Crazy love of thahaan (part-50)

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This part is starting from on evening party in pandey nivas for bihaan.thapki greets the guests.she sees poonam,krishnak
ant and aditi.thapki gets happy.she hugs them.they gets happy.
poonam:where is kushi??
thapki:Ku… Ku… kushi was there with vasu you will go there.I will come later.i …I have to greet guests.poonam nodes at thapki.they goes from there.sankar and kabir comes there.thapki greets them.they goes from there.
bihaan was so sad in his room.he says I miss my friends.thapki comes there.she looks at him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan everyone’s came here.come let’s starts the party.(bihaan nodes at thapki.they goes to downstairs.everyone’s clap for him.vasu asks him to cut the cake.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan just wait for 1 minute.(she looks at somewhere
suddenly glitter papers are flies there.bihaan looks there.thapki removes the screen from remote.
thapki gives surprised for him.he gets surprised seeing there.he gets happy.bihaan hugs thapki happily
they hugs each other.vasu smiles

he sees his friends there.bihaan friends(anu,pooja,kudrat,Leena,Ritz
naitan,arooj,rafay,sadia,juveria,joylin,navami,sulbi,shibil,fitri,kiran,alm.abi,sri,kumutha,sush,garima,anchel,shruthi,niriha,lavanya,divyasri Kumar,alia,riya,abida,sweety,ammu,bihaan-love,Nithya manish,bs,
pandiselvi,priya,needu,naina,and reshal)are says ‘wish you a happy birthday bihaan’.he gets happy.bihaan widens his hands.his friends are runs to bihaan.they hugs bihaan.
everyone’s gives flowers to bihaan
he takes the flower.he gets happy.
bihaan:thank you so much thapki
thapki smiles at him. he cuts the cake.everyone’s sings the song
he cuts the cake.he feeds to thapki
everyone’s starts dancing.
bihaan:thapki come let’s dance.
thapki:n… n…no I won’t come.
bihaan:oh OK.he thinks I know how to make you to come with me.
he looks at his friends.
bihaan:friends can I dance with u?
kudrat:bihaan what question is this
pooja:yes.come we will dance now.
bihaan does salsa dance with his friends to makes jealous for thapki.

(disco deewani song plays….)

bihaan holds POOJA and LEENA hands.he pulls them.they swirls and falls on bihaan’s chest.bihaan holds RESHAL and KUDRAT belly.he lifts them in both hands and swirls.thapki looks on.then ANU and RITZ comes to bihaan.he holds their hands.they swirls and hugs him.bihaan lifts NAITAN.she walks forward on step.he pulls her on him.he holds her.SULBI comes and jumps to bihaan.he holds her hip.he makes her to stands in floor.
bihaan touches RIFA face.she smile at him.during the dance RAFAY goes about to falls down.he holds her.
bihaan looks at thapki.but she was looks like normal.he continuos his dancing.bihaan holds JUVERIA and SHIBIL belly in his both hands.they dances.shraddha gets shocked.he goes to PANDISELVI.he holds her in hands and swirls.he
holds SADIA and ADHI hands.he pulls them.they hugs him.thapki gets slightly jealous. then NAVAMI and FITRI keeps their hands on bihaan.he holds them in both hands.they does salsa dance.he
holds his hands around GARIMA and SUSH hip.he makes the to swirls.ALM.ABI and BIHAAN-LOVE
comes to bihaan.bihaan hugs them.he goes to KUMUTHA and lifts her.ANCHEL and LAVANYA gives flowers to him.bihaan hugs them.then bihaan dances with SRI and kiran.bihaan looks at thapki.she looks at him jealously.
he gets happy.BIHAAN hugs AROOJ.he holds KIRAN and PRIYA in his hands.they touches bihaan face.he gets feel.he looks at thapki.she gets angry.she comes to bihaan.he holds him.they goes from there.
bihaan:why did you bring me from there??I was dancing with my friends na?
thapki:e… e… enough this dance.
bihaan:are you getting jealous?
thapki:n… n…no I am not.
bihaan:don’t lie to me.I know you.

