Crazy Stupid Ishq 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pampi bursting out into laughter and telling Ayaan that she was asking all these questions for the Music launch, and since the Music launch is so romantic, why not its decorations! Then Shanaaya comes into the office and tells that she has everything planned, then Ayaan says that Anu has already decided what we should have, but instead Shanaaya decides that they should have trials; Whoever’s Ayaan find it neat, they will use that for the Music launch!

Shanaaya presents her idea and Anu thinks that she should do something big since Shanaaya’s was better than she had expected. When its her turn, she comes in a beautiful red saree and Ayaan and Ishaan is just watching her so carefully. Ayaan stood up and clapped on her performance. Then he went up to the stage, and he softly started talking with her saying that she should say what she wanted to say. (OMG guys, this scene was beautiful ). And Pampi tells that today she has realized that she has been through a Crazy Stupid Ishq all for Tullu! (Aww, damit It was just a dream! Anu was only imagining all these )

She comes back to reality realizing that what all she had imagined was just a thought and it didn’t actually happen Ayaan loves it and tells to Anu that he really loved the Indian touch of the presentation and that it was soft sweet and beautiful. But Mannu tells them that it should have some kind of Modern touch to it and that he liked Shanaaya’s better. But Punnu takes Anu’s side and hence its decided that he will go with Anu’s idea. Shanaaya gets mad and later, her and Ishaan tries to talk that they really need to do something about them both on not coming close together.

When Ayaan hands the main CD to Anu and tells her to put it at a safe place, somebody is seeing all this (Hm, maybe its Ishaan, i’m guessing ) After Anu puts it over there, somebody came in and has taken the CD away. She looks at her purse and sees that the key is not in there, so she goes to look for it but Punnu calls her on the way and when the ‘guy’ just throws the key on the floor and Shanaaya comes and takes it. The reveal the guy and its Ishaan ( I knew it Don’t like him anymore )

PRECAP: Mannu tells Ayaan to look the news on the net and Ayaan is shocked completely when Anu asks what happened, he says that somebody has stolen our music. (OMG i’m sure Ayaan will blame on Pampi for all this, poor her )

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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