Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode begins with Pampi talking to her parents who have arrived to visit her in Mumbai. Pampi tells if someone will keep forcing a girl then obviously she will run away na.
Pampi’s parents start fighting with her and amongst each other.. Pampi shouts at her saying that its someone else’s hoouse and they have appeared there without even informing so be in limits..

There Tullu’s mother is getting irritated with sudden arrival of Pampi’s parents. Tullu makes her understand that they are family friends so it is okay if they arrived all of a sudden. But his mother isn’t convinced yet.

There Pampi tells her parents that she has got a permanent job as a lead singer in Tullu’s company. This shocks both her parents and they don’t believe her. She tells them to directly ask Tullu, & like always Tullu supports her. Pampi’s parents wish to hear her singing, scaring both Pampi and Tullu..

They both decide to face it, and next day Pampi sings Chaliya Chaliya, shocking poor Tullu , but Mannu ji is really happy with her snging and hence, her parent sare also happy..

Mannu ji starts praising Pampi in front of her parents and tells them that he will make her superhit B-Grade movie film’s bombshell.. This shocks both the parents and they start bashing Mannu..

Pampi’s father is not ready for it and opposes Tullu of singing in his company. But Tullu convinces them by saying that Pampi has a great talent and she needs time to prove herself. Hearing this Pampi’s father agrees to it but her mother is still not convinced!

Pampi and Tullu are scared of their decision and are waiting outside the room , where Pampi’s mother is getting convinced by her father.

Tullu gets a call from Miral saying that she needs his help for selecting her clothes..
Tullu is out when he gets a call from Pampi saying that she is leaving back to her hometown Sonipath with her parents.
Tullu is shocked and tells her to not go, but the call gets cut, he rushes towards the airport where Pampi is waiting along with her parents. Pampi tells her parents that she couldn’t even wish Tullu a proper good bye.. and her father tells her that she can do that once she reaches Sonipath..

Part 2

Pampi’s father tells Pampi that if she would have stayed at Tullu’s house anymore, Miral and Tullu’s mother wouldn’t have liked it anymore. Pampi remembers all the times Tullu supported her.

There Tullu has reached the airport, but is not allowed to get in. He is trying hard to get in touch with Pampi, he thinks of an idea and patao’s an air hostress, he convinces her to make an announcement for Pampi.

Tullu is finding difficult to even arrange for a Delhi ticket as all seats are full, he thinks of buying a Rajkot ticket so that he’s allowed to get in and talk to Pampi.

He is out of cash and so uses his credit card for buying the ticket.

The air hostress Dolly, makes an announcement saying “Pampi please mat jao, tumhara Tullu tumhe lene aaya hai”. She is surprised to hear that and is very happy with it. Pampi’s parents are shocked.

Part 3

Pampi runs away to find Tullu ,shocking her parents Tullu and Pampi find each other and call out for each other! They are going insane in coming towards each other. They finally meet, they want to hug each other, but don’t He tells her that she was again running, how could she do that! She apologises for it. There comes her parents who tell her to come long with them as their flight will get missed.

They were about to take away Pampi when Tullu tells her father that when he was young even he had ambitions and wishes to fulfill , then why is he not letting Pampi’s dream get fulfilled. Pampi’s mother tells him that , those were olden days and these are new days where you can’t trust anyone. He tells her to please give Pampi a chance as she needs to get it to prove herself. Pampi’s mother tells him then what about her marriage??? and Tullu promises her that in case Pampi fails , it will be he who would get Pampi to Sonipath for her marriage. This convinces the parents and they give Pampi another chance.


Tullu is scared about his promise, as he knows its difficult to control Pampi..He tells Pampi about a singer Shardabalam who is not available and he has been trying hard to get in touch with him/her. Pampi decides to find Shardabalam!

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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