Crazy love of thahaan (part-51)

This part is starting from bihaan talks with his friends in party on evening.
bihaan:OK everyone’s had dinner?
sadia:yes bihaan.we finished eating. we are going now.
bihaan:what???no…dont go now.. I met everyones here after long time.
pooja:don’t worry bihaan.we will come again here.(suddenly MALA comes from far.she brings gift in her hands.everyone’s looks at her.bihaan and thapki looks at her.she comes near to bihaan)
mala:hai bihaan…happy birthday my dear(she hugs him)
bihaan:(shockingly)what is the time now???why are you came today?you will come tomorrow.
naitan:she is always late bihaan.

mala:I am so sorry bihaan.
adhi:what sorry?party was finished almost.
thapki:its OK mala… I am so happy to see you.atleast you came now.
mala gives gift to bihaan.he says thanks to her.
bihaan:OK you will have food mala
mala:its OK bihaan.I have to go my bye.bihaan friends are says OK bye bihaan..we are so happy to see your family.
everyone’s hugs thapki and bihaan
they kisses kushi.bihaan and thapki gets happy.

dhruv talks to shraddha.
dhruv:hai my beauty…today you are looking so awesome.don’t get late.come soon to room(he holds her hands.shraddha thinks oh my good this man was getting romantic mood now only.she gets stomach upset again.she thinks to go for washroom again.she leaves dhruv’s hand.she runs from there.dhruv gets confused.he thinks why she was running like this?bihaan friends are looks at shraddha.they laughs at her.
bihaan friends are goes out from pandey nivas.bihaan gets sad about seeing his friends are going from him.he looks at them.

thapki holds his hands.bihaan looks at thapki.
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan don’t worry.your friends are always with you.
bihaan:yes you are right thapki.thanks a lot for inviting my friends for party.… it… its my duty.your friends are my friends.your enemies are my enemies.
bihaan holds her hands.they looks at each other.they smiles at each other.then bihaan and thapki goes to their room.shraddha comes from washroom.vasu comes to her
vasu:where are you gone?what I told to you?I gave work for you but still you didn’t finish.(she scolds shraddha)
shraddha:(in tired) mummy ji… I am so tired.I can’t do work an all.
vasu:what?oh…shraddha madam which busy work you done here today?
shraddha thinks oh my god how can I tell my problem to this oldie?
vasu:what are you thinking now??
vasu shows the floor to shraddha

vasu:look at have to clean this floor clearly.I will check here after 30 should be clean.if it is not clear you should clean the entire home lonely.
vasu goes from there.shraddha says,oh my god.. what can I do now?pls help me lord.suman and preethi comes there.she looks at them.she calls suman and preethi.
they comes to shraddha.
suman:why are you called us?
shraddha:di I am having important can I help me?

shraddha:mummyji said to clean this floor to me.can you please do this work for me.?
preethi:(to sum an slowly)she was thinking to cheating don’t help for her.suman nodes at her.
suman:shraddha we are having so many works given by vasu maa. so sorry dear.we can’t help for you.
shraddha gets worried.suman and preethi goes from there.shraddha cleans the floor.

bihaan has baby in His hands.he holds thapki.they stands in balcony.they looks at moon.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I am so happy today .
bihaan:yes thapki.I am also happy.
thapki:you know bi… bi… bihaan when I was seeing your friends I am getting worry.because of I miss my friend kabir.
bihaan:don’t worry will meet your friend very soon or I will find him.
thapki:th… th… thanks bihaan.
bihaan:do you have any evidence about your friend?
thapki:n… n… no bihaan.but I am having his childhood photo.(she goes to her almari.she takes one photo.she shows to bihaan.he looks at photo.)
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan its me in childhood and he is kabir.we took this photo in school days
bihaan:(takes that photo)OK I will definitely find him thapki.
she gets happy.she smiles.kushi smiles at bihaan.bihaan looks at kushi in his hands.
bihaan:look here thapki…hamara kushi was laughing.
thapki:yes sh… sh… she was so cute.(thapki touches baby face and lips.)bihaan and thapki gets happy seeing kushi.they smiles at each others.

