Crazy lovers, a Raglak one shot


11.45 pm

Ragini calls Laksh, he was sleeping but picked the call in second ring.

Lak:(sleep ton) Hello,

Rag: You were sleeping??

Laksh looks at the phone weirdly.

Lak: No, I was swimming under my blanket. But how come you call me at midnight, according to your dictionary “whoever disturbing a sleeping person will allow in hell only” right?

Rag: Come on man, tomorrow is your birthday and obviously people will call you to wish you at 12. Then how can you sleep now?

Lak: oh Madam, I am not like you who won’t wake up even if earth quakes. See I took the phone in the second ring.

Rag: Ok ok, and before you say something, I know it isn’t 12 yet, but I called you earlier because I want me to be the first one to wish you on your birthday.

Laksh smiles.

Lak: Alright.

Then they started to talk, in fact she did, she is a true chatterbox, and he was listening to her.

She was so immersed in her chatter that she had no account of the time.

Laksh looked at the time, it was 12.15am, still she hasn’t wished him.

He smiles.

Lak: Bacha aren’t you forgetting something?

Rag: Huh, what, you know na how sharp my memory is, I don’t forget things. Now you mocked my memory, let me give you proof, do you remember what happened on my birthday last time….

Again she started her chatter. Laksh smiles shaking his head in disbelief.

12.30 am.

Laksh again interrupted her.

Lak: Bacha are you sure that you aren’t forgetting anything? Anything at all.

He stressed each word.

Rag: Laksh I told you I don’t forget things.

Lak:  (smirking) Acha, then tell me why did you call me now?

Rag: To wish you at 12.

Lak:And what is the time now?

Rag: Time,

Only then she looked at time, she was embarrassed.

Rag: Vo, vo mein, Laksh vo mein,

Lak: At least wish me now yaar.

Rag: Laksh!!!

Lak: Ha say,

Rag: (fastly) Vo happy birthday, acha will talk to you tomorrow, bye.

She cuts the call immediately. He laughs, she continuesly beat her forehead.

Rag: Ragu, you are such an idiot. Damn!

She smiles, there Laksh too smiles.

Raglak: I love you, don’t know how to express it.


Raglak were friends from childhood as their family were friends and also business partners. They were together from childhood and now both love each other, but are unaware of the latter’s feelings. Let us see how they express their love.

Borh recently joined the family business.


Next morning:

Laksh was getting ready for office and Sanskar came in and wished him.

San: by the way, did ragu wished you?

Laksh smiles fondly thinking of their night conversation.

San: (teasing) wow,  beautiful smile and all, did she say “I love you” or what??

Lak: Shut up bhai, I don’t even know what she feels for me and here you are making fun of me.

He pouts and Sanskar smiles.

San: So what are waiting for, why don’t you propose her?

Lak: Bhai, it is not that easy, bhai we are always together and she always treated me as her friend, and how can I all of a sudden tell her that I love her?? It would be just too awkward.

San: Hmm, point. so what are you going to do?

Lak: I don’t know bhai, please help me na.

Sanskar nodes, he sits on the bed and starts thinking. Laksh was looking at him biting his nails. He was very tensed.

San: idea!  impress her.

Lak: Bakwas, Bhai, she knows me from childhood, she knows everything about me.

San: She knows you  as a friend, but you know, every girl has an ideal partner for herself, she too would have a  made such a portrait, so you have to show her that you have all those qualities.

Lak: And I don’t know what her ideal partner is.

San: Well, girls usually prefer someone who has time for them, for whom she is his priority, who can protect her and who surprises her, who stay by her side always, who supports her, helps her and who makes her feel special… She too would like similar qualities in her life partner.

Laksh was thinking deeply, Sanskar kept his hand on his shoulder.

San: Don’t think much, just do it. And when you are sure that she is impressed, propose her, she won’t say no.

Laksh nodes and Sanskar leaves.

Lak:  Bhai is right, I should give it a try.

Ragini too was thinking  similarly.

Rag: God, I love him so much, but I don’t think he has got any such feelings for me. ( She pouts) What will I do? Anyways, I can’t sit idle, Ragu think something. But I am so messy, how will anyone love me.

