rag goes to open the door but sanskar holds her hand
San:(in chocked voice) u didn’t answer my question till yet
Rag:i can’t answer for ur hallucinatory questions by saying she jerks her hand from his and goes towards the door
San :immediately pulled her and tightens his grip on her waist,, ANGRILY Y U CRIED?
rag:tries to escape from his hold, ,but the more she tries more he tighten his grip
Again door knock
San :tell me fast
Rag:pushes him by using her strength, ya I cried yesterday it’s all because of u, because of ur illusion that I’m in love with you but the truth is I hate u, ,I hate you too the core, I hate you from bottom of my heart(said angrily)

San was numb
Rag:is it clear now by saying again goes
But this time sanskar holds her and pinned her to the wall
Rag:leave me
San:nods as no

Rag:i will shout (annoyingly)
San smiles and kissed on her cheek
Rag:heart skips for a beat ,she stops struggling and look into his eyes, both looks at each other lovingly
San goes close towards her,, rag closed her eyes when his hot breath touches her ear
San:in her ear huskily u r eyes r proving ,, you love me alot, ,
Rag jerks and looks at him

San looks at her lovingly ,she looked down not able to meet his eyes ,
San smiles and placed a finger on her chin
Continuous Door knock

San frustratedly :y they are disturbing us by saying he went and opened the door
Suj:immediately holds his ears and pinches it
San:screams ma ma it’s paining
Suj:leaves him and looks at him
San:Rubbing his ear, now y r u glaring at me like this
Suj:angrily don’t u know, K leave, I came here to talk to my daughter in law
Suj:hugs Ragini, Im very happy beta
Both break the hug

Suj:sanskar told everything to us, I was very happy and u did all the things to swara, no one can do like this, really I’m proud of you, and u don’t wry v all spoke with swara, she also understood
Rag :feels bad for swara and her last sentence makes her to remember yesterday incident with her
All r sitted together
Ram:im very happy, at last our wish came true but legally v will do marriage after her studies
Janaki :but Bhaiya she is finishing her studies next month only
Shekram:its k

Suj:i too agree with them
San smiles happily but his smile vanishes by seeing laksh who is sitting lifelessly
San holds his hand
Laksh looks at him
San:swara will understand u,, don’t worry,
Laksh nods unwillingly

Rag who saw this feels bad for laksh but when her gaze went to swara, in mind i don’t know Wat to do, Wat am I doing is right or wrong but swara loves sanskar alot and laksh, I’m feeling bad for him too

Her thoughts got disturbed by sanskar
San:k I will drop Ragini today
Shek:k u itself drop swaragini
San:wat uncle? I want to spend some time with my wife, he pouts, calls laksh
San:u drop swara (he winks)
Jan:my dear son in law if you want to spent some time with ur wife, u can take her outing, permission granted
San 😮 my aunty only will understand me
Swara was angryily fisting her hand
Rag:but ma today important practicals is there
San face fell

Jan :but beta
San:its k aunty v will go at some other day
When the four about to go
Sujjan:(together) Ragini u didn’t fill ur sindhoor
Rag:sry ma/aunty I forget it by saying she goes but sanskar holds her hand
San:i will fill it ,He went and bring sindhoor box in his hand
Shekjan sujram giggles
San:when he abt to fill her hairline

Swara stops him by holding his hand and all looks on
Swara with fake smile Sry don’t mistake, even I’m very happy to see u both but in college, no one knows about ur marriage and if she cums like this it won’t b good, and Didi (she stressed) will feel embarrassing that’s y
Ram:ya Wat swara told is right only
San unwillingly nods
All went

In car
San:do u really have important class
San:k let me check by saying he calls karan
Hello karan
Rag eyes widened

Karan:hello sanskar
San:is there any important class today
Karan:nope but y
San:interrupts him k thank you I will call u later by saying he cuts
Rag:see important class is not der but I have to go to college to return the book to library
San smirks better luck next time dear
By saying he drives fastly
In swalak car
Swara:notices laksh who is very dull and silent too

Swara:wat happened laksh, y r u
Swara:nothing I know laksh, u r disappointed na, I know how much u love Ragini, how much u use to go behind her during our childhood, I can understand ur pain
Laksh:angrily just stop this nonsense swara

Swara :??
Laksh:ya I’m in love but not with Ragini, with u swara, with u, I love you since my childhood, I did all the things to make u jealous, I always use to fight with you, i love to tease you, I love you plz

