our crazy si love story episode 6

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Episode 6

At college

shona’s gang was standing n laughing

Ro:wow shona it was awesome tit for tat

P:ya shona but how n when did u do this

L:ha shona we were with u whole day

shona smirks at raj n a


in lecture when raj comes n i went with him principle had not called me it was our plane then we both went to his bike n removes the tyre simple

P:but why in between lecture

L:bcz at that time no one is present their am i right shona

Sw:ya ur always

R:but shona how the black colour

Sw:actually i applied black colour on bike’s handle so ….

Ro:wow shona

R:but shona do u think its was right

Sw:u really think that ragini

ragini keeps silent

L:so enough for today shall we leave

they leave sanky comes home covering his mouth n directly goes to his room without notticed by someone gets freshenup n gets furious reminding what happen today

S(to himself)ih god what happen taday is very embarrassing i have to teach her a lesson he keeps on thinking

Next Day

At college

swara’s gang was standing there just then sanky came shona’s gang starts making fun of him by laughing n commenting yestetday’s incident snky was fuming in anger but controls it n goes to class

After class

swaragya was walking then suddenly someone grabs shina’s hand she turns n saw some goons are behind her she jerks his hand n starts to go

B1:hey baby where are u going

B2:come with us na

B3:give some time to us

n then one boy drags swara to him n that was it for swara she loose control on her anger n slaps him hard n he fell down laksh rohan also came their bcz of noise but they are not shocked they stay silent their

another boy came to her bit swara kicks him that he fell on ground unconscious like that swara beats the goon very badly sanky opens his mouth in shock n thinks again his plan got flop(yes it was sanky plan but only to threaten her but it became a serious fight ) shona beats them n goes just then one boy holds her hand very tightly that she was unable to move sanky feels bad n looks at laksh but he was satnding their n enjoying the scene laksh n rohan was not helping her bcz they know what is going to happen next sanky was about to go to her but his ego stops him

B:don’t try to get out of it ur trapped now u know what will i do with u

Sw:leave me u bastard

B:not at all

shona’s thinks n says

Sw:okk i will do anything u want bit leave me

as soon as she feels that he looses his grip on her she frags him in front of her holds his hair n pushes him on ground n his head starts bleeding

Sw:don’t mess with me got it

she leaves from their with his gang
the whole seen was seen by principal n he gets angry n leaves to his cabin

everyone in the the college was cheering shona n shouting her name laksh smiles at shona n they leave

At badi

swarag enter home but didn’t tell anything about today’s bcz they will get tensed

Da:shona tu aagai come lets have ur dinner

swara nodes n sits on dining table ragini joints her jusr then dida came n all of them have their dinner


sanky was standing at window n thinking about swara

S:in mind…..how she did this oh my god she is very dangerous i should be careful about her she can do anything

L:from behind don’t think about her so much

S:what I’m not thinking about her


S:ok i was


S:but bro how can she do that it’s looking like she is a professional fighter

L:laughs no bro she knows karate very well

S:ohh karate

L:ya u should be careful about her

S:ya n realises what he said …wo why should i

L:nothing come lets sleep

they goes to their room n sleep

here swaragini also sleeps


PRECAP: sanky n swara says sorry to each ther

guys I’m so sorry for not replying to ur comment actually I’m busy in my practicals n tutorials so i dont have time but i will try n plz keep supporting guys

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