Ragsan were shown hugging each other with closed eyes. …..
Rag:suddenly breaks the hug and turns opposite side (fake angrily)
San:back hugs her ,,now Wat happen?
Rag:u didn’t complement abt my gift? Pouts
San:makes her turn towards him and holds her hand and started carcassing his name on her hand lovingly….. He kissed over it.. …
Rag:blushes and lowered her head
San:i too want to experience a HAPPY PAIN
rag:looks at him
San:by doing karvachauth for my wife
San:sshh he placed his finger on her lips, when u r ready to do it for me.. Y can’t i??u r doing it for my long life/happiness na?
Rag nods
San:its depends on u only.. My life /happiness lies on u only.. So I’m going to do this fasting for my wife long live /happiness
Rag hugs him with moist eyes….

Leap of one month
All r sitted for breakfast.. …
Mahi and Ragini are serving them…..
Lak:saw mahi face is dull…wat happen mahi
Mahi nods as nothing
Rag:im also asking frm she woke up.. She is not telling to me laksh
Suj:wat happen beta
Mahi:nothing ma..
San:all r asking na mahi.. Tell.
Mahi:im having vomiting sensation since mrng.. I’m feeling little bit tired
San immediately make her sit
Rag/lak:u should tell to us b4 itself na
Mahi:i thought I will be k but (while talking she faints on the table)
Laksh :(shouts) mahi
All r widened

After few minutes
@mahilak room
As soon as mahi opened her eyes
Lak smiles with moist eyes and hugs her tightly
Mahi:laksh Wat happen
Lak:do u really want to know (teases)
Lak:mumma how is your tiredness? (imitates lik a kid)
Lak:soon our baby will come and call u like this
Mahi:chuckles at first and her eyes got widened and immediately hugs him ….
Lak:kissed on her head affectionately
Mahi smiles widely (fb shows where doctor came and checked her and told that she is pregnant)
All together entered into the room and congrats them happily …..

All were super duper happy…
Rag :(excitingly) OMG soon a small cute baby is going to cum… He is going to call me badima.. O it will be cute… (to mahi) hereafter u shouldn’t do any work..
San:not he.. It’s she…. Cute angel is going to come… to our house…
Rag:no sanskar
San:no Ragini
All smiles widely by seeing ragsan talks.. …
Phone call
Ram got a call
Ram:janaki only calling.. saying he attends it
Jan:bhaiya swara is pregnant (happily)
Ram:smiles tells that mahi is also pregnant …ram tells everyone abt Swara’s pregnancy..

Everyone were super duper happy
San:my swara too (happily)
Rag smiles widely I’m very happy sanskar
All smiles
Suj:goes towards Ragini and carcasses her hair (by feeling pity on her) in mind how pure my Ragini is? She is happy for mahi, even though she didn’t get… Her eyes become moist…
Rag:confusingly looks at her by not understanding her
San looks at his mother and senses her reaction and felt bad….

@after Few minutes
@ragsan room
Rag :keep on blabbering abt the babies which they are going to get after few months from mahilak/sathswa(happily)
San:holds her and pinned her to the wall
Rag:looks at him shockingly
San:v waited for this much months for them but they were happy only.. Becaz of our over thinking (annoyingly)
Rag:gets his point pouts, yes sanskar v overthinked.. V should start our life before itself
San:its all because of u only
Rag:wat?becaz of me… Who told u to wait? U always tell na I don’t know anything.. If I’m wrong u should correct me.. Who told u follow my stupidity?
San:thank u for accepting it
Rag glares him
San:do u know what is mom thinking about us? (he tells her everything)
Rag:widens that’s y she carcassed me
San nods
Rag :its all because of u
San:wat ?me
Rag:starts to leave by giving a glare to him
san:(again holds) and pinned her to the wall…. K mistake Is mine only but today (he looked at her intensely) and goes towards her,, I Won’t Leave you (by saying he bites on her earlobe)
Rag:shivers and closed her eyes
San:smiles by his effect on her and rubs her lips sensouly
Rag:breaths heavily and parts her lips
San:goes close towards her…
Door knock
Both get departed and looks at each other lovingly.
Again door knock
San holds her hand when she abt to go
San:(teasingly) I Won’t Leave you today night
Rag:blushes and goes away

@sanlak went to office… Ragini took care mahi.. Suj happily admires their bond but feels bad for Ragini.

As soon as sanskar came, doesn’t find Ragini… He asked mahi abt her which she informed they have gone to temple….

After few minutes
Rag came and smile by seeing him working in a laptop and sat beside him
Rag :took his hand and holds it
San :raises her eyebrow
Rag:shall v go and meet swara.. I want to c her
San smiles and nods

While they are returning from Swara’s home
Rag: I told everything to aunty.
San:suddenly stops the car (widens) wat
Rag nods

Fb shows where Sujatha tells her to do puja .she did it… After few minutes Sujatha tells her that they will do puja every week and consoles her that she will definitely get pregnant and cries by seeing her situation… Rag felt bad to see her like this and told everything to her
Sujatha don’t know how to react!?she felt happy by seeing ragsan love towards their siblings.. But felt bad for them
Fb ends

San:wat mom told
Rag:she hugged him.. ..Didn’t tell anything
San:we have to talk to her because if others came to know it, they will definitely feel bad for us
Rag:dont wry I already told to ma… She won’t tell to anyone
San:u r becoming intelligent now a days
Rag:smiles at first but later gets his point of view and glares him
San smiles widely by saying Sry…….

As soon as they entered into the home
Ram stopped them
Ram:sanskar tmrw u r going to Paris as their is important meeting there.
San:but pappa
Ram:mahi is pregnant and I think laksh should b with him.. That’s y Im asking you
San nods unwillingly by looking at Ragini
Suj:enough of teasing Ram
Ragsan looks at each other
Suj:u both go to o to Paris
Ragsan:(shockingly) v both
Suj:nods and it’s not for office wrk
Ram:u people came to know when u open it
San:immediately snatches a cover from tan’s hand and opens it
Ragsan blushes by seeing honeymoon package written on it
Ramsuj:v will tell to everyone that u people r going to office wrk and Ragini is accompanying u(in place of laksh) becaz v know u don’t want them to feel bad
Ragsan smiles shyingly
Rag:but ma now only mahi is pregnant.. I should take care of her
Suj:smiles and carcasses her hair.. Don’t worry I will look it sister… U just go.. Becaz I need my granddaughter from mahi and grandson from u
Rag:.blushes more.

@ragsan room
San:backhugs her… R u ready to give what mom is asking?
Rag blushes
San : abt to kissed on her shoulder
Rag:breaks the hug.. Go and sleep..
Rag:nods Dont u want to go to hone (stops) Paris? I have to pack
San:smiles (teasingly) but u started as HONE
rag:hugs him by hiding her face on his chest
San giggles
Hope you like it
Shalini :sry for not giving proper karvachauth
Vani:ty very much for comparing me to LAHARI.. It means a lot to me
Mk:already Sally is writing on that track…. So if I also do it.. Definitely my story will be bad because Sally is a outstanding writer

Overwhelmed by ur comments
Ty very much
Love you all

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