One fine day
@night in Ragini ‘S room
Rag is lying in the bed with moist eyes remembering her sanskar abt mrng incident
Suddenly she felt a hand encircling her waist
Rag:turns and lost in his eyes
San:kissed her forehead lovingly, yeah I’m okay
Rag : looks at him with teary eyes (for hurting him again knowingly)
San:took her in his embrace, and the both dozed off

After few days, Swaragini finished their studies and Ragini’s multiple plans to stop the marriage is backfired by sanskar ,,

5 days before marriage
Rag in mind I don’t know Wat to do, other than thinking she took her luggage and start to leave
Rag:turns and shocked to see her inner soul
Inner soul:wat r u doing Ragini? Is this correct? For one person u r hurting many? Wat they will think about u
Rag:its not abt number of person, it’s abt importance of person in our life, I can’t live with guilt throughout my life by snatching my sister happiness ..all will understand me
Inner soul:then Wat abt ur sanskar? Don’t u love him? Do you think he will marry swara
Rag:it will happen, once I have gone from his life, he started to live his life
Inner soul”:in ur dreams only, he loves you alot, u know it..u r selfish Ragini,u r hurting everyone only becaz u cant live with guilt
Rag:plz don’t confuse me ,u just go away ,,she cries

When she starts to leave, swara who has came to kitchen to drink water and hided herself
Swara in mind OMG ragini is leaving ,then I will marry my sanskar but where she will live,she worries but she consoles herself that she should focus only on her goal…. She smiles happily and went to her room

As soon as Ragini entered the hall, her gaze fell on the photo frame, she carcasses everyone’s face affectionately and leaves

When she opened the door, shocked to see sanskar there with teary eyes
San:where r u leaving (in chocked voice)
Rag:its none of ur business (without looking at him)
San:angrily shouts it’s my business only, do u forget v already got married
Rag: but it happened without my will
San:(got very much angry) holds her shoulder tightly and pinned her to the nearby wall, y r u doing like this, I tried all the way now I’m fed up with ur stupidity, tell me the truth, he holds her harshly, with high tone, DONT U LOVE ME
rag:cries by feeling pain in her shoulder becaz of him and also in her heart
San:immediately left her by looking at her tears and angrily bangs his hand against the wall continuously until his anger vanishes
Rag:worries and holds his hand but sanskar doesn’t mind it and continuously did it and blood started to ooze And frustratedly fell on his knees

Rag:immediately bent down and wrapped his hand with her pallu
Both had a painful eye lock
San:jerks his hand and holds her wrist,and pushed her a little, in muffled voice, u want to leave right, go, go from here, I will not stop u, but don’t think I will marry swara or sumother girl in my life, I love you only ,this sanskar will live for his Ragini and die for his Ragini
Rag:teary eyes, looks at him and his hand, where blood is continuously coming (her heart pains more and more)
San:y r u still standing?? ,go and live ur life
Rag starts to move with fumbled steps with teary eyes and her sanskar words are continuously echoing in her ears, she turns at him
San:immediately turns opposite side by showing his back

Rag:cries more and forgets everything and run towards him and back hugs him tightly in cracked voice
I’m sorry I’m sorry plz forgive me ,sobs
San:simply stands with expressionless face
Rag:goes in front him and kissed his face fully and wrapped his hurt hand with her pallu ..
San:jerks again, plz Ragini don’t again give me hope,, I’m scared of ur mood swings
Rag:before he completes, I love you truly madly deeply since my childhood, by saying she hugs him tightly
San became numb and happy tears starts to come on his eyes, hugs her back tightly
Both were lost ,after few minutes break the hug
San :immediately placed her hand in his head, like a kid, u won’t Leave me na
Rag:nods as yes and again hugs him

@ragini room
Ragini started applying ointment in sanskar hand
Rag:i hurted u alot
San :but u can give a medicine for it
San:points his lips
Rag:blushes and stand to leave
San:holds and pulls her, rag falls on him.. He started kissing her passionately ,both fell over the bed, Ragini hugs him blushingly after breaking their kiss
After few minutes
San kissed on her forehead and looks at her sleeping face, in his mind I never thought swara will do lik this ,my ragu has gone through much pain because of her but to me she(swara) acted like, she sacrificed her life for us, he again looked at his Ragini and kissed on her nose and slept

Through phone
mahi:nowadays u r very much happy
Laksh:sanskar marriage is within 4 days, that’s y
Mahi:r u happy for that or are you happy that u r going to get ur swara
Laksh :blushes and complains
Mahi:Smiles widely,, kk Sry by saying she cuts the call

@ragini’s room

Ragsan were shown who r sleeping with hugging each other tightly

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