“Why did you do this to me laksh ? Why ? I really love you too the core but what you did ? You left me as well as our child! What mistake did this pure soul did ? I have never felt insulted like this in my life before! It’s because of you! I know I was a silly one before but what did you do ? You changed me and made me dependant on you and now! You left me laksh! You left me!” She hissed while she threw her pregnancy test strip which showed positive .


“Hey ragini you know what a new industry have bought this company and the boss wants to meet each and everyone separately ” Riya squealed and continued ,” yeah I have met the boss and you know what he is damn hot!”

Hot! One word is enough for ragini to picture the person who comes to her mind immediately! Her haunted dream! Her incomplete soul! Laksh Maheshwari!

Riya snapped her fingers to gain ragini ‘s attention ,” Its your turn to go now ragini!”

Ragini wiped her tears with her palm and knocked the door of her boss ,” Yes come in!”

She could recognise his voice! After all the person played a important role in her life! . With no sound heard he turned back to see her! His life! Ragini Gadodia! His mistake! His love as well as misery .

Her soul bleed like anything ,” He is a liar! You are in this state because of him!”

Only one word both  could utter ,” Sorry!”

Tadaaaaaaa! New story!

Your votes = Progression of the story

A man who fell out of love while a silly careless girl who falls in head over heel in love with him?

How will their love story starts ?

Her helpful nature versus  his arrogant nature!

Will arrogance wins or love wins ?

Hop into the story to know more!

With love


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