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And ha, aarav gupta is not Ragini maheswari’s brother….. neither is he her trainer. …

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Aarav : ” she is my trainer. ”
Lucky :”trainer?!!”
Aarav : ” meet RD , the founder of zara nachle! ”
Lucky :”what? But how? I mean. …”
Aarav : ” yaar. …can we discuss this later? My students here have a performance to do! ”
Aarav took swara and Sanky with him.

Lucky : ” u r the founder of zara nachle. … But I have heard that zara nachle provide scholarships. ..” Rags waited for him to continue. “….How can u, if you are a scholarship St. …”
Rags interupted him :”holder! I’m a scholarship holder. …by my marks. .. The certificate is there to show my achievement not my fee payment method! ”
Lucky:”oh! ”
They turned their attention to the performances. ….

Aarav was with the 4. Swara and Sanky gave a wonderful performance.
Sanky : ” care to tell the reason for ur drama u pulled around the day the practice started? ”
Rags : ” well I gave the audition in excitement. But when I heard that he is the trainer, the reality struck me. How could I take part in the competition? I am a trained dancer,and for god’s sake, my student was training us! ”

Aarav : ” u know it was rather funny the first day! The founder of zara nachle, the most prestigious dance institution in the country. … The girl who’s trained in 15 styles apart from the Indian classicals and folks… The one for whom people wait eagerly. … couldn’t do the simplest of steps. …haha ?”
Rags : ” aarav! ”
Lucky was staring at Rags. Ragini was a dancer! Aarav ‘s trainer! Well she didn’t say that it was the first time she saw him,did she? She just said that she met him the first day, she actually did! God when am I ever gonna understand what she really means while saying something?

Rags : ” laksh! U here? ”
She was waving her hand in front of his face.
Lucky : ” ha?…. ha, I’m here. I was just thinking about you. ..I mean ur dance. …err. nachle! ”
Rags : ” ji?”
Lucky : ” I mean, when r u taking us to zara nachle? ”
Rags : ” zara nachle? ……We can go there this weekend ”
Sanky : ” sry guys I can’t make it . I will be a little busy. ”

Swara : ” err. … dhi,I too won’t be able to accompany you guys. ”
Rags :”what?! Then we will go some other day!”
Swara (looking at laksh’s face before replying ) :”no dhi, it’s ok, u guys should go!”
Lucky felt thankful. Shona too was backing out. That meant, he could spend the entire day with his princess.
But Ragini knew her better. She might be planning a day out with Samy!
Rag was showing laksh around, when someone called her. Rag asked one of the staff to give laksh company, till she returned.
There was confusionat the front desk. A girl had come for her admission. The problem was that she wanted to learn western, while her parents wanted her to do classical. And now both the parties were after Rags, to know her opinion.

Rags : ” why don’t u try both 4 a few days and then decide what to continue. U might like classical too.” Now she turned to the girl’s parents. “Let her try both. Don’t force her to do must have passion to learn dance. It can’t be forced! ”
They agreed to her condition.

‘It can’t be forced ‘ Rags remembered how she had asked both Shona and Samy to try salsa. They didn’t really want to. But she had a bait. She convinced them that they could spend a lot of time with each other. They fell for it. But have to say, they started liking it and turned out pretty good too.
Rags saw her frnd alone.

Rags : ” where is laksh? ”
“He is in the HALL OF FRAMES ”
Hall of Frames or the photo hall, had many photos of their performances, of the students…. A small smile appeared on her face, thinking about the day, she made Samy and Shona pose for a photo, something similar to the end pose of Rab ne bana di jodi. That’s when she recalled the fact that the photo was in the hall. She started running. She couldn’t afford laksh seeing the picture. …. god save her now!
She was relieved to see that laksh had not yet reached that part of the hall. The hall was quite large. She decided to try her chances.

Rag : ” laksh. …”
Lucky : ” ha princess? ”
Rags : ” r u gonna spend the whole day in the hall? Don’t u want to see around? ”
Lucky : ” i’m coming ”
He started walking towards her, but stopped abruptly and turned towards a photo. He was staring at it. Her heart beat raised. She was thinking about what to answer him.
Lucky : ” Ragini! ”
Rags thought ‘Ragini? Not princess? What….’

That’s it guys. …
Sry for my typos and thanks for reading. …
Let me know what you think. ….

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