He Is A Cricketer!!!!! Chapter 15

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He Is A Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 15

Jaidev he should be punished and should not come out of the jail ‘ Dadi said to Jaidev . He touched Malhotras daughter ‘She added .

Ji badimaa ‘ Jaidev said and went from there .

Maa your medicine , its late and till now you didn’t took this ‘ Sakshi said entering Dadi’s room .

She took medicine from Sakshi .

Are you angry with me Sakshi ‘ Dadi asked .

Nahi maa. How ..and why would I be ‘

Sakshi I came to you with Aman’s proposal and I didn’t know that he is such a ….leave that..are you angry with me Sakshi ‘ she asked holding her hands .

I’m not angry Maa . We just only discussed about that proposal and when I talked with Shona she too wasn’t interested and I was going to tell you this . So its not a problem ma and past is past . You sleep now its not good for you to sleep late ‘ Sakshi said

Sakshi a proposal came for Shona today . ‘ Dadi said

From ‘

From Akshay’s friend , Sanskar’s mother . Today his mother Sujatha came to me . She likes Shona very much and she asked if we have any problem and all . I said I’ll talk with Rishabh and you and then will tell them . but I thought Aman’s thing is there so we’ll reject Sanskar’s proposal . Anyway you talk with Rishabh and I’ll ask Shona . okay ‘ Dadi asked

Okay maa’ Sakshi said .

Next Day , Sangeeth

My anklet is missssing ‘Swara shouted , angrily sitting on the bed .

You should consult a doctor . You’re always forgetting things and saying my this is missing ,my that is missing and all ‘ Before nitya could complete saying swara threw a pillow on her face .

You shut up . One day I’ll find who’s that person taking my things and I’ll kill him ‘ Swara said .

Come fast its 5 pm . the function will start now ‘ Nitya said going out of the room .

Shona ‘ Dadi said entering the room .

Swara jumped from the bed and stood there with shock .

Hit..no..Dadi come inside ‘ Swara said while shivering .

Where are the others ‘ Dadi asked sitting on the bed and making swara too sit on the bed .

I’m sorry about that Amans proposal ‘ Dadi said holding Swara’s hands and looking down.

No dadi its okay and I had no interest in marrying that donkey and you don’t want to say sorry ‘Swara said

I have always made wrong decisions in my life and on others life also . Im feeling very much guilty ‘before Dadi could swara interrupted her

Dadi we should not talk about that . its okay ‘Swara said and Dadi smiled at her .

A marriage proposal has come for you . You don’t need to say an answer now . After thinking only you should say . You know Sanskar , Akshay’s friend (swara nodes) his mother came to me yesterday for your hand . Your parents don’t have any problem and I too don’t have any problem and I have checked his family background also about him . He
Is a good boy.  You think well and say an answer ‘ Dadi went after patting swara’s cheek and swara looked on shocked!!!!

She started to laugh….

Is dadi mad or me . She ….what happened to her….she stopped following Hitler and is she following Gandhi ji . ‘ swara said to herself and suddenly something strikes in her mind .

OMG…she came with a marriage proposal.  Sanskar. For him. For me  . Heyyaaaaa ‘ She laughed and started to jump on the bed .


Sanskar I want to tell you something ‘ Raina said entering his room happily .

I’m too busy . I need to get ready and I have got only 10 minutes . Akshay will come now and if i don’t get ready he’ll kill me , so I’m really sorry I don’t have time ‘ Sanskar said putting on his shoes.

Its an important news and hearing this you’ll be on cloud  nine . so let me tell ‘ Before she could complete he stopped her .

Did abhi called you ? (She nodes no) ha I know that’s why one of your screw got loose ‘ he said putting his watch .

Aghh..okay I’m not gonna tell you . I heard that Swara got a marriage…….’She turned to go and he stopped her by holding her arm .

What … Marriage ‘ Sanskar asked with curiousness .

My screw is loose na so I’ll blabber any thing . don’t mind that my abhi will call now ‘Raina said smirking

Meri maa tell me please . I’ll never ever repeat this mistake ‘ he said joining his hands .

I’m one and half year elder to you and I need some respect ‘she said playing with her fingers .

Didiiiiiii come and sit here please ‘ he made her to sit on the couch .

Sanskar . where are you man . its my sangeet today and ‘ Akshay entered the room and asked you both are talking here . come down ‘

Ha . let’s go down ‘ Raina stood up to leave and Sanskar hold her hands and made her to sit down .

Akhi this is about my life . so you go now if you didn’t go now I’ll not come to your wedding and will not let this wedding to happen ‘Sanskar said and Akshay looked on with horror .

No way I’m going down ‘Akshay said and went from there .

Now tell me diidi ‘ Sanskar pleaded

My brother is in love right ‘ she asked holding his hands and nodded with a smile .

And I wanted to tell you that ‘

That…’he added

I wish to eat a black forest cake ‘ Raina said

I’ll buy only for you after you said this ‘ Sanskar said

Promise ‘

Promise ‘ he kept His hand on hers

Maa went to Swara’s dadi and asked for her hand for you ‘ Raina said touching his cheeks

You mean a marriage proposal ‘ Sanskar asked and she nodded

Yyyeeeeeee ‘ he screamed and jumped with happiness .

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