Crazy love of thahaan (part-91)

This part is starting from Sankara parks the car near to tree. She sees police is not following her. She gets down from the car. She covers her face in cloth and runs from there. Police inspector says to check Sankara in all over the city. She should get arrest within 24 hours. Other police staffs are nodes at him.
The same day night, Sankara goes on road. She hears the police jeep sound. She was looking for a place to hide from police. She didn’t find the place. She sees the police jeep coming towards her. Suddenly, She covered her face and lying down on road with beggars. The polices comes stops the car and looking around the places. and they goes from there. Sankara gets heavy tired and she feels hungry. She closes her eyes. Sankara sleeps with beggars on road.

Bihaan thinks about Thapki and gets worried. He comes near to balcony. He looks at the moon and says, God., please don’t let anything wrong happened for my thapki. Please…she is my life. I can’t live without her. He turns from there. He comes near to bed. He sees the cockroach and he tuns from there. He sees thapki is goes about to enter the room. He gets shocked. He recalls the word what doctor told about thapki to him. He runs and goes near to her. He blocks the way to prevent seeing cockroach. Thapki looks at him surprisingly.
Thapki: Bi…Bi…Bihaan…What are you doing?
Bihaan: Nothing thapki, I am waiting for you for 3 hours, so I came to check wheather you came here or not. So I came here suddenly.
Thapki: (gets confused) Wh…wh..what?
Bihaan: Ok thapki, shall we go to sleep?
Thapki: I am feeling so sleepy bi..bihaan. Ok move.I am going to sleep.
Bihaan: (look at the cockroach. He sees the cockroach was running on bed and he widens his eyes) Thapki..wait. Shall we go to garden?
Thapki: Bi…bi…bihaan..this is late night and i feel so tired. Hence I have to sleep. I won’t come..If you want to go, you will go.
Bihaan: Thapki…No….don’t go now.
Thapki: bi…Bi…bihaan what happened for you?
Bihaan: nothing is happend. he see the cockroach was going out.
Bihaan gets happy and says, you willl go now thapki.
Thapki holds his hand and Goes from there. she goes near to bed. Bihaan looks at her and smiles. one of the cloth falls from the bed. she takes the steps on that cloth. suddenly, she gets struck and she goes about to falls down. she screams. bihaan looks at her and gets shocked. He rushes to her. He holds her on his arms. He looks at her. Thapki looks at him emotionally. She cries at him. Bihaan makes her to stand on floor.He holds her and takes her to the bed. He makes her to sits on bed. She looks at him and hugs him . bihaan hugs her too. Bihaan holds his hand on her head. He rubs her blouse back.
bihaan: Shhhh….Shhh….thapki…don’t cry. I am there with you know.? So nothing will wrong will happened for you. don’t cry.
Thapki: Bi…Bi…bihaan i am getting scared I don’t know why. I am feeling something bad.
Bihaan: (seperates her and holds her face on his hand) Thapki…you should not cry. I am always with you. OK?( he wipes her tears)
Thapki: OK bi..bihaan.
Bihaan smiles at her. and he makes her to lying on bed. He covers the blanket on her. She looks at him. she closes her eyes. He rubs her forehead slowly and smiles at her. thapki sleeps and bihaan kisses on her forehead. He looks at her. (….music plays…..)

The next day morning, Vasu tooks aarthi. Everyone’s prays in god idel. Sakshi enters to pandey nivas. they finishes to takes aarthi. Everyone’s gets happy seeing Sakshi. Sakshi comes to thapki and Hugs her. she congratulates thapki. She gets blessings fromm vasu.
Sakshi: Wow…thapki, congrats…it means again one more family member is going to come.
Bihaan, dhruv and everyone’s gets happy.
Sakshi: (dhruv) Sir, we are having imporatant meeting today. so shall we go..?
Dhruv: Yeah sakshi…thanks for reminder this to me.(to vasu) Maa…i am going to office.
vasu: Beta…you willl have breakfast and go.
Sakshi: aunty…don’t worry i will take care of him.( Vasu smiles at her.dhruv and sakdhi goes from there. Vasu looks on and thinks, God they are looking made for each other. Pls give some solution for my son’s life)

thapki looks at baby’s photo and gets smiles. bihaan enters to room and says, Gajaab…you are laughhing at baby’s photo..
Thapki: Bi…Bi…bihaan I am so happy. Again god gave a baby for us.
Bihaan: Yes thapki…I am also happy about this. Now only i am so happy because of, We have handled so many problems in our life. Now everything is gone.
Thapki: ( hugs him and says) Everything is happened because of you bihaan.
Bihaan; No… thapki it’s your hardwork only.
Thapki: no bihaan…you are only. Because you have trusted me in that murder case. You and v…va…vasu maa helped…th…thank you so much.
Bihaan and thapki looks at each other. They hugs at each other. They smiles. (Ranjhanaa…music plays….)

Thapki goes for bathing. She was screaming. Bihaan hears her voice and gets shocked seeing the smoke coming out from door. He was taking the cloth and covers her.

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  1. As usual a gajjab wala part vino…superb imagination dear…keep writing like this.really I want to appreciate your brilliance in writing.going well dear….how are you dear?I wish you are good.miss you dear….why don’t you comment in the update group?I think you are busy in some urgent I right?
    Take care my dear friend.

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hello my dear friend pooja…How are you? Thank you so much. I am fine my darl.I Miss you sooooooo much. I don’t have time my dear. yes you are right. I am so busy. Take care darl.

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing episode vino I loved the cockroach part.they way Bihaan stoped her from going near the bed..amazing tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear friend juvi….Thank you so much. Take care dearie

    2. Hi juveria darling, when are you gonna post ur next ff? I am waiting for you

  3. Amazing part dear. waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my rifa darl…Thank you so much. I will update the next part soon. Take care my dear

  4. another gajab episode?

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai dear fatima…Thank you so much and take care my darl.

  5. very nice….dear…..keep it up….and make it 100..

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear sadia…I miss you. Thank you so much darling. take care.

  6. Gajab di…
    thanku di for updating this Gajab episode..
    wating for upcoming Gajab episodes..
    please don’t take Tension..
    we r always with u..
    love u di
    love u so much
    plz take care..

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear cute sis kudrat…how are you? Thank you so much my dear.I love you soooooooo much and i miss you.mmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh….take care my darl.

  7. Di I’m on Insta kudratjha17..

    1. Vinolin.d

      wow…my dear surely my dear.

  8. ghajab epi . specially​ when sankar sleep with beggar on the road she deserves this.and don’t worry if you not reply our comment it’s​ ok dear☺☺☺☺ no problems .take care?????

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai dear afshan…thank you so much darl..Take care and keep smiling my dear.

  9. Simrank

    GAJAB EPI nd dnt say sry vino dear just loved it that cockroch prt was so.cute nd very nicely executed nd congo man 91 epi ❤❤✌✌ just keep rocking vino love u ? update soon deary cnt wait

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear friend simran…thank you so much. I love you toooooo darling. I will update the next part soon my dear. don’ worry. take care my dear.

  10. I love thahaan scene sooo much ❤️? And what an amazing job vinolin the episode was literally amazing ? And am sorry for late comment ? Keep it up my dear waiting for the 100 Episode ?

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