the next day early morning kushi was cries.bihaan and thapki sleeps in bed.thapki and bihaan opens their eyes.they sees kushi was crying.

bihaan:kushi….mere beti… why are you crying???what you want dear.
thapki wakesup from bed.she lifts baby and hugs.but kushi didn’t stop crying.
bihaan:thapki why kushi was still crying?
thapki:i…i …I dont know bihaan.
bihaan:what??you are baby mom na??you should know this.I think she was hungry.feed for baby.
thapki:o…o…OK bihaan.

thapki feeds for baby.bihaan goes to washroom.he comes out from washroom after bathing.
thapki makes bathing for baby.
she covers baby in towel.bihaan does dressing.he combs his hair.
bihaan turns at thapki.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you can do massage for kushi.I am going for bathing.bihaan nodes at her.he takes baby from thapki hands.

thapki goes from there.bihaan takes baby oil in his hands.he does massage for smiles at him.bihaan gets happy.
bihaan:(to baby)see…your maa is always busy with other works.she doesn’t have time to take care of you.don’t worry my beti… your papa is there always with you.
thapki comes from washroom.
thapki:(to bihaan)bi…bi… bihaan why are you saying like this to our baby.I just went for bathing.don’t think wrong pls.
bihaan:hello madam… why are you getting tension.I just kidding you. I know about you.OK?
thapki looks so sad.bihaan holds thapki hands.she looks at him.
bihaan:thapki…I know about your character.I was goon before.but I was changed now as good human by your love only.
thapki smiles at him.bihaan stands from bed.they hugs each other.they smiles(na… na… naa plays…..)

at the same day afternoon bihaan and thapki comes with their baby to downstairs.vasu and balwander talks there.bihaan and thapki comes to them.vasu looks at them
bihaan:maa… we are going to restaurant now.
vasu:OK beta.but take care of kushi.
bihaan:OK maa.. bye..
vasu smiles at them.bihaan and thapki goes to restaurant in car.
they reaches restaurant.bihaan parks his car there.thapki and bihaan enters to restaurant with baby. they sits in chair.waiter comes to them.thapki hugs baby in her shoulder.
bihaan:thapki what you want?
thapki:i…I…I want coffee bihaan.
bihaan:(shockingly) what?coffee?

hello madam this is restaurant.ask something.
thapki:n… n…no bihaan.I don’t want anything. I need only coffee.
bihaan:you are always adamant.
you won’t listen my speech.
(to waiter)OK bring one coffee and one veg pizza for me.

waiter takes order.he goes from there.after few minutes waiter comes with food.bihaan takes the food he gives coffee for thapki.he started to ear pizza.thapki keeps baby in her shoulders and hugs baby in both hands.she can’t able to drink coffee.she has baby in her hands.bihaan looks at thapki.she doesnt drink coffee.bihaan realizes that situation. suddenly he stands and goes from there .thapki gets shocked.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing?eat this fully.
he washes his hands and comes to her.
bihaan:thapki…you will give kushi to me.I will take care of drink this coffee.
thapki:bi.. bi… bihaan but you didn’t eat that well.
bihaan:its OK.give baby to me.
he takes baby from thapki.he keeps baby in His shoulder and hugs baby.he looks at thapki.thapki drinks the coffee.they looks at each other they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa….plays….)

suddenly kabir comes between them.he says…hello bihaan and thapki…bihaan and thapki comes out from eye lock.
bihaan:hai kabir…what are you doing here??
kabir:what question is this?I came here to eat food.waiter comes to kabir.he ordered food to him.after few minutes waiter brings the food.
kabir started to eat food)
thapki:ka…ka…kabir how is Sankara?
kabir:she is fine thapki.then how is kushi??what she was doing?
bihaan:kushi was so naughty.she was sleeping now.

precap:shraddha looks at bihaan and kushi.

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