Leap of 2 days
Laksh is smiling by remembering his moments with swara, abt her changed behavior …suddenly mahi’s teary face came in his mind, he feels bad and remembered all his moments with her, at last his hurtful words and cries
In mind I’M MISSING YOU BADLY, when you will cum back from London, I hurted u, I’m sorry mahi, he dozed off by thinking of her

@ragsan room
Rag:is anything troubling you, u can share
San:cuts her plzz I’m sleepy
Rag:nowadays u r not even paying attention to me
San:looks at her and silently goes and slept at corner of bed showing his back
Rag:(smiles sarcastically) and sat on the corner of the bed (in mind I won’t cry, I know u will became teary whenever you c my tears)but continuously tears are coming from her eyes, she immediately goes to balcony to hide her tears
San:(who saw her through a mirror, cries) his eyes became red by making her to cry which he hates alot but now, this feeling makes his heart too weak
After few hrs ,rag came and slept at another corner of bed

Ragini took sanskar’s coat and wore it on her Saree and hugged it tightly…. Y r u doing like this idiot, (cries) ur wife is missing you alot (she inhales his coat, feeling her sanskar smell)
Fb shows sanskar is going to office earlier than his usual time, before Ragini wake up and coming to home at late night and not attending Ragini calls too
In this 10 days Ragini has spoken to sanskar only 2 words (daily) regarding his behavior and his answer also in two words daily that he is stressed.. ..
@next day night
Ragini is thinking about her moments and smiles with teary eyes in balcony
San:(who is fakely sleeping on the bed)sits and looks at her and cries as usual ,when he senses her move, suddenly slept and acts as sleeping…
Rag as soon as they slept on the bed, her eyes widened to see her sanskar crying in a mirror)
Rag:stammers sanskar y r u crying?
San:looks at her in a mirror, both had a painful eye lock
Rag:stammers Wat happened
San:immediately goes towards her and hugs her tightly as much as possible,
Rag:(didn’t understand anything) but her heart pains to see him like this ,,sanskar don’t cry, I can’t c u like this, she cries
San:in cracking voice plz don’t hate me.. Plzz
Rag:breaks the hug and cupped his face, wat r u thinking? How can I hate myself?
San:cries more and hugs her again
Rag:hugs him tightly by sensing his