Crazy Stupid Ishq 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 26th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with Tullu proposing Pampi and she is shocked to know that and asks him if he’s joking, right? He tells her that its true he has fallen for her, destiny has got them together. They are made for each other, what he feels with her, he never felt with Miral and anyone else. He asks her why is she quiet, doesn’t she love him too?

Pampi tells him that she doesn’t love him. He has always been her best friend and nothing more than that. Tullu is trashed to hear that. Pampi tells him that he is not sure of his feelings and Tullu shouts at her saying its ok if she doesn’t love him but don’t doubt his love.

At night, both Tullu and Pampi are disturbed of what happened a few moments back.

Ishaan gets call from a stranger to repay his

credit and Ishaan is scared.

Next morning, Tullu’s mother tells him to go to Miral’s house and apologize for whatever he did, he still has time to recover. Tullu refuses to go and tells her that what if she can’t respect his decision but he will always respect her as his mother.

Pampi is waiting for a rick, she is unable to get one. Tullu finds Pampi and stops his car for her. They remember how they used to make fun earlier. Pampi is angry and thus, she doesn’t go with him. He tells to come along but she rather finds a rick and leaves from there.

Mannu makes fun of Ayaan in the office and Ayaan witnesses it. Mannu gets scared finding Ayaan and stops blabbering. Ayaan warns Mannu to stop spoiling his image else he will not spare him on his deeds. Mannu ji finds the chaos and tells Ayaan to focus on the album rather than fighting.

Ayaan’s mother calls Miral’s father to apologize. She tells him that he helped her during bad times when he stops her saying whatever he did was not a business deal and he never brought his favor in between their relationship. He tells that he has sent Miral to their hometown with her mother and cuts the call by pleading her to not call back.

Part 2:

Anushka is sitting in her cabin and Tullu comes in asking to discuss PR with her. She thinks he’s saying Pyaar and he corrects her by saying Public Relationships. He tries to be like the earlier Ayaan aka Tullu but she doesn’t talk to him. Ayaan tells her if nothing else they can at least be friends like before or if not that then they can talk as employees. She is still not convinced and leaves from there.

Ishaan comes to meet some stranger and sits in his car. He tells Ishaan to pay his credit else his boss won’t spare him this time. Ishaan promises to pay him within a week.

Part 3:

Pampi is in the auditorium and Tullu comes to her. She is about to leave when he catches hold of her. He asks her that he just confessed his feelings and nothing else why is she behaving so strange. She tells him that she wanted to convince Miral that there was nothing between them and he proved her wrong. He tells her it was all his mistake and not hers. She tells him that she is upset that she got dragged into the situation all because of him. She had convinced her parents that there was nothing between them but now she has again got proven wrong.
She leaves from there crying and talks to God saying she has lost her friendship on which she relied so much.

Tullu thinks that just after confessing his love how can their childhood friendship get broken. He tells himself that Pampi is his and only his. He won’t let her go anywhere. While on the other side Pampi is thinking of ways to tackle the situation.

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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