She thought of their yesterday’s phone call. She never minded what others think of her, she always live her life in her terms, but now, with this feeling of love, she is feeling insecure, she is doubting on herself. This feeling is all new for her and she doesn’t know how to react and what to do. All she  knows is that she loves him and she wishes he loves her back.

So should she try to impress him? Well she has to, she has to show him that she is an ideal choice of life partner.

She looked determined.


Raglak met at the office. Both were finding it really awkward to talk to each other. Both were so much tensed about their feelings that neither noticed the change in the other.

They smile awkwardly at each other and went to their respective places.

Raglak: What was that? What were you doing? Is this how you impress someone? Arrg, this is not my cup of tea. Anyways, as of now, concentrate on your work and try something in evening.

They got busy in their works.


Both just has one motive now, impress the other.


Raglaksan were leaving for home and Ragini stopped Laksh.

He looks at her questioning.

She was tensed, she wanted to stop him somehow, she wanted to spent time with him, to impress him, but how?? She was feeling so tensed, as if it the first time they are going spent their time together.

Rag: Hmm, Laksh, I need your birthday treat, right now.

She said so, but in mind she was trying to impress her and didn’t notice his reaction. He was looking at her sadly. He has a match that day, and football is his passion. He is a member of their society’s football team, and he has never missed a match, not even during his boards.

But looking at her, he couldn’t say no, so he agreed.

Sanskar, to make Ragini impressed by Laksh, mentioned about the game and made it appear like he is doing a sacrifice for her, but Ragini who was busy in her thoughts of “How to impress him” didn’t notice his BIG sacrifice.

 Sanskar bide bye to them and left from there. Raglak smiled awkwardly at each other.

Laksh took her to her favorite restaurant, and both were silent through out. This isn’t working for them, from the time they both decided to impress each other, both were finding it really difficult to even face the other.

Later, he bought her, her favorite chocolate, she became so happy and started eating it. Then something struck her, she forwarded the chocolate to him.

For the first time she was sharing her chocolate, she wanted him to know that he is special for her.

Lak : (furiously) You want me to have this chocolate?

She nodes smilingly.

Lak: Yuck, don’t you know how unhygienic it is? And you know very well that I don’t like etinf left overs,

Rag: (angrily)Left over, I was just sharing it,

Lak: The one you ate? What is wrong with you?

Rag: What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you?

Lak: Arrg, I don’t want to talk with you, I am leaving.

Rag: As if I am dying to talk with you, I too am leaving

Both left the place being angry on the other.


At home:

Both were walking to and fro  in their room and were annoyed by the other.

(Simultaneous convo)

Rag: Arrg, what does he think of himself, I was sharing my favorite chocolate with him, that too for the first time in my life and instead of understanding it, he shouted on me.

Lak: I was there with her missing my match and what was she doing? Does’t she know that I hate sharing food?

Rag: He is so irritating!

Lak: She is so messy!

Raglak: Why did I fall for him/her?

That was when they realized that instead of impressing the other, they fought with the other.

Raglak: But the fault is not mine, it was he/she who annoyed me.

Thy took a deep breath.

Raglak: Ok, this ended in a bad note, but I should not leave trying, tomorrow I will do something,  which she/he likes.

They both thought of something and smiles.


Next day:

Ragini prepared Laksh’s favorite food all by herself and packed it. She smiled.

Both reached office ad smiled at each other.

Ragini somehow got hold of his lunch box and smiled victoriously. She know that he don’t like the canteen food, so a lunch time, she will impress him with her food. She smiles widely.

On the other hand, Laksh got hold of her project file, which she was currently working nd replaced it with other file, which he made,  it was not his field and he had a difficult time in doing the corrections but he was happy by his work.


Later Shekar came to Ragini and asked for her project file.

Shek: Ragini beta what is this? What have you done?

Rag: What happened Papa,

She too the file from him and went through it, she was shocked seeing it. This was not her work and this had a lot many mistakes, she didn’t understand how t happened?

Shek: It is ok beta, you have time till tomorrow, make the corrections now.

He patted her head fondly and left from there.

Ragini sat down disappointingly, she had worked the whole night to complete it and now!

She started to work on her file and was deeply involved in it that she lost the track of time.

She completed her work by 3.00 pm. Only then she realized that she didn’t have her lunch, she was so hungry and had it quickly.


