Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th June 2013 Written Update

The scene begins with Pampi’s parents giving Pampi the permission to stay with Tullu and Tullu also promises them that he will take good care of her and trusts on their friendship a lot. The other side Ayaan’s mom is encouraging Meeral to be happy now since Pampi has left, but just then a bell rings and both get a little shocked to see Pampi come back with Ayaan. But Anu explains them that right after she gets settled in this new city and finds a good job she will leave right then. Then Ayaan’s mom asks Anu to follow some rules that she has to and those are: not to keep loud music, nobody watches TV during daytime, meet your friends outside the house, talk slowly on the phone and to divide the work up. And her work was to fill up the bottles after 11 pm and get the milk by 7


The next scene takes place in Ayaan’s studio and his boss and him discuss about taking Shadabalam (?) as their singer since everybody has loved his music and all he needs now is a comeback, so his boss agrees upon this. Ayaan enters the house and tells Anu, who is filling up the bottles, about how his day has been and that he wants to talk with Sadabalam but he can’t and just then Meeral’s call distracts him. Meanwhile, Anu thinks to herself that I can do this much for Tullu and decides to go to Shadabalam’ place and meet him.

She meets him at the beach and declares how much she loves his songs but a man of Shadabalam comes and tells that his father’s really ill so he goes running and while collecting its papers, Anu insists of collecting it for him, but accidently the paper gets thrown in the water and when she goes to return it back Shadabalam gets really mad after knowing that she came to help Ayaan and he tells her to get out.

While Ayaan was showing all how to catch the rhythm his boss got really impressed with him and complemented him. When Anu is really sad about what mistake she did, she gets upset and talks to Meeral about it. Then Ayaan comes home and is looking for his mom and Anu when Meeral asks what’s wrong and he explains that he is actually trying to call a singer but he is not picking up the phone when Meeral asks if its Shadabalam he nods and asks how come she knows about it and just then from behind Anu exclaims that she told her about it and tells the whole story to Ayaan, he gets really angry and leaves from there.

PRECAP: Shadabalam tells to Ayaan and Anu to not ask him about launching his album anymore.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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