my crush is passing by me and I even can’t talk to him…..btw he was looking dashing today with blue three piece suit made me go crazy for him.anika enjoy the function yaar leave away his thoughts

Shivay pov
I never see towards a girl but why was I lost in that crazy girl whatever she was looking so gorgeous in that blue simple yet elegant gown .her lips were just so perfect like to…….leave it shivay u r not such a boy …enjoy the function

Few days later in library
Anika:mam I need the book THE SECRET.
Librarian : yup it’s over 3rd shelf
Anika:thanks mam
She took the book and started reading it .one line she didn’t understood so she took a slip of paper and wrote ‘”I didn’t understood the line over here please help me out thanks”‘ and after a session of reading she went to attend biology lecture
After sometime
Shivay:mam can I get book THE SECRET
Librarian :yes ofcourse shivay take it from 3rd shelf
Shivay:thanks alot man
And he took the book and started as his English is splendid one he understood the line so he took the slip of paper and explained it.

Next day
Anika went to library read the book and the slip of paper too and wrote”‘thanks “‘ and when she was about to go she saw shivay coming in library and asking for same book.anika understood that he’s crush was the one who explained the line so she suddenly took the slip of paper and wrote'” hii it’s me anika student of 11 class and u”‘ and kept in the book and went away
Shivay took the book, read it and slip too he wrote ‘”hii its me shivay student of class 12th and i think u love reading this book?'” And kept the and was about to go (as he was famous guy librarian was knowing him very well )
Librarian :shivay only u two read this book
Shivay:who two Mam?
Librarian :u and that girl ya anika topper of class 11th
Shivay : k mam bye good noon
Shivay thought about her and as his schedule he went to chemistry lecturer to clear his queries but when he went to him he was totally numb seeing the scenario
Whoa that girl she looks so cute…… shivay r u having crush on her. ……but she looks damn pretty. …no……yes….yes..Yes I have crush on her.she looks damn pretty. ..his thoughts were disturbed when sir called him in his cabin
Sir:shivay why are u standing there come in
SHIVAY :ya sir coming ..he went inside
Sir: meet her shivay she is anika topper of class 11th
Shivay (mind):it means my crush was the one who reads the book
Shivay (to SIR ):hmm …Hi anika
Anika ( dancing from inside);hii
Shivay:sir I was having few questions
Sir : anika u go I will come to class
Anika goes

Precap:anika says “u r my CRUSH “

I have already submitted the second shot read both shots and please comment its only 5 shots
With love

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