Crazy Stupid Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the police coming in and all four gets kinda scared to see them. Later, police asks their name and they answered him. The police tells them that do you guys even know what you did last night, and all of them replies that they have forgotten so the police officer starts telling what they did. To Ishaan he says that, you made a tatoo from that crazy artist and that artist comes saying, did anyone miss me and that he (the gay artist) is for him only. He tries to flirt with Ishaan. (It was funny guys ). So Ayaan’s like making a tatoo is not a crime though and the police is like the story doesn’t end here; He also pee(d) on the walls of the police station, and then he ran away so quickly.

So Police office 2 says to Police officer 1 that lets leave

these kids this time, because their ‘mom’ (All four had wrapped Punnujee in a saari [If any of you didn’t watched the last episode, then I decided to just give a mini recap] ) is also with them. Then, Ayaan and Ishaan says that she’s our mom’s sister. The police officer 1 apologizes their mom’s sis for not seeing her, then he questions why are you not replying and all four says that she’s very shy (LOL). The Police officer decides that now he’ll only leave after having a cup of tea with her since she’s so nice. All four’s jaw drops.

Ayaan, Ishaan and Punnu jee together goes and makes tea and hands it to the Police Officers but the cup falls when Ayaan and Ishaan tries to pick it up, Punnjee falls out of lack of support to stand straight, and while he falls his sari comes out. The Police Officer 2 says that its not mom’s sister its mom’s brother (a proverb in hindi referring that its a boy instead of a girl). Everyone gets scared now because they have lied all this time to them. The police officer requests them to tell the real story. And Pampi makes up a story to convince the police officer.

The police seems to ‘understand’ and agree to Anu’s story and tells them that once Punnu jee gets conscious again he wants to see him to ask further questions. The police leaves later and all four are tensed that how will Punnu jee wake up when he hasn’t responded from the last couple of hours. They try to find of a way to get Punnu jee out but one of the police assistant is sitting outside, so Anu comes up with a plan that she will try to act hot and when she diverts his mind at that time the other 3 can take Punnu jee away.

She comes up to the officer and asks him if he wants to drink or eat something then he should go and do it and she’ll be able to take care of his job for a while. Then officer starts saying that you can’t do any thing “billi” (cat). Anu starts arguing to him and Ayaan gets her out of that sight and then they decide that Shanaaya will do this job now. She does this job nicely and is able to get that officer away from there in an excuse that he should come to the coffee shop with Shanaaya. Next, Ayaan and Ishaan decided to walk Punnujee out, but while they are leaving the Police Officer 1 comes and asks if Punnujee is awake now.

PRECAP: They again try to distract the officer and all the four of them starts running but they get caught again and this time Ayaan and Anu goes up to them and tries to tell them the truth that Punnu jee is dead and his dead body is also missing.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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