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Someone snatched the phone 4m Lucky’s hand. They both looked back, shell shocked. It was Swara. She was scanning through the photos.
Swara: “These many pictures in just 2 days?” She mocked him.
Sanky: “these many pictures? More photos r there?”
She didn’t reply Sanky, instead contd talking to Laksh

Swara: “Bhai! Aren’t u going a bit too fast? U just met her (it was Ragini’s photos). She is making u crazy. U even asked me to shout at u. U know, I don’t like it a bit!”
Sanky: “What r u talking about? He made u shout at him?”
Lucky: “Sanky……. Meet Swara… sister!”
Sanky was shocked: “sister?”
Lucky: “Ha Sanky, she’s my sister. What happened in the morning…….. I had planned that…. So that Shona can be with Nithya. I had seen Nithya coming.”
Swara: “Bhai, I’ve to go. I’m sure u wouldn’t want anyone to see me with u”
Swara left the place as Lucky nodded his head in affirmative.

Sanky had known Laksh since he joined the college for MBA. He was the 1st frnd Sanky ever got in the college and they had been best of frnds since then. It was something else that they didn’t talk to each other about their families. It is an agreement they had, neither one would ask about the other’s family. They had their own reasons for that. Laksh had told him that he is 4m a beautiful village, where he spent only his childhood. He had went to different places in and out the country, studying, seeing places. He met his family only once in a while. He was fond of his little sister very much, the only one with whom he really had any strong communication. She knew everything about him, he had once said. Its not that he had something against his family, but he liked moving around places. But his parents wanted him with them, something every parent would want, especially when ur son doesn’t even know his 1st cousins. He would settle down once he got married, a promise he had made to his mother.

Sanky never called him by his name, because he was elder than Sanky. He knew that as Laksh once told him about his craze for photography and painting, both in which he had proffesional training. Laksh had told him all these at different occations, just came out while talking.

Lasksh never mentined his parents name. he did talk about Shona. But sanky had no idea that Shona was the pet name of Swara, the reason y he needed to introduce her now. But Laksh didn’t know even this much about Sanky. It was a promise that Sanky made to someone, that he wouldn’t talk about his family.

Sanky had seen a lot of girls, some really beautiful ones, mad after Laksh. Some even came directly to him and proposed him. But he always said a no with a smiling face. He made sure that they r not hurt. But its really gonna offend atleast some of them, when they get to know about his feeling for this new girl.
(guys all these was supposed to be Sankys POV….But I have no idea how to write one…..sorry about that..)

Sanky: “Bhai! I agree with ur sister. Aren’t u going a bit too fast? U just met her last day. U don’t know anything about her. How can u fall in love with such an arrogant girl. She is….”
Laksh: “stop it, Sanky! We too didn’t behave that well with her. And yes! I don’t know anything about her. But something about her makes me feel that I had known her for ages, that she is mine and only mine.”
Laksh remembered how he saw her in his dream last night. She was running through a corridor, wearing a blue lehenga(simple one….. like the ones in Saraswatichandra….. I loved them a lot hehe….) . He was running after her. Both of them were laughing. It was not the first time. He had dreamt about her before too, even before meeting her. But he never thought that he would actually meet her ever. The girl 4m his dreams…..”

His thoughts were broken by Sanky
Sanky: “Bhai, I would still ask u to think again. Try to know her better. U don’t even know if she’s committed or not.”
Laksh: “She’s not”
Sanky: “But how can u say that?”
Laksh: “I just know she’s not!” He started picking up his things. “and Sanskaar, I love her. Its not something u think. U just feel it!”
Saying this he walked away. Sanky just looked on.
Ragini was alone in a room, as she came mid sem. She was laughing, when Swara came in. seeing her like that she said sorry and was about to go out. Rags called out to her.
Rag: “Its ok, u can come in……(on the phone)I will call u later, bye!”
She put her phone down
Swara: “sorry di, I should have knocked.”
Rag: “its ok!”
Swara: “Boyfriend?”
Rag: “What?”

Swara: “on the phone…..”
Rag: “ya! Bf!” Pooja looked on. “but someone else’s” Nithya was laughing again and now Swara joined her.
Swara: “er…. Di……. If u don’t mind…..can I …… can I move into this room with u? I already asked the warden. She told me that I can, if its ok with u…….”
Rag(in an angry tone): “u? and move in with me?……… Of course u can.” She completed smiling.Swara was relieved.

Swara didn’t have much to study, as their classes have not started properly yet. And Rags was free as the Delhi college had covered much more already. So she was ahead with the topics.
Swara had just finished shifting her things. She was arranging her things in the wardrobe when Rags suddently asked
Rag: “What did he say, ur brother?” Swara clutched the clothes tightly. “u went to meet ur brother in the evening right?”

Swara now gave a sigh; kept the clothes and slowly turned to face rags. Ragini was cool as ever, working in her laptop.

Precap: new entry….. villain hai ya hero?????? Who knows…….

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    1. ANVESHA

      not at all…….. i would call it mere coincidence that he saw her in his dreams……. or may be he saw her somewhere but rly didnt pay attention that time……our brain saves each and every thing we hear and see even though we may not really notice them that time….. when we r focusing on something we dont tend to know the other things around but our brain saves it all…… every single thing……. and our subconscious tries to bring things to our conscious mind through dreams…….. god where am i going with these things….. i just need a topic and then i can’t just shut it……. the story has nothing to do with reincarnation and nothing to do with science…….. somethings may even sound illogical…..afterall its my crazy story hehe……who knows where she came 4m……. But the only reason he sees her repeatedly is because he wants to………

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