thapki turns from him.suddenly JOYLIN,SWEETY,NIRIHA,and RIYA comes there.they hugs bihaan and wishes to him.thapki gets more jealous.bihaan hugs them and thanks them.bihaan smiles at thapki.she looks at him angrily.
shraddha thinks,thapki and bihaan today I will ruined your respect infront of everyone.she smiles.
shraddha takes drinks.she adds something in drinks.she says,this is liquor tablet.if you drink this now you will see what happens there is real fun.POOJA and KUMUTHA looks at her.they gets shocked.they comes to their friends and explained everything to them.
naitan:what we can do now??shraddha is thinking to insult our bihaan and thapki.
kudrat:yes.we have to do something.
Ritz: shall we give that drink to shraddha?
Leena:OK but how.looks at there.waiter takes that drink.
reshal:don’t worry.I will replace that drink.(reshal and sadia goes there.they stops the waiter.they takes that drinks and pours in dust bin.)sulbi takes the drink.she mixed some tablet in drink.he gives that drink to shibil.
sulbi:you have to give this to sharddha.
shibil:no… I don’t like her.I won’t speak to her.
pandiselvi:its OK I will give this to her.(pandiselvi goes to shraddha.she gives the drink to her.shraddha says why are you giving this to me?suddenly juveria says to her,dhruv bhaiya gave this for you.shraddha gets glad.she drinks.bihaan friends are laughs.
navami:sulbi what you mixed in drinks?
sulbi:I don’t know.anchel gave this tablet.
anchel:don’t get confused guys.I mixed lose motion tablet in drinks.
everyone’s gets shocked.
rafay:oh my God…why you mixed this tablet.she is so pity na?
rifa:don’t say she is pity.she is this punishment is right.
adhi:yes.Rifa is saying right.this is best punishment for her.
pooja laughs.they looks at her.

fitri:pooja why are you laughing?
pooja:I was imagined that great movement of I feel laughing.(shraddha gets stomach upset.she gets shocked.she thinks what happend to me???I want to go washroom.she rushes to bathroom.suddenly naitan and Kiran goes to shraddha intentially)
kiran:shraddha bhabhi I am having doubt.(shraddha thinks oh my god this idiots at asking doubt now only.)
shradha:I have work now.I will clear your doubt later.
naitan:no I want to know answer now.pls…
shraddha:OK ask to me(angrily)
naitan:I forgot the question(naitan thinks the question) shraddha feels to go washroom.
sush:I will ask question. what is your beauty secret?
shraddha feels to go washroom soon.she runs from there without answering.bihaan friends are laughs.bihaan comes to his friends.he hugs everyone.he says thanks for them.suddenly joylin gets call from his mom.she speaks to his mom.
joylin:bihaan my mom was calling me to come bye.
bihaan hugs joylin.she smiles at him.she goes from there.bihaan-love holds her head.bihaan gets shocked.
bihaan:(to bihaan-love)what happen for you?
bihaan-love:I feel headache bihaan
navami:I know headache will come for you.
bihaan:why??how do you know?
kudrat:because of she was eats lots of ice cream during heavy cold
bihaan:oh…is it.then its your mistake.why did you eat ice cream
thapki comes there.she looks at bihaan’s friends.
thapki:i… i… I am so happy to see you all guys.
anu:yes.we are also know bihaan.thapki does call for us yesterday.she was gathered us are so lucky to get thapki
sri:yes bihaan…she was very nice
bihaan:OK my dear friends.thanks a lot.
garima:you know thapki.he was so school days he was done so many naughty thinks. know teacher is slapping him always…(thapki laughs.bihaañ looks at sweety angrily)
riya:don’t look at her angrily.OK? she was saying truth only.
bihaan:superb…thapki looks at my friends.always they are kidding me
arooj:oh my god…don’t act like innocent bihaan.
bihaan sees JACQUELINE from far.he gets happy.Jacqueline comes to him.bihaan hugs her happily.thapki gets jealous.jack wishes him.bihaan says thanks to her.

LAVANYA Prabhakaran:bihaan where is your baby?
kudrat:yes bihaan.where??
bihaan:oh…I forgot this.he goes to vasu.he takes baby from her.he comes to his friends.his friends lifts kushi.everyone’s kisses kushi.
thapki and bihaan smiles at them.
shruthi:bihaan baby was so cute.
bihaan:thank you shruthi…(he gets glad)
shraddha comes from washroom.
she looks very tired.vasu comes to shraddha.
vasu:what are you doing here?? go and take care of guests.(angrily)
shraddha nodes at vasu.she goes from there.dhruv called her.

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  1. Vinolin.d

    shraddha thinks about dhruv,now only he was getting romantic mood.
    thapki and bihaan goes restaurant with kushi.

  2. Vinolin.d

    hai dear Ritz… I am so sorry.because of I can’t able to make long episode.because of I am updating ff in it was showing the limited characters only when I was typing I am very sorry dear.
    I am so sorry for all thahaan fans.