Other side:

During lunch break :

Laksh was confused as he didn’t find his lunch box, he remembered taking it then where did it go He was confused, he was so hungry and wanted to have something. As he didn’t like canteen food, he stayed hungry.



Both Raglak came out of the office all exhausted.

Laksh became excited seeing Ragini, he wanted to know about her project, but she appeared so tired.

Lak: What happened to you, why are you so tired?

Rag: Don’t ask man, God knows what s happening around me. You know, yesterday I worked late for my project work and it was all perfect, but today, it got replaced with something else, that had mistakes over mistakes in it.

Laksh rubbed his nape embarrassed, for his luck, she didn’t notice it.

Rag: You know I had work again, I even missed my lunch,

she stopped there, because only now she remembered that she had hid his lunch box, shoot!

Rag: Well, Laksh, you too appear exhausted, what happened

Lak: No idea how, but my lunch box went missing, I searched it everywhere, but…

Rag: (guilty) And you didn’t have anything,

He nodded in no.

Lak: Its ok, anyways I am going home right, I will have from there.

She nodes sadly and both leave.


Raglak: What was that? You were supposed to impress her/him, and what happened? Shoot!!

They pout!


The next day Dp asked both Raglak to go to another city for a business meeting. Both Raglak became very happy, they would be together, that too alone, wow, they were determined, somehow they should impress the other and then confess their feelings.

They reached the city by evening and both were resting.

Laksh has great plans, he thought of taking her for a specially arranged dinner, with all her favourites and in a romantic atmosphere, if she gets impressed and gets into romantic mood, then he would propose her then and there.

He smiled seeing the ring, he bought of her.

Laksh then left for a restaurant, which wasn’t walkable from their hotel, still at a safe distance.

He planned to take her by walk, so that they can take for a while and he can also set the mood.

Night walk, she always loves it.



Laksh went to call Ragini for dinner, everything was set. He was so happy. He kept his phone in his room only, he didn’t want any disturbance.

He told her about the restaurant, told her that his friend suggested that restaurant as the food is great there. He asked her not to tkae her phone and give some excuse for it.

And they started to walk, both were talking something and the other, and it was like their usual self, as how it was always, without the awkwardness they had from the past two days, because it the thing they usually do.

They mostly go for night walks.

Both were so involved in the task that Laksh forgot the route of the restaurant.

He panicked when he realized it, but kept cool seeing her face.

But he was afraid, they were in an unknown city, that too without phone.

They kept walking, almost an hour passed.

Rag: Laksh, you said the restaurant is nearby, but it almost an hour now.

Lak: woh, Ragu, don’t,  don’t panic, but we, we lost the way.

Rag: What??

Lak: I, I am sorry, I forgot the route.

Ragini sighs.

Rag: Now??

Lak:We will have food from the nearby restaurant and will get back.

She nodes and they took a u turn.

But they got confused at a point, where there were two ways and choose one, but for their bad luck, it was the wrong one.

They realised it after half an hour only.

Both were tried and extremely hungry.

And there wasn’t any restaurant too.

They sighed and came back.

Half an hour later:

Ragini looked around, there was no taxi available, she sighed.

Rag: Laksh, I am very tired, I don’t think I can manage more.

Lak: Please ragu, few more minutes only, we are about to reach.

Rag: Pakka we will reach soon??

Lak: Haan Pakka. Hey, wait I will carry you. Come,

He was about to pick her up but she stopped him.

Rag: No Laksh, you are equally tried, it’s ok, I will manage.

Lak: But Ragu,

Rag: It’s ok Laksh, and I can, and if not I will tell you.

He nodes and they continued walking. It took them 30 more minutes to reach their hotel.

Both were so tired, their whole body was aching, after all they were walking for 2 hours and also dead hungry.

They quickly had their dinner and left for their rooms.

(Guys, please don’t think I exaggerated, this thing as such happened in real, the walk, the time, absence of taxi and restaurant, everything was real)


Ragini was so tired that she strong away slept.

Laksh was cursing his fate again and that was when he received a call from the restaurant as he didn’t reach their on time.

He felt like breaking his phone, he was so frustrated, but calmed himself and answered the call.

He apologized and then paid the bill.

