Crazy Stupid Ishq 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 14th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ayaan and Anushka hugging each other. This doesn’t go well with Shanaaya. She thinks of a plan.
Ayaan and Anushka are sharing a moment when they hear Shanaaya’s scream. When they go to check Shanaaya has fallen down and is screaming in pain pretending that her leg is hurt. Ayaan goes and supports her. She is clinging to Ayaan smirking. Anushka sees this and feels uncomfortable. Ayaan takes Shanaaya to her place.
Anushka is searching the CD when Ishaan meets her. He asks her to go out she agrees to meet him later. While searching the CD it is very late and she dozes off in that cabin waiting for Ayaan. Ishaan is waiting at the Karaoke bar for Anushka but she doesn’t come.

At Shanaaya’s place Ayaan is continuously worrying about Anushka

being so late. Shanaaya gets angry because of this and tells him that she is often late like this and sometimes she doesn’t even come home. Ayaan tries to call Anushka

In the cabin Anushka wakes up and finds the door of the cabin locked. She tries to call the security but all her effort goes in vain. She tries to search her bag but is not able to find it because of the lack of light.

Ayaan calls Anushka but she doesn’t pick up. Anushka hearing the ring is searching the bag and phone till then the call disconnects.
Shanaaya tells Ayaan about his promise to make her a sandwich so he goes to make the sandwich and Shanaaya puts his cell phone on silent.
Anushka finds the cell phone and tries to call Ayaan but he doesn’t pick up and her battery is about to die too.

Ayaan makes the sandwich and while talking he checks his phone and finds Anushka’s missed calls. That reminds him of her waiting in the office for him and he runs to the office. Shanaaya gets angry and throws the plate.
Ayaan reaches the office and goes in the cabin and finds her passed out. He carries her out and spills water on her which awakes her. She feels its someone else and tries to fight but he holds her and assures her that he is Tullu. They go in that cabin and she locks him inside to take revenge and goes from there.

Next day security guard finds him in that cabin and he comes out. Everyone is laughing on him including Anushka and she says that Our boss is soo hardworking he inspires us soo much. He then calls her in the cabin and gives her loads of work to complete. She completes the work but is very tired. In this way he to takes his revenge on her.
Ayaan mails the secret girl about the current situation with Pumpi. Anushka replies saying that he must be close to someone else which might not be going well with his girl. Ayaan starts thinking about it. Anushka has a doubt that Ayaan knows that the secret girl is Anushka herself.

Anushka and Ishaan are doing a slow dance when Ishaan asks her that his friends cousin likes a girl but the girl doesn’t have feelings for him. And now his friend too has l\started liking the same girl. So should he continue with his feelings or not.


Update Credit to: nj_SRKholic

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