Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st May 2013 Written Update

Pampi n tullu was roaming around the streets of mumbai, thy were njoying it a lot, clicking pics, etc. Thy goes to a mall where pampi says that she’s njoying her freedom a lot, on that tullu try to make her understand that she shud not get so selfish n think abt her family. Pampi got angry n leaves from thr n sit in a cart, tullu follows him n again try to make her understand that one shud had a aim in lyf, pamp says she does have one, her lyf is not aimless, its just she want to lead it in her own way. Tullu shows him her return tickets n ask her to go back to her parents, pampi says that if he dnt want to take her responsibility she’ll handle it n she does understands her responsibilities n knows wat she’s doing.On the other side, miral use her mind n think that ayaan must surely be hiding sumthing thats y he dnt allow her to touch the cupboard.

Thy return home, tullu says that he wish he’ll never stuck in a problem n as thy enter inside with hand in hand miral was already thr, waiting for them, thy get a big shock, miral were gazing them in anger n says that superhero ayaan is exposed in front of the world with her real girl firend, she create a mess n shows him the extra keys which his mother used to keep in neighbour’s house.

Pamp understands that she loves drama so she starts her own n ask for srry n makes a story that she’s here for her bf, ayushman who leaved him alone thr n if he dnt meet her she’ll commit suicide, miral ask her y hvnt she done so at yet n ayan, anu change the topic.

Miral enquires abt them n thy share thr childhood memories in front of her, which is making her insecure. Pampi ask that she’s tired n goes to ayaan’s room, miral got more insecure n ask her that can’t use his room, ayaan says that he’ll b using sofa, but miral is not satisfied n decides to stay thr only.

Morning, miral wake up early n also wake anushka n ask abt what problem she had with ayushman, anu says that ayush wants to make relation without marriage thats y she slap him n he leaves her. Miral says that thy’ll go in search of him n she’ll unite both of them. Anu was shocked.

Miral n anu were came in search of fake ayush, anu was making excuses n fooling her but she ask for his no n she gave just a random no. n it was picked by sum tapori kind of guy who dnt get anything, anu pretend to be doing break up in front of her n thy goes for a movie from thr.

After movie thy were discussing abt romance n anu says she wants an OTT romance with flower showering from helicopter etc, miral ask if ayush ever did this for her n she agrees n says thats y she luves him so much.

Miral again ask to call him n then anu change the name n make ayaan’s no. as ayushman’s , she calls him n he was shocked n soon get the point, miral ask to keep the ph on speaker n thr ayan as ayushman express his luv for anushka n miral is now satisfied n says if he luves him so much she dnt have a problem with ayan n anu now.

Precap: Anu by mistake told her abt thr childhood engagement n miral ask to break that engagement. Anu ask for a week to prove herself.

Update Credit to: Amor

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