Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Update

The scene starts with Anushka calling Tullu and introduces herself as their old nickname Pampi and Tullu. They get really excited and talked about how much time has past since they got separated. 15 years and 2 whole months. They were about to talk more when Tullu got an important call and was about to hung up when Pampi said if that was her girlfriend and Tullu replied, something like that, and then Pampi even commented that even her parents had fixed a boy for her. Tullu became silent for a second and then promised Pampi to call her back tomorrow. Pampi talks to herself saying now everything will be fine because once more Tullu has came back into Pampi’s life.

The next scene shows Tullu taking a shower with the background music of “Mera bina mein”. It was cute :$ . He was singing while taking shower, and that showed how he was more into Music. Just then his phone rings and he has to quickly come out of shower and pick it up. A girl says if he was doing alright since his mom wasn’t home and he replies back saying ofcourse he is doing fabulous since he gets to have freedom and he get pretty mad about her giving him 15 miss calls from the previous night and she explains that because she was worried about him being alone without his mother being there. He then tells her to stop caring about him so much since he was 22 years old.

The scene shifts to Atwal family. The groom’s family has arrived. Mr. Atwal talks about his daughter and compliments her. And when Anushka comes, she quickly starts messing with the guy. Then he tells to every one that he wants to talk with Anushka in private, so they go into balcony. Anushka gets happy that she has been call to the balcony that way its easier for her to make up a story. She tells him that if they go on a date she will bring her good friend Ayaan, the one who she was going to run away with, but then she rather wished he completed his further studies, and tells how she had the childhood love between them. But then she gets frustrated because he still doesn’t have any problem with it, so for the last time she tries to come up with something terrible that will make him say that he cannot marry her. She tells him that she is going to have a baby. Then he leaves disappointely saying that he will decide about the marriage and let her know by end of tomorrow evening. With this Anushka gets happy knowing for sure that he will reject her.

Next scene, with Ayaan and his girlfriend (Hiral). He slowly tells her that he wants a break from their relationship, because she is just on him all the time ‘like a helicopter’. He hates how she keeps on calling him all the time. Then Hiral walks away from there.

Another scene, at Atwal’s house; Mrs. Atwal is mad at her since knowing that she has made some sort of planning to scare Gurdeep Chadda’s family away. Just then, Mr. Chadda calls and they decide to meet them once more. Mr. and Mrs. Atlwal get super excited and here goes the sad face of Anushka.

Again scene shift to Ayaan’s house, where he saw Hiral there. Ayaan is shocked to see her there. Then he sees a Poison bottle in Hiral’s hand and tells her that she has to talk to with very sweetly and don’t get mad at her even when she calls him 15 times or else she will drink poison and Ayaan helplessly says fine.

On the other hand, Gurdeep tells Anushka that he is happy with her clear heart and he is still ready to marry her. Anushka stands there helplessly.

PRECAP: Anushka is having a 70% sale discount of her boutique.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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