A Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Chanya Part 03

Thanks for all your love and support…lets start the third episode …

“No theres something else..I am 100% sure…hmmm..whom I can ask?? Yess!!!!! Somu di and ishu di..both ofthem will help me..lets see didu..I will find the reason of your weird behaviour ..”Gouri smirked

Next day morning ….

“Today’s the first day of first term..I should go early to school..but what to do..punctuality is not my cup of tea na..mom!!! I am going..getting late..bye!!!”

“Arey Anu have your breakfast ” Mrs.Kapoor screamed

“No mom I am not hungry ..where is gouri..Gouri hurry up..we are getting late..”Anika screamed

“Dii I am coming ..lets go”Gouri came hurriedly

“I have packed your breakfast ..eat them..dont forget” Ms.Kapoor said

“Ok..Mom..we are going..bye”

ABC school…

“Dii my friends are waiting …I am going to class..bye”Gouri said

“Ok ok ..take care” Anika said and looked around to find her two besties Somu and Ishu…She was amazed seeing him with school uniform..She just pinched herself whether to know its a dream or not..”How’s that possible ..he is in my school ..is he haunting me..”Mean while both ishu qnd somu came ..”Hi Anu” they both greeted her but Anu is lost in her thoughts ..”Hey Anu where have you lost” both of them looked at the side which she was looking ..”ohhh..thats what you are looking at Anu..what happened aAnu..since when did you get interested in boys..ah??Ishu asked in a sarcastic voice

“What??whatdid you say??ah when did you both come..I was waiting you..”Anika asked

“Achca actually we both came few minutes ago..but you were busy with looking at someona na”They both giggled “Hi five”

“Hey you guys are blabbering nonsense .its nothing of that..I just was waiting for you guys..if you guys are done with your nonsense ..lets go..we are getting late for our classes “Anika said angrily

“Why are you getting so much angry..we are just joking na..btw Anu do you know him”Somu asked

“Who”?Anika asked
“The boy whom you were looking at..”somu said
“Hey somu I was not looking at him..”she said angrily
“Ok..ok..you didnt look at him earlier na..right..now see him..he is so handsome na..see many girls are looking at him..he is new to this school ..He is Shivay Singh Oberoi..he is a son of Oberoi family which is so popular in business field..her girlfriend will be so lucky to have him..i am sure”

Those words of Somu are echoing in Anika’s ears”he is the same boy whom i met yesterday …who made her shocked and speechless ..why is he after me..whats going on..why I am thinking him..he is such a handsome and famous boy..i cant never become his girlfriend ..never..what??what am i thinking ..i am thinking about being him girlfriend in first sight ..Ani you are going mad?this cant be happened ..see yourself ..you are a tomboy ..you are a chashmish..he wont like you…”Anika is in deep thoughts

“Hey Ani why are you still standing like a statue..kya hua? Did you start falling for him first sight” Ishu asked

“No no..why would I think about him.but i was thinking why did he come to our school ..I mean there are more prestigious schools na which which will suit rich boys like him”Ani said hiding her emotions ..

“Hmmm..thats something worried about really..lets go ..we are getting late”Somu screamed seeing the time

The trio went to their classes …

Precap- Anika meets Shivay again…what will happen?

So done with today’s part..Give me your comments ..All positive and negative comments are warmly welcomed ….

  1. Fenil

    Awesome chappy.
    Late latif Anika wah wah.
    AniIshSomu are friends not bad.loved it.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Chanya

      Thank you so much Bhai…Will update soon…Sorry Bhai I couldn’t make ishu as shivay’s sister..

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  3. Tharu

    Chanu!!!!!!Read all the episodes today u should have told me that started a ff it’s amazing please continue

    1. Chanya

      Hello Akki!!!!!!So sorry I didn’t disturb u thinking that u might be busy with studies na… Thanks for the compliment..Will update soon

  4. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  5. Shabana

    lovelyy chappy
    anika in dilama awwwwwwww
    somo ishu okk but gauri is there tooo
    omm confused and excited for the next part post it asap
    lluv uhh

    1. Chanya

      Actually shab this will be a shivika ff… I don’t think that I will be able to introduce shivay’s brothers…So ishu and somu are Anika’s friends only… Thanks for reading and commenting… Will update soon

  6. Niriha


    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..


    Dear Chanya
    So IshSou Is Anika Friends.Their Talk Is Nice?The Part Is Awesome?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for the compliment dear…Will update soon…

  8. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it… late latif anika… wow ishya bff of anika.. Eagerly waiting for the next part….

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  9. Banita

    Lovly update…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt post soon…

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  10. Hi di ? I wish I could read more but it ended ? update soon di. I’m waiting. Anika, Ishu and Somu’s conversation is superb di. Its very realistic. Where is Om?? he will come in future episodes right di?? ?
    Keep writing di.
    Good luck ?
    Love you so much di ?

    1. Chanya

      Your comment means a lot piyu….Hmm…I will try to introduce him too… Just wait…Love you too sis…Will update soon

  11. Akshaya_13

    Heyy dii….it’s really veeerrryyyy nuce! Update soon na plzzz…..it’s intresting and really y did Shivaay come in a not-so-prestigious school ? Related to ani or what?? Anyway I have a doubt…Anika’s short hair is straight or curly?? Smooth or rough?????

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting…Will update soon…So many mysteries are yet to unfold…Hmm…Just wait…Ok?Ani has a straight smooth hair..If you want to see the real actress who acted in that film check my wall by clicking my name..

  12. Soumya85

    Awesome one di?
    Sooooooo much of suspence I can’t wait to to know the story ?
    Loved it a lot ❤
    Di you can nerve disturb me?I would love when you will send me link or any msg?
    Love you di??

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