He sighs and sleeps.


Next day, they had their meeting and they left the city that evening only.

Both were so exhausted by the previous day’s event taht none tried anything more.


Next day:

Ragini heard of the sports event of their society that is being held that day, so she took Laksh along with her to make him participate in football.

But the registration was closed on the previous day. Laksh wanted to participate, but he forgot to fill the registration as he was busy in his mission.

The organizers didn’t allow him to participate, but Ragini stood adamant, she fought the organizers and almost created a scene.

Laksh was trying to stop jee but she didn’t listen.

The organizers, inorder to not create an issue, allowed him to participate.

Ragini gabe them a winning smile and wrote Laksh name.

But in her excitement, instead of football, she registered him for boxing.

They realised this only when his name was announced. Both were shocked and they panicked.

And after the stunt Ragini did a while ago, it was impossible for Laksh to back off.

He passed her a death glare. She looked at him with puppy eyes, he fumes more. But then, he had to enter the ring.

They panicked seeing his opponent, he was the last year champion.

Both started to pray to every God in the universe, but things were not in their favour.

Laksh was beaten badly, and Ragini was crying seeing him.

She called Sanskar, and then ran to him as the competition was over.

She was crying badly seeing him, and he smiled seeing her care.

Sanskar reached there soon and was shocked to see the scene in front of him.

Ragini cried and explained everything to him, she was so guilty.

Ragsan took him to hospital and Ragini was crying all the while.

Laksh tried to console her, but she wasn’t listening anything.

Laksh was advised for one week’s bed rest.

They took him back.  Ragini apologized to both their parents and told them that she would take care of him.

All smiled at her and let her do. For the next one week, she never left his side, she was so worried for him. Laksh was so happy seeing her care and concern. She looked after him like he is a kid.

Everyone admired their bonding.

After a week, Laksh was all fine.

Both had completely forgotten about their mission because of his condition and now were again thinking of things they should do to impress the other.


Next evening:

Laksh was at home and was very restless, because for the past one week, there wasn’t even a second when Ragini was not with him.

Now he was missing her badly. He went to her home.

Ragini was roaming around the swimming pool of her house and was thinking deeply.

This time she has think of something which should not be a flop like her other plans. What, she was so confused.

That was when Laksh came there, he saw her in deep thought and something struck him. Well, he too was thinking of ways to impress her.

Ragini was so Lost in her own world that she didn’t realize his presence.

Laksh came from behind and pushed her into the pool.

So that was the plan, when she will drown, he will save her.

But he forgot the fact that she knew swimming.

Ragini came up from the pool and looked around to know how she fell into the pool, it was shocking for her.

But what shocked her more was Laksh was scolding her.

Yes he was scolding her for getting out of the pool, what does that even mean, does he wants her to drown??

Seriously, what is wrong with him??

Ragini looked at him utter shocked, Laksh was taking out his frustration on her, again he missed a chance to impress, why did she learn swimming, if not he could have saved her. Damn!

Rag: Laksh, hold on, why the he are you shouting on me?

Lak: I pushed you in the water so that I can save you, who asked you to swim?

She looked at him open mouthed. But then something struck her, HE pushed her in, he drenched her, why??

Rag: Why the hell did you push me in??

Lak: So that i can save you and impress you.

Rag: Pardon,

Lak: I was doing this for the last few days, I replaced your project to impress you, but it flopped, then the special dinner, I even missed my match for you, I love you, but you don’t value my efforts.

But Ragini didn’t listen anything after what smhe said about her file, so it was he, who replaced her file, who spoiled her hardwork, because of whom she had to work extra, she was fuming.

Rag: You replaced my project, do even know how much hard I worked on it and you spoiled the whole thing Laksh, you are such an idiot.

Lak: As if you are something better, becaue of you, I was beaten badly in the boxing ring.

Rag: I told you that was a mistake, I did it to impress you, but in excitement I made a mistake.  Just like I did with your lunch box,

Lak: What, it was you who stole my lunch box?

Rag: Hey, I didn’t steal it,

Both were fuming.

Lak: Then did it came to you for a walk? You know I was starving. All because of you.

Rag: But I had prepared food for you, I  wanted you to ear my handmade food. I did this because I love you.