Swara :feels bad for him and hugs him for consoling (friendly hug)
Laksh:break the hug and cups her face, do u love me
Swara:nods as no Sry Laksh I like u but I never thought u in that way plz forgive me and tries to forget me because I will never b urs by saying she went
Lak cries badly

Swara searches all over the college but didn’t find Ragini, and she called her
Rag phone rings
San immediately snatches it before she attends it

San:swara she is with me, she is not coming today by saying he cuts it before she could question further

San:k v cam
San:blushes first time v cam together after marriage so
Rag:glares at him
San:holds her hand and both prays to Krishna idol
San:admires rag who is praying to god cutely with closed eye ,he immediately filled her hairline with sindoor

Rag jerks and opened her eyes
San:smiles I have rights and mrng whatever swara said is correct but my heart is not accepting it ,pouts

An ragsan roamed all over the city even though Ragini loved to be with him, through out the journey acted like she doesn’t
@evening in car
San:do u know Ragini how happy I’m today
Rag:turns at window side, acting like she doesn’t like to talk with him
San:stops the car, and ask her to cum
Rag eyes widened to see the house
San:pats her shoulder, cum it’s our house only, do u remember it
Rag immediately nods as no
San smiles widely by understanding her lie

During their 8 th std of swaragini and 11 std of sanlak
Swara:y Ragini u r always drawing this house
Rag:i don’t know Swara, I want to built this type of house, imagine a house in middle which is surrounded by garden where u get all vegetables and also flowers which is adding beauty to this house and in side path a small pond where ducks r playing, It would be awesome
Laksh:who heared there conversation, enter there awesome ragini, u don’t wry I will built a house like this in future especially for u
Swara:ssarcastically only in dreams

Laksh:glared her u don’t wry my ragu dear she is jealous
Swara angrily goes I’m not jealous stupid
Laksh:yeh where r u going, wait, ragu I will be back
By saying he runs behind swara
Rag smiles and looked at the house (San is hearing all this by leaning on the wall)
Fb ends

Rag:y r u smiling
San:for ur lie
Rag:how do u know abt this house
San:enough of ur question, now cum by saying he drags her and shows each and every corner of the house,, how is my marriage gift wife and every weekend v will cum here
Rag feels happy inside by sensing his pure love and also feels guilty
San:cum I will show you some thing by saying he drags her
Rag eyes widened by seeing a room with full of Ragini’s childhood pictures along with her family
Her heart pains more and more by seeing his pure love
San goes behind to her :huskily in her ear do u like it
Rag couldn’t hold anymore she immediately pushed him and ran to the car
San who doesn’t understand her act, follow her
San:ragu Wat happen
Rag:without seeing him I want to go to home, by saying she enters into the car
Without giving him a chance to speak
San got very much angry and he frustratedly bangs the car and star to drive it very fastly

Rag :scared slow down

San increases the speed wantedly (he is in anger)
Rag:scared to hell tears starts to coming from her cheek, holds his hand sanskar plz plz stop it I’m scared she cries But sanskar is going in full range without seeing her when her tears fell on his hands
San turns and who saw her eyes felt bad and immediately stops it
San immediately hugs her tightly… Sry Sry Ragini I didn’t did it intentionally, u know abt me, I got angry I lost my control plz forgive me, I won’t do it again.. Plz don’t cry, I can’t able to see ur tears that too becaz of me (his throat chocked)
Rag felt bad and break the hug and cupped his face, plz don’t cry I’m alright sanskar
San nods

Ragsan were silent throughout the journey ,when they reached Ragini’s home
Rag looks at him when he stopped the car
Rag:felt bad by seeing his sad face
Rag:im going to leave
San simply nods (he is in guilt for making her cry)

Rag:im leaving (again)
Rag:that house is nice
San smiles widely and looks at her Lovingly
Rag:nervously bye
San :holds her hand in order to stop her from going, locked her lips with his
Rag eyes widened and looked at him whose eyes r closed
Rag being lost closed her eyes and started responding to his kiss

San immediately opened his eyes and widens and started to hit on her shoulder (playfully)
Rag:breaks the kiss and looks at him while rubbing her shoulder
San:pouts u also did the same thing when I kissed u first time
Rag gets his point and feel embarrassed and get out of the car immediately
San too came out,, love u wifey by saying he gives flying kisses
Rag gives angry glare to him and turns and blushes
Swara who is watching them in balcony glared them angrily

Laksh orders hot drinks and remembers swara words and nervously holds the bottle

Hope u like it, guys I had fever and also got struck with work that’s why late,, Sry

Mk:r u happy ?at last I posted,

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