Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th June 2013 Written Update

the episode starts with Ayaan telling to Meeral that he wants to talk with her in private, everybody gets tensed but Ishu , Shadabalam and Shagufta are happy to see that Ayaan is no longer going to get engaged without talking to Meeral first . Also, Anu hasn’t left yet, she was about to but when heard Ayaan she stopped and turned back .
They go on the terrace. Meeral is very scared and is wondering why he called up the engagement like this. Along all, even Ayaan is nervous and is wondering how will he tell this. But finally he takes a step, and starts by telling that; “Meeral you are a very nice girl, very caring and have always thought of my happiness, you have liked me from your true heart and you have all that a guy wants from a girl but still for me you are not that” .

He apologizes and says that he is just not ready to get engaged with her right now, and Meeral claims that its because of her calling him all the time right, then she won’t ever do that again, but Ayaan takes a strong step and tells that I don’t care what people think about us, he just can’t say yes right now. Meeral yet again disappointedly is ready to be however Ayaan wants him to be but…

Ayaan finally declares that he does not love her . A bit later, Meeral slaps Ayaan and she tells that you should have done this earlier, and she will not say anything to him right now but will only wait for the day when his love will get rejected. She leaves.

When both return outside Meeral’s parents take her to another room and ask her what happened, her dad understands just by looking at her tears and she explains that leave it nothing will change now because he doesn’t even love her but her dad is too mad about this and declares that he will not let this happen .

All are upset and mad and Ayaan confesses to every body that this engagement has been cancelled and it was not Meeral’s fault at all, he was just not sure of this relationship and he still stayed quiet about it. Everybody leaves.

Anushka has seen all this happen so she goes out and tries to stop Meeral but Meeral instead claims that this all has happened because of her and promises that one day she too will have to go through all this.

The conversation goes around with Ishu, Ayaan and Ayaan’s mom about what he had done was not so right. Ishu argues that its Ayaan’s right to choose a girl for him that he truly loves .

Anu calls her parents and tells them that Ayaan’s engagement broke. Her mom asks her clearly to make sure that there wasn’t any Anu’s fault in all this and she swears that she had always wanted them together.

Here, Ishu cheers Ayaan and tells him that everything will be all right.

Anu enters Ayaan’s room and calls her outside since she wanted to talk with him, she starts and gets frustrated that why Ayaan did all this, she explains that marriage is not a small thing, and he shouldn’t have embarrassed the Meeral in front of every body. Even Ayaan accepts that this wasn’t right time but he gets up and tells her that do you know why he did all this; Because he didn’t love Meeral, he loved her – Pampi . ” I love you “.

Precap: Anu is standing there silent, and Ayaan asks what happened why aren’t you saying something.

Update Credit to: sapnokirani

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