    1. My God it was so lovely…and so many weren’t bihaan friends, they were all bihaan fans 😉 just kiddingg ….it was way too good idea yaar….hope I also get some ideas;-) its okay dear never mind…do update next part soon….you used everyone’s name…all will arrive jumping soon don’t worry…love you

      1. Vinolin.d

        hai my dear Ritz. thanks a lot dear.

  3. Its ok dear bt i think all thahaan fans enjyed it n love it…even though i m having headache becz of ice cream.? i m feeling better nw…?? n the jealous track ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello bihaan- love…thank you so much dear

  4. rafay don kon

    Hahahaha..lovely episode again aj khushi km thi? wasay ma girl nahe hu….dialouge acha tha sharadha real ma cute lgte ha…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear rafay..

  5. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing dear..u used our names in a great way..loved it..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai juvi dear…thank you so much

  6. Congratulations for the 50th episode!!!
    It’s really really amazing…. the party so great, wonderful idea to invite us. I’m really happy…I’m dancing with bihu…omg 😉
    I love the part when we failed shraddha’s plan…It’s so funny…
    You’re a great writer Vino…amazing and outstanding with lots of imagination…hats off for you. Thanks a lot for this special epi.
    Wish you all the best…and much more incredible epi to come…Your ff really make my days… Thank you and take care 🙂 ✩♡

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Leena… thanks a lot for lovely comment.

  7. Thank you for the special episode..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear arooj…

  8. Congratulations for 50th episode and party also good

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello rifa darl…thanks dear

  9. dancing with bihaan flying In air my god shadz ha ha ha thahaAn forever nice epi

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai anu darling…thanks a lot.

  10. Congratulations for half century keep writing i am very sad about the recent track in tpk,on reading u r ff i got relaxed

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much dear pandiselvi… I like your name.

  11. Congrats on ur 50th episode, you are very dedicated writer. Keep it going.
    Thapki did surprised Bihaan inviting his friends for his bday. She’s so sweet. Very cute couples.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear mala.

  12. Shibil

    Congratulations vino darling u put half century by rotating the pen u kicked the words …..

    OMG !!! i cant beleive myself the party is awesome ….the way u include all the names is amazing …it’s not easy to write but u nailed it …..hatts off to u dear ……dancing with bihaan am flying in air like a bird ;really i Won’t speak with sharadha ……

    Loved the episode ….. U r a good writer ;In future pls publish one book and infrom me ; i am very eager to read a book named by you …ALL THE BEST dr….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much for you lovely comment shibil darl…

  13. Di …. Yipee … Half century complete ….. Congrats for 50 episodes ?????? ..

    Di … The episode was so AWESOME … And when u used my name … I literally blushed like hell …? .. Can’t describe my happiness di ?? …

    Di I love ur ff …❤❤❤ And of course I love u ?? … Now if I describe ur ff journey … It’s just marvellous , stupendous and splendid ?? …

    Di I love u ❤
    Take care ?
    And hope this ff goes on … And on till 100… 150 episodes

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear cutie naitan… t I love you dear.

  14. Navami

    Awesome….dr…dancing with bihan…omg….thanks for creating this superb gift for all thahan fans…lv u vino darl….and congratssss drr….great milestone….i wish you all the very best….take care dr….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear navami… I miss you dear.thanks a lot and I love you too

  15. First of all congrats yaar for the success of 50th part,and thank you for considering was superb yaar…I love it…Iam thankful to the team of TPK because they were the real reason for me to getting such a friend like you.take care dear…god will fulfill your all wishes.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      I am so happy today.thanks a lot.


    Congrats dear….sorry for late comment…woow bihaan lift me…i love u dear…thanks dear add me n all thahaan fans….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai kumutha my dear… thanks a lot and don’t feel sorry.its OK dear.

  17. Sulbi

    Vino darling… congratulations… for 50th episode… wow darl… episode was awsme… i was smiling wide while reading… OMG… i was jumping and dancing with Bihaan… and the hilarious part was i was mixing tablet… and Anchel gave me tablet… oh gosh… lovely dear… am so happy… i love you aloads… muuuuuaaaahhhh… tc dear… and frnds love you all… stay happy 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear sulbi… I love you too dear.

  18. Manish ki deewani

    vino congrats 4 ur 50th episode golden jubli .this part is amazing …omg we all r dancing with bihaan i am so happy after read this i am on seventh sky…..shradha’s part superb bihaan’s friend fail his evil trick ….tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl…thanks a lot my dear friend

  19. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Nice..using our names… Good…luck for more interesting episode …love it

  20. Vinolin.d

    thanks you so much my dear lavanya.

  21. sorry for not commenting on previous….i read it love to read it especially bihan fans as bihan friends… exciting…

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