He Is A Cricketer!!!!! Chapter 13

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He Is A Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 13

Sanskar you’re ready “Akshay asked him when he entered his room.  Ya come let’s go ” Said Sanskar .
Both  were going Siddharth came from the other side . Our brother in law is coming ‘ Akhshay whispered to Sanskar while walking . Where are you going Akshay ‘ Siddharth asked when he found Both of them . No nothing Bhai we were actually going out . Need to do some shoppings and all ‘ Akshay said .

Hi I’m Siddharth . Ragini’s brother , Akshay’s soon to be brother in law ‘ Siddharth said giving a handshake to Sanskar . Soon to be mine too ‘ Sanskar said giving him handshake . What ????’ Siddharth asked with a shocked face .

Sanskar and Akshay looked at each other shockingly  .


Swara Nitya Jyothi and Ruhi was dancing to ‘ badri ki dulhania ‘ . Ruhi dragged Ragini to the floor and all five of them were dancing to the song . Raina too was dancing with them .

It was Dadi’s grand daughter wedding and only womens were there so it was not difficult for Nitya Jo and Swara to convince Dadi .

Swara came to kitchen to drink water . When she was going to take the water with her dried mehendi hands , a hand came from behind and made her to drink . She turned to say thank you when she noticed it was him .

Thank you ‘ She said giving her smile and he returned with his smile . Why did you come here there was juice in the hall ‘He said while sitting on the cabinet of the kitchen . I wanted water ‘ She said while trying to sit on the cabinet like him .

Sanskar smiled at her nothing-happening attempts and he jumped down and came near her . She looked up and saw him coming closer . She was between him and the cabinet and she couldn’t go anywhere .

Her heart started to beat faster and there was smile playing on his lips . He was very close to her and whispered ‘May I ‘ . She nodded looking into his eyes . He put his hands on her waist and made her to sit on the cabinet .

Her one arm around his shoulder and other on his chest , his hands on her waist both looking into each others eyes was the sight Akshay saw when he came to kitchen . He smiled and took his phone to capture their perfect moment .

He saw a spoon on the table of the kitchen . he took it and his behind the kitchen door and threw it on them breaking their moment .

Sorry guys. For the late and short update will come again with another without making you guys wait and by putting some big chapters .

Allah Hafiz

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