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Rag:is laughing continously By seeing ayush and sanskar
San:wat is happening here?
San:u and ur son became one side na..and u,ayush ??
San:cant i sleep on mumma’s (rag) lap?
Ayush:nods as no u also mumma side
Ayush smiles

San:k u both enjoy leaving
Rag and ayush make a pout
San:its not going to wrk..he starts to leave with fake anger by saying no one likes me
Ayush:pa …pa (he shows his both hands asking him to lift)
San:smiles and lifts him
Ayush smiles and kisses his cheek by encircling his small hands around his neck
San:it means u love pappa na
San:then pappa can sleep in mumma”s lap na
Ayush:immediately nods as no and goes to ragini and sits on her lap

Rag again burst into laughter
San:i think he is more possessive abt u than me
Rag kisses ayush head and nods

San:janu still uncle is drinking ?u know it
Janaki:wat?(glance at shekar)
Shek:no no its a lie
San:u will know it when u will drink bisleri water in refrigreter
Shek:no no (shouts and goes infront of the fridge)
San:k janu ..bye v r getting late ..bye uncle by saying all went
Ragsan giggles at the door end when they hear their funny fight

Rag:u shouldnt did it..feeling pity of my dad
San:dont wry they will patch up within a minute..and moreover wat he did is wrong? My janu is doing all this for his health.
Rag nods

Both were shown
San smiles by seeing ayush who is sleeping by hugging eachother

He goes towards the balcony and enjoys the view
Suddenly a hand encircle around his waist
San:smiles widely and took the hand infront and kissed it…didnt sleep?
San turns and looked at the bed where ayush is sleeping peacefully while pillows were arranged on his two sides to prevent frm falling
Rag:r u jealous?
San:(raises his eyebrow)y would i?soon my angel will cum to me..i will happy with her
San:my daughter
San:she will b my side only…

Rag:when did u start loving me
San:even i dont know
Rag:atleast when u realized
San:nods as dont know
Rag:wat is this sanskar?(annoyingly)..i told when i started/realizing my love and all but u
San:seriously i dont know
Rag:k gud feeling sleepy
San smiles inside
Rag :goes and again came back after few steps..which u hate in me?

San:do u really want me to answer it?
San:ur eyes
San:dont know..but i didnt lik it

Rag:which u love in me?(in mind my eyes only na i know u r playing with me..)
San:(acts lik thinking
Rag:in mind y he is thinking lik this
San:may b ur innocence(doubtfully)
Rag:wat??”may b” wat it implies
San:i mean i think so
Rag,:(got angry)gud n8 and goes towards the bed and slept

Infron of mirror
Rag:my eyes iz good only..but y he hating it..many says love starts at eyes..but he ..hates my eyes Itself (pouts)

Mahi:wat happen didi
Rag:(blurred out) u say my eyes r good only na
Mahi laughs widely
Rag:it means my eyes r bad
Mahi:no no didi(she controls her laughter)i was thinking u both r still kid
Rag pouts..u will understand oly when laksh say this to u
Mahi gets into thinking

@evening @mahilak room
Mahi is arranging cupboard..lak hugs her from behind
Mahi:when did u came
Lak:now only…where is viren(mahilak baby)
Mahi:he is with Suja aunty
Lak:i missed u today badly by saying he kissed on her cheek
Mahi blushes (both were shown hugging each other.)

Mahi:which u love/hate in me?
Lak:(smiles at her question)i love all in u…especially ur nature..
Mahi:smiles widely ..hate?
Lak:thinks for a while..u r little obese..i mean moti..(tease her)
Mahi:wat??she immediately break the hug and hit him on his chest..
Lak:ouch..u only asked(pouts)
Mahi:all men r same by saying she went from the place little annoyingly
Lak burst into laughter by seeing her reaction

Rag:where is ayush?
San:he is sleeping with mumma
Rag:nods and went towards the bed…
San smiles and follows her
Rag:sleep in one corner of bed by showing her back to him
San:still angry?
Rag:didnt reply.

San:someone told me v shouldnt forget to follow our daily routines
Rag:didnt reply
San:did u sleep?
Rag:im feeling sleep sanskar..let me sleep before she says furthur her throat became dry when senses his lips on her bareback
Rag:stammers sans sa …sanskar

San:smiles and goes towards her ear…
Rag hearts thumps more when she senses his hot breath
San:(huskily)dont u want to know y i hate ur eyes?by saying he bites her earlobe
Rag:turns towards him(rag is on bed,san is on her)
Both had a deep eye lock
San:smiles and goes closely towards her ear
Rag closes her eyes by feeling his hot breath

Hope u lik it
Hope i didnt bore u

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