Crazy love of thahaan (part-43)

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this part is starting from the next day morning thapki takes the baby in her hand.bihaan holds her.they looks at each other.they smiles at each other.they goes about to enters the pandey nivas.suddenly vasu stops them.suman and preethi comes with aarthi plate there.suman and preethi smiles at thapki.
suman: thapki this baby is first grandchild of this house we have to take aarthi for her.
preethi: yes you are right suman. thapki…she is awesome baby for this house.
vasu:OK enough.stop your talking now.give that aarthi plate to me.i am only take aarthi for my grandchild.
suman and preethi nodes at vasu.they smiles.suman and preethi gives aarthi plate to vasu.vasu tooks aarthi for baby.she gets happy.vasu smiles.vasu keeps tilak in baby forhead.she keeps kumkum in thapki forehead.thapki gets glad.
bihaan holds thapki.they enters to pandey nivas.

poonam and krishnakant talks to vasu.
krishnakant:I am so happy today.OK I will come after sometimes.because of aditi was completed master degree studies.she was coming today from Delhi.
poonam tells the same to vasu.
vasu:OK but you are all have to come here always .
krishnakant and poonam nodes at vasu.they goes from pandey nivas.

bihaan and thapki enters to their room.thapki gets surprised to see room.she looks at bihaan.he smiles at thapki.she sees decorations and she sees glitters board in that “welcome my dear beta” she gets happy.they smiles at each other.thapki has baby in her hands.they looks at each other romantically.they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays…..)suddenly baby was cries.they comes out
from eye lock.thapki and bihaan gets shocked seeing baby cries.
bihaan takes that baby from thapki hands.
bihaan:choti…. why are you crying???don’t cry choti… you ate my pet na…
he shakes the baby in his hands.but baby cries.thapki looks at bihaan and baby.
she gets worries about baby.she takes the baby from his hands.bihaan gets worries.
thapki hugs the baby.
thapki:beta… wh… wh… why are you crying???your papa is troubling you??sh… sh… shall we beat him???let’s beat him.
she acts like beat bihaan.bihaan looks on.suddenly the baby was stops smiles at thapki.
thapki gets happy.bihaan gets surprised seeing this.
bihaan:see…it means she likes to beating me.(smiles at baby)
bihaan takes the smiles at bihaan.bihaan keeps his finger on baby’s licks his finger.thapki smiles seeing this cute scene.she gets happy.bihaan smiles at thapki.he takes the baby in his hands.he hugs that girl baby.he kisses the baby forehead.thapki and bihaan gets happy.bihaan makes baby lying in baby smiles at thahaan.bihaan holds thapki.they gets happy.

vasu and balwander thinks to talk with pandit ji for choosing baby name.they looking for the good day for keeping the name for baby.

after few hours bihaan walks to his room.he was hears baby’s crying sound.he runs to his room.he see the baby was cries.he gets tensed.he lifts the baby.he searches for thapki.he says,where she is gone???baby was crying but she didn’t care for baby.he gets angry at thapki.he hugs baby in his chest.he shakes the baby.but baby still cries a lot.he gets worries.he thinks why baby was crying a lot??
is any ant was bite baby?he checks the baby body.but there is no mark.he talks to baby.he takes the small duck toy .he makes baby to lying in his lap.he shows that toy to baby.he press the toy.suddenly bee…beep sound was comes in stops the takes the toy from bihaan’s hand.he consoles baby.bihaan sees baby takes the small duck toy.then his baby starts to sleeps.bihaan smiles at baby.he kisses baby’s forehead.he makes baby to lying on baby bed.he admires his daughter sleeping.

thapki comes to room.bihaan looks at thapki.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you need anything to eat???
bihaan:(looks at her angrily and scolds thapki)where you went??you don’t have any responsible for our baby??she was cries a lot.but thanks god.I came I consoles my baby.
thapki:do… do… don’t get angry bihaan.I went to kitchen for helping maa.
bihaan:do you think this kitchen work is important more than baby? there is suman bhabhi and preethi bhabhi.shraddha bhabhi also there to cook food.they will help to maa. but you are mother for our baby.why are you there like this.
thapki:baby sleeps.then o… o… only I goes to kitchen.
bihaan:see thapki… hereafter you have to care always our baby.this is only your 1st work.
thapki:i… i… I am sorry bihaan. hereafter I won’t leave our child like this.
she becomes sad.bihaan looks at thapki sad face.he gets closes to her.he keeps his hands in her shoulder
bihaan:thapki… I am sorry.I scold you a lot.(thapki turns her face from him.she didn’t say anything.bihaan holds her face)
please I am asking sorry na…
he keeps his hands around her belly.he smiles at her.suddenly thapki looks at him.she smiles slowly at bihaan.bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other.they smiles(na… na…..naa….. plays…)

Sankara thinks to kill kabir.she mixes the poison in food.she takes the food plate in her hands.she smiles.kabir does some work in laptop.she comes to him.she gives food to him.he stops his work.he looks at Sankara.she smiles at him.
Sankara:kabir ji you are having so many work.that’s why I brings food for room.
kabir:but I am not feeling will eat this now.
Sankara:no ji.. I can eat later.its for you only.(shocked)
kabir:no… I don’t want.I am feeing guilty because I ruined your I think to take care of you hereafter. so you have to eat now.
Sankara gets shocked.she didn’t agrees to him.
kabir:why are you getting adamant like baby.OK I can feed food for you.
kabir takes food in his hands.he goes near to her.Sankara gets shocked.she walks backward from him.she says to him,no… I don’t want this food.he walks forward to her.she stucks in wall.she cries.he goes about to feed food.suddenly she takes away his hands from falls from his hands.she shouts.she says its poison food.I won’t eat.kabir laughs at her.
he looks at her angrily.he slaps her hardly in both sticks in her face from kabir’s hand.she holds her cheeks.she cries.
kabir:do you think I am fool??you can’t cheat me.if you tries to do this again I will kill you.he goes from there .Sankara sits in floor.she cries a lot.
vasu and balwander talks to pandit ji. pandit says,tomorrow is very nice you can keep name for baby that day.because of tomorrow is god matarani special day.vasu and balwander smiles.

bihaan informs about his baby to kabir.he gets happy.
vasu arranges party.thapki comes with baby.bihaan and thapki gets happy.Sankara cries seeing thahaan and their baby.kabir gets happy seeing Sankara crying.

hai my dear friends.. I hope you like this track.please do comments. share your comments to me. I love you all guys.

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  1. It’s lovely, thahaan and the baby… cutiee…♡♡
    Bihaan is a good father, great.
    Sankara deserves punishment, but I’m not quite comfortable in seeing or reading any abusive actions, sorry Vino..
    Thank you and tc

  2. Nice episode.

  3. Gajab…

  4. Di first if all I’m really sorry for not commenting on last 3-4 episodes
    I am really really really sorry because of exams I didn’t comment…??
    Di the episode is faboulous , stupendous
    And ur ff is Indescribable …
    The ideas and concepts u bring ???
    That’s the

  5. Loved the episode di …. Can’t describe it ?? in words

    Love u di ??
    Take care ?
    And again really sorry

  6. Sulbi

    Vino darl this was amazing… Thahaan with their cute babies… wish to happen in TPK… tc dear 🙂

  7. Manish ki deewani

    hello vino awsm wala part dear ….

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