Both were shown.. Rag is playing with his shirt button on lying on his chest… Sanskar is playing with her hair strands.. ..
San:huskily Ragini
San:today I’m feeling like I’m the happiest man in the world..
Rag:looks at him by placing her chin on his chest
San:u r completely mine (smiles widely) this feeling makes me something.. I don’t know how to convey it
Rag blushes and goes little up and cups his face
Rag:pecks his forehead lovingly.. No need to convey
Rag:i can understand it because im also feeling the same thing
Rag blushes and hugs him

Rag:(fake angrily) where did you went? ??
San:back hugs her o my wifey missed me
San:i have a gift for u
Rag :(surprised) really
Rag:turns towards him and shows her palm (that he will give)
San:i can’t give because u will only c this gift
Rag:??sanskar Wat r u (her sentence left in middle and her eyes became moist when he pulled his shirt slightly to show HER NAME in his chest)
San:do u like it
Rag:became teary and hugs him tightly cracking voice y u did it?
rag:is it paining?who told you to do it
San:pouts this is not fair… U can show ur love but I shouldn’t do na (complains)
Rag:breaks the hug..but
San:wipes her tears.. Actually I use to think it’s totally bad but when I do it for u, do u know how much my heart flutters… Acts as thinking.. In ur language v can say happy pain (teases her)
Rag:hits him and carcasses her name on his chest with moist eyes and looks at him.. Both had a deep eye lock
San:huskily I love you Ragini
Rag:tiptoed covered his lips with hers
San widened by sudden kiss at first but later started responding to it by holding her waist tightly in order to prevent her from falling…
After few minutes both break their kiss and joined their foreheads and smiles widely with closed eyes…..

@next day
Ragsan is doing shopping for their family members
Rag:(wrdly) but according to them v cam for office issue na
San:dont wry mom will look over it.. Now u buy whatever you want for our family.
Rag nods happily
When they r doing shopping one guy came to Ragini and hugs her
Rag smiles widely and hugs him back
Guy:i missed you ragu how are you
Rag:me too dude
Guy:immediately break the hug and turns his face fak annoyingly
Rag:wat happen Viren
Viren:after college u not even contacted me.. U forgot me totally.. U didn’t even call for ur marriage .few days before only I came to know it
Rag:sry yaar but Wat should I do? No one knows anything about u.. u suddenly disappeared
Viren:its long story I will tell you later …by the way where is ur hubby
Rag:introduced sanskar to him and both started speaking to them by forgetting sanskar
After few minutes
Rag:viren will you join with us for lunch
Viren nods happily

@evening in hotel room
San:started reading magazine
Rag:(excitingly) do you know how much happy I’m? He is my best friend like Karan ….she started saying abt Everything about him…
San Acts like reading not even paying attention to her
Rag:wat happen? I’m speaking to you only
San:im reading (sternly)
Rag:goes and sit beside him and holds his hand affectionately Wat happen
San:i know u r excited by seeing him after many months but… (stops)
Rag:eyes him to continue
San:i know u love me unconditionally but (again stops)
San:my heart doesn’t accept whenever you praises him and today in mall u totally forgot me
Rag :smiles inside (to tease him) she immediately sits on his lap.. So Mr sanskar is possessive
San:ofcourse I’m
Rag:encirles her hand around her neck, I forgot to say one thing… He proposed me during my college time
Rag:pouts but I rejected him
San:narrows his eyes…
Rag :i think I did a mistake at that time by rejecting his proposal (dramatically)
San:o go to viren itself.. I didn’t care.. Even I have many girls in my line by saying he starts to leave (annoys)
Rag:holds his wrist …but for that u have to give my heart na
San:looks at her
Rag:smiles widely when I have ur heart how will you go to other girls
San:pulled her on him wat it means
Rag:dont u know (both had eye lock)
San:bites her cheek
Rag moans
San:ur punishment for teasing me
Rag blushes and hugs him tightly
San:kissed on her shoulder and started caressing her waist
Rag clutches his shoulder
San immediately carried her towards the bed.. Rag started blushing profusely
After few minutes
Both were shown under blanket
Rag:im sry
Rag :i got excited by seeing viren that’s y I didn’t talk to u
San:ssshh by placing his finger on her lips
I know it.. No Need to explain
Rag smiles and hugs him tightly

@next day
San:i don’t want to go to India..
Rag smiles hurry up v will miss the flight
San:this place and this city contains our cute moments
Rag nods happily
Both smiles and headed to India

Done Hope u like it
Guys seriously no ideas r popping in my mind.. That’s y I m late this time.. Shall I end it in two episodes

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