Shot 35
Leap of 3 months
Rag to herself Wat happen to my health.. I always getting vomiting and giddiness, she thinks for a while, these are the same symptoms which mahi said….it means am I pregnant? she smiles widely no Ragini wat if it’s a just food poison..any way conclude it by consulting a doctor….

After few minutes.. Mahi and Ragini went for mahi’s regular check up
Mahi:Wat happened Didi.. U r nervous
Rag:tells abt her doubt
Mahi smiles widely and hugs her happily.. Don’t worry v will consult it

Leap of 3 days @midnight
Ragsan were shown sleeping by hugging.. Sanskar it’s desperately Cing the clock, when it showed 12.00am

San:smiles kissed on her cheek and in her ear huskily happy first year anniversary wifey
rag smiles in sleep and sanskar admires her
suddenly alarm rings……
Rag immediately woke up with jerk
Rag hugs him tightly by saying Happy Anniversary hubby
San smiles and wishes her the same and kissed on her shoulder ..i have a gift for u
Rag:i have too
San:breaks the hug really
Rag:nods ..u will love it beyond the level
San:raises her eyebrow. …but beyond the level I love you only by saying he nuzzles her neck
Rag :closed her eyes but suddenly hits him.. Don’t divert me (Little bit angrily)
San:kk give ur gift. Rag:nope first u give
San:smiles and give her big wrapped gift…
Rag:suprised and opens it eagerly.. Her eyes widened when she saw ragsan picture in it (big frame where Ragini and sanskar r looking at each other while joining their foreheads)
San:do u like it ??his sentence left in middle when Ragini hugs him tightly by saying awesome
San:k now give my gift
Rag:blushes and holds his hand lovingly..both had a deep eye lock and slowly she placed his hand on her waist… Here is ur gift.. Our love
San:(widens) r u serious
Rag:nods smilingly with moist eyes
San:pulled her into a bone crushing hug
Both smiles widely with happy tears….
After few minutes
san:im very excited.. Cum now itself v will tell to everyone (he stands)
Rag:everyone know it…
Rag:nods (fb shows laksh Cam to hospital to enquire about mahi health but when he entered got surprised /happy to know that Ragini got pregnant.. Even though rag/mahi told him not to tell to anyone he confessed it to all family members being excited)
San:nods sadly
Rag:cupped his face wat happen now
San:im the last person to know it na
San:its k
Rag:i thought to give you suprise, that’s y I hide it for 3 days I’m Sry
San:hey I’m k leave it by saying he starts to sleep
Rag:(knows he is little bit upset) back hugs him ..kissed on his cheek.. Our champ is asking U to forgive her mom
san:her words make his heart flutters in joy, immediately turns towards her …but I need princess
Rag:acts like thinking k as u wish dear
San:sry by saying he kissed on her forehead.. He goes little down and kissed on her waist..
Rag blushes
San:again kissed on her forehead and then on her waist (lik this 3/4 times he did)
Rag:sanskar stop it
san:y should I? I’m loving my wife and my princess.. No one have the rights to stop me…
Rag:before he completes locked his lips with hers and started kissing him passionately
San:smiles in between the kiss and pulls blanket over them

Leap of 3 months
Now mahi is 7 month pregnant and Ragini is in her 3 rd month pregnancy
Rag is holding the tears
Laksh:wat doctor said Rag:nothing .everything is normal only
Lak nods

@ragsan room at night
As soon as sanskar enters into the room.. Saw her standing in balcony showing her back
San:smiles and slowly goes towards her and back hugs her
Rag:immediately wipes her tears when she senses him
San:sry wifey..i was not able to accompany u for ur check up.. Sry is our princess
Rag:nods by biting her lips in order to prevent her tears
San:im asking you something by saying he turns her.. In cracking voice Wat happened y ur face is very dull
Rag:(acts as nothing) fakely smiles I’m tried
San:carried her immediately and placed her on bed.. U need rest. .sleep well by saying starts to leave
Rag:holds his wrist b with me
San:smiles and slept beside her by taking her in his embrace
Rag :in mind I’m Sry for hiding it to u but I have to do it ..gribs his waist tightly

Hope you like it

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