Leap of 1 wk….
@mahilak room
Lak:im sry ,i shouldnt hide it frm u but i dont know wat to do
Mahi:(cuts him)exactly u dont know anything
Lak:goes towards her and holds her hand,im sry plz talk to me..Im regretting of it
Mahi:if u said to me at that time itself..v all didnt gone through this much pain laksh…have u seen how sanskar was???if v cam to know b4 itself v might give her emotional support to her but instead of it
Lak:(in cracking voice)i didnt think in that way
Mahi:cupz his face,i know u didnt did it intentionally,but k leave it by god’s grace everything ends in good
Lak:nods..but i think sanskar is still angry on ragini?will u speak to sanskar
Mahi:no laksh..u itself know how much they love each other?let us give them some time..
Lak:if he didnt forgive her??
Mahi:me and swara will speak to smile baby..
Lak :smiles a bit and hugs her,i dont know wat i will b without u
Mahi:hugs him tight …

@ragsan room
San is playing with two babies…
Rag is smiling and looking at him..when he senses her gaze,immediately left the room (by placing his baby in toddler and went along with mahilak baby)
Rag eyes become moist
Rag looks at sanskar who is sleeping in a couch since she discharged frm hospital
Rag in mind:plz talk to me..u r near to me but still im missing u badly…
Days r moving like this ..sanskar not even utter a single word to her..they r living like a strangers in the room..ragini is crying badly by his sudden changed behaviour..eventhough she tries to speak to him..he avoids her…

One fine day @ragsan room
As soon as sanskar enters the room
Rag:sanskar plz talk to me. Im dying here
San:without giving her a glance ,he goes towards the couch to sleep
Rag:holds his wrist,(cries)atleast scold me ,dont b like this..dont kill me with ur ignorance
San:u already killed me ragini.
Rag:cries more
San:i want to liv my rest of life lik this…u be happy..
Rag:(in cracking voice)plz dont speak like this..i know i did mistake..but i did it FOR UR LIFE….
San:(gets angry and immediately holds her shoulder)dare to say u did it for my life..i thought not to speak but u r making…u will never understand me and my u know how much pain/hurt i went through ,when u r in hospital?? 7 months u hided a big truth from me..u were in pain at that time but i was enjoying my fatherhood time, without supporting u..this itself making me go through…(cries)u wont understand it…
Rag cries nods as no
San:and that letter ,u want me to marry again???do u really think i can love another women?? If anything happens to me,r u ready to marry again?
Rag:shouts sanskar
San:wat ragini?is it hurting and then for me…(cries)plz ragini..let us b like this itself..i dont want any relationship(finds difficult to complete it)
Rag:cries and immediately hugs him tightly..plz dont complete it..
San:(cries)but tries to push her from a hug
Rag :who senses his move ,tightens her grip..the more sanskar tries and the more she tightens one point sanskar being lost and hugs her back…
Rag::closes her eyes whe she senses his hand on her waist..
Both were shown hugging each other…
After few seconds
San came to sense and break the hug..
Both look into eachother..san tries to leave..
Rag:holds his wrist …
San:do u really love me???
San:when ever u get the chance to go away frm me..u r using it without any delay(fb shows how sanskar pushed her to marry him and her elope during marriage and swara’s thing whe he went to police station but she told him to marry swara and everything and atlast hospital scene)
San smiles sarcastically and left the room
rag became numb and continously tears are flowing from her eyes

@1.00am (midnight)
San purposefully came to his room late,as he didnt want to do another argument with her..but to his shock..he saw her sitting in the bed like a statue..
San:(heart pains more by seeing her like that) but without giving a glance goes to the couch..and tries to sleep…
After 20 min
San:slowly opened his eyes when he hears baby’s crying sound…and saw ragini who is still in same position like a statue..
San widens his eyes and goes towards herand pats her
Rag:(happily)sanskar(looks at him with moist eyes)
Rag:immediately turns and goes towards the baby and pats him..
Rag looks at him by patting baby ,both had a painful eye lock..sanskar breaks it and goes to the couch to sleep.

After 30 min
Rag is shown …still sitting being lost with continous tears flowing from his eyes..
San:pats her
Rag:looks at him and immediately goes towards the baby…(looks baby and sanskar)
Rag:baby is not crying sanskar …
San:cries and immediately pulled her into a bone crushing hug…
San:hugs her tightly ..
Rag became numb

Hope u like it
Happy to c ur comments

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