San teasingly goes towards her
Rag feels nervous, she start to walk backwards for his every step
Rag:stammers don’t dare to cum near to me
San:raises his eye brow ,again starts his steps to further
Rag mistakenly got hit by a bed and fell on the bed
San who tries to hold her, loses his balance and fall over her…
Both had a cute eye lock
San:touches her cheek lovingly with his thumb, Ragini closed her eyes feeling his love
San goes close towards her and kissed on her forehead and give a trial of kisses on her cheek to ear lobe
Rag clutches her Saree tightly
San:huskily (in her ear) I know u love me
Rag got sense, suddenly pushed him and tries to leave

But San holds her hand in a Nick of time by sitting in a bed with Ragini standing straight towards him showing her back side
Rag:stammers leave me
San:y baby
Rag:plz try to understand
san:smiles k u didn’t love me right
San:leavs her hand and came in front of her ,u have to answer me now
San:whenever I cam near to u, touches u, y r u feeling nervous or v can say as he acts like thinking blush, y ragu but when karan came, ur reaction is OMG(HE gives shocked expression)
Rag:turns opposite side not able to face him
San smiles and back hugs her :i want answer my dear Ragini sanskar
San:smiles wider by seeing something and immediately break the hug and goes towards it and showed it to Ragini
San:i broken this toy but now it is United, how Ragini
Rag:i only did it, I like this toy that’s it
San:u like this toy or ME
Rag:looks on
San:becaz afterall it’s my first presentation to u,,cupped her face, u r thinking in a wrong way, v will make her(swara) understand,u should organize her to go in a good path but instead of it u itself going along with her in a stupid path
Rag eyes become moist
San nods as no, entire night is there, u think Ragini, I will cum tmrw, u tell ur decision, I hope it will be positive only by saying he kissed on her forehead lovingly
San:gud n8 dear By saying he went to the room door but again came back and hugged her tightly
San:dont forget this idiot love you alot
Rag feels bad by seeing his pure love

As soon as he left, she started to cry by thinking about him and immediately went to the mirror and admire her sindhoor and mangalsutra with his name
She smiles with teary eyes

Her eyes got widened by seeing swara behind her with angry glare
Rag:swara when did u came
Swara:wah Wat a acting Ragini, I never seen a girl like you ,u married him even though after knowing my love towards him
To me u acted like that I’m everything to u nu
And to our family Sry Sry to MY FAMILY, I forgot u r a orphan, u acted that u scarifed ur life for me nu
And at last married him
Rag feels bad swara don’t u believe me
Swara:who r u to me to believe u.. I hate u Ragini
Rag :swara
Swara:dont dare to tell my name in ur mouth, u betrayed me, I will cry through out my life by thinking of my sanskar but u wat u will do?? U will live happily with him
Rag:plz believe me
Swara:after doing this much things also, u want me to believe u, do u think I’m mad ..k let it be, do something which will make me to trust you
Rag: will do whatever u sayt
Swara:i want to marry my sanskar for that u have to divorce him
Rag became numb
Swara:shouts Wat will u do or not
Rag:nods by bitting her lower lip to control her sobs

@ragini’s home
Suj:wat happened beta, u came this much early
San:smiles time is 7.00am aunty and I want to c my wife by saying he went to her room without speaking further
Sun smiles happily

@ragini’s room
As soon as he went to room, shocked to see Ragini who has just came after shower
Rag:y r u looking at me like this
San stammers did u cry
Rag, :suddenly turns her face, y should I cry, u r over thinking
San became worried and goes towards her and cupped her face
His heart pains more by seeing her puffy eyes, he gently kissed on her both eyes and pulled into a hug

San in cracking voice plz share it with me, y r u troubling urself
Rag:closed her eyes tightly
Rag forgets all her pain and tries to hug him back but got disturbed by a door knock
Both break the hug and looks at each other

Hope u like it
Happy to c ur comments guys
And this ff wwill have lots of twist and turns but don’t worry it’s a RAGSAN ff only

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