Lak: is this something you do with the person you love, you will make them starve??  Arrg, you messy thing, I hate you.

She fumes more.

Rag: And I hate you more.

Both huffs and leaves the place cursing the other.


Both were in their rooms and was still cursing the other.

Rag: That stupid, idiot monkey, who dare he tamper my project. Is this his love? Stupid monkey, I hate him.

She was so angry on him that she didn’t realize that he said “I love you” to her.

Similar was the situation with Laksh. He was walking in room to and fro cursing her and Sanskar was present there.

Lak: That idiotic silly girl, she stole my lunch box and she claims that she loves me. Is this what she does with someone she loves? She didn’t value my efforts and was blaming me for something I did inorder to help her. It is true that it flopped, but shouldn’t she appreciate my hardwork, how can she shout at me. Aargh, I hate her.

San: Wait wait wait, what did you just say?

Lak:  (confused) That I hate her,

San: before that,

Lak: That she claims to love me, (excited)  wait WHAT?? She, she lov, loves me???

The realization hits him and he was super duper happy, the girl who he loves, loves him back. He was in cloud nine.

He was jumping up and down in happiness, he hugged Sanskar tightly.

Lak: Thank you so much bhai, you are really great.

San: And you are such a stupid.

Lak: huh??

San: Or what, you fought with her, when she confessed her feeling for you.

Lak: Oh no.

He sat on the bed.

Lak: Damn, what did I do!

San: Not what are you waiting for, go and apologize to her.

Lak: No bhai, she won’t listen to me now. She is really angry on me.

San: So??

Lak: I will meet her at night.

Sanskar nodes and leaves.


Late night:

Laksh climbed upto Ragini’s room through window. She was sleeping peacefully.

He looked at her fondly, it was the first time he was seeing her after realizing her feelings for him. She looked much more beautiful than usual. He smiles ear to ear and went to her.

He caressed her head gently and was lost in the sleeping beauty.

Then he remembered why he came here, he slowly woke her up. She was truly angry with this, her sleep is the most important thing for her.

She sat on her bed and sees him and fumes again, she was about to shout, but he kept his hand on her mouth.

He was sitting on the floor.

Lak: Shh, don’t shout, and yes I am not going to remove my hand until I am done talking.

She looked at him confused.

Lak: Did you realize what we both confessed in the evening?? We both tried various things to impress each other and luckily everything failed.

He chuckles.

Lak: Do you know why? Because ee tried to impress each other, we tried to show the other that we are perfect and is the ideal partner for each other. We tried imposing things on ourselves to impress each other.  In a way it is faking and that’s why every attempt of ours failed. And we both were in the same situation that we both didn’t notice the changes in the other, we were immersed in our own thoughts. And do realize what happened in the evening??  we both became so frustrated that we confessed  out of frustration and were so angry to realize it.

He laughs and she realizing everything smiles embarrassingly. But she was in hundredth cloud knowing that he loves her.

He smiles understanding her state.

Lak: No need to get embarrassed, we both did the same thing. We both became crazy in love. So now that we both know what feels,

He took of his hand from her mouth and took out the ring from his pocket.

Lak: So Miss Ragini Gadodia, will you marry me? Will you be mine?  Are you ready to be Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheswari? I promise you I will never ever try to impress you and will remain as the one you knows. But haan, I need the same promise from you with your approval of my proposal.

Rag: Laksh!!

She beats him on his shoulder lightly.

Lak: Or what, I don’t want rk go through all those again, that boxing ring is a nightmare for me. No way man.

She smiles embarrassingly.

Rag: Yes Mr Maheswari, I am willing to marry you, in fact I am dying to be yours, to be Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheswari. I too promise to remain as such and not to try anything to impress you ever.

They smile widely.

She forwarded her hand to him and he inserted the ring on her finger and then kissed her hand.

She became so excited and jumped on him and hugged him, but he lost his balance and fell on the floor  in his back with her on his top.

Lak: Ouch, you messy girl, you are a  cyclone.

Rag: Of course I am, and mind you, you fell in love with this cyclone only and a while ago it was you who told me not to change.

She winks at him and he smiles happily, feeling content.

She hugged him tightly keeping her head on his chest, he smiles widely and highed her back me then kissed on her head.


Hope it was fine

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