Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs) Shot 8 by Marsuu

Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs)
Shot 8:
Recap: crazy gang going to trip.

All the students arrived at their trip destination that is Shimla. They were taking their bags to the rooms in the hotel. In each room there are two students. Kavita was with swara and kavya was with priya in one room while in boys sanskar and laksh in one room whereas sahil and nikil in one. So they had four rooms in total. Girl’s rooms were in front of boys. There were total 30 students who came on the trip. ” okay everyone will meet at 9 pm in the garden for the dinner” the teacher who accompanied them announced. ” okay sir ” all shouted and moved towards their room. ” swara stop” sanskar said as she was about to pick her bag. ” what??” She raised her eyebrows. “I will keep it in your room” sanskar picked her bags leaving his own. ” i will manage” she protested. ” in such matters no arguments ” he said with finality. Swara nodded and they went to her room. ” Will meet in garden ” he said before leaving the room. ” okay” swara bid him bye and take out dress to change.

There was lot of hustle bustle in the garden as all students had gathered for dinner. Crazy gang put their dinner in plates and move towards the corner table. As usual all sat beside their partners. ” guys!!! I want to make an official announcement of some thing very important” laksh said gaining everyone’s attention. ” what??” Nikil asked.
” tonight all are going to sleep with their partners” he said. Girls give him shocking expressions while boys were okay. ” but it’s wrong and sir won’t permit” swara said hesitantly. ” chill yrr we will change the rooms after everyone will sleep” laksh said. ” alright ” kavita said. Kavya and priya nodded in acceptance. Swara was left with no other choice so she nodded her head. Sanskar was all the time observing her expressions. Swara could have denied but she don’t want to spoil the others plan.

” you are done??” Sanskar asked from swara. ” hmm” she nodded. Sanskar smile and pick her plate to throw in the bin. They all move towards the other side of garden which was lonely. They made circle and sat down. ” okay let’s play a game made by me” laksh said. All signed, he is unique piece in their group. ” see let me explain it, one person will come and we will tie this clothe on his or her’s eyes then someone else will come and the person has to guess who came forward” laksh told his newly invented game. ” this will be boring” sahil said. ” aree we can try and if it would be boring then will change the game” nikil said. ” okay done first i will come and let me guess” laksh got up. Nikil tie the clothe on his eyes. ” let’s start” nikil said. Kavita gestured sahil to go. ” so let me see who came” laksh said as he felt someone. ” hmm i know that she is kavya darling” laksh said. ” or may be sanskar” laksh guessed. ” tell one” nikil said. ” okay sanskar final” he said. ” it’s wrong” all shouted. Laksh remove the clothe and make faces seeing sahil. ” you should have given me some hint” he said hitting sahil slightly.
” next i will come ” Sanskar excitely got up.
When he was blindfolded, kavita gesture swara to go. She nervously got up and moved towards the centre. Sanskar stepped close to her. His lips has smirk. Swara was still at her position. When sanskar was very close to her, he picked her hand in his. ” i think it’s someone from girls” sanskar said thoughtfully. Sanskar slowly wrap his arm around her waist. Swara’s breathe hitched when he pull her closer. He lean and inhaled her fragrance. ” sanskar” swara mumble unconsciously breathing heavily. ” i was waiting to listen my name from you” sanskar said and place his lips on her. He softly kissed her for few seconds. All were hooting as it was unexpected. Sanskar remove the clothe and open his eyes only to see blushing swara.
” sanskar you never leave the chance for romance” priya said. ” neverrrrr” he shouted while swara was still feeling shy. He held her hand and they went to their seats. They continue the game and all came one by one.

At midnight, when all slept. Laksh went to kavya’s room while priya went sahil’s room. Sanskar is in his own room. Swara and kavita are sitting when there was knock at the door. Kavita open the door and nikil was standing. ” come nikil” she said. ” swara you are also here” nikil said surprisingly. ” hmm I’m just going” she said picking her mobile.
” bye guys” swara close the door behind. She don’t know how she will sleep in sanskar’s room. It was so strange. Swara unwillingly knock the door and sanskar open it. ” welcome sweetheart” sanskar said winking. He is always so cool, she thought. ” hey guys sorry to interrupt but i forgot my charger” laksh hurriedly enter inside the room. ” okay take” sanskar said. Swara is still near the door. ” well you both can do anything but don’t forget to use protection” laksh shouted before leaving. His words enhanced swara’s nervousness. ” Sanskar came near door and closed it. He look at swara who was fidgeting her fingers. Sanskar smile at her tense expressions. He entangled his fingers with her and move towards the bed.

” so what we are going to do??” He asked. ” i don’t know” swara said instantly. ” are you nervous?” He asked though he know she is.
” hmm i never slept in any boy’s room” she told him the truth. ” relax swara and we are going to watch movie” he said switching onn the tv. They both half lie on the bed.
” Disney princess ” swara exclaimed as the movie started. ” you love it right.?” He asked. ” yes how do you know?” She asked confusedly. ” kavita told me” he told. “Ohh” she reacted. ” you know i love these movies i can watch them non stop for hours, but my mom get angry. At home i used to watch when she was at work..” she was blabbering and sanskar was looking at her in amusement. He never know she can talk this much. ” sorry” she mumble once she realised sanskar was staring her with raised brows. ” why?” He asked. ” swara i want you to be real with me and i would love to listen to your sweet talks so don’t hesitate” he touch her nose with his and she nodded.

Sanskar stretch his arms when the movie ended. Swara’s head is on his shoulder. ” let’s sleep” sanskar said. It’s already 1 at night. Sanskar switch off the tv and lights. Swara is lying on her side. Sanskar look at her and gesture with his hand to come close. Swara blushes and shift closer. He wrap his arm around her and she lie on his chest. It didn’t took long for both of them to sleep in each others arms.

Next Morning;
Sanskar open his eyes as he heard swara’s mobile ringing. ” swara take your phone” he said slowly caressing her hairs. “Hmm” swara lazily open her eyes and the next moment she was sitting as it was shomi’s call. ” mom is calling” swara got up and sanskar again close his eyes. ” yes mom” swara answered the call going to balcony.
” swara how are you?? Were you awake?” Shomi asked. ” yeah mom i just got up” swara said. ” how’s the trip?” She asked. ” good” swara replied. ” i called you to inform that I’m again transferred to delhi so i think we need to shift again” shomi told shocking swara. The first thing that came in swara’s mind was how she is going to leave sanskar. ” but mom now only we came here” she said. ” yeah but i can’t refuse it’s the matter of my job” shomi said. ” i just call to inform, final decision i will tell later. You are understanding na??” Shomi said. ” yeah” swara said. ” okay take rest bye” shomi said. ” bye” swara cut the call and came inside. She saw sanskar sleeping so she silently lie next to him. As soon as sanskar sensed her he hugged her. Swara also lie on his chest and close her eyes listening to his beating heart.
To be continued…..

Precap: sanskar get to know swara is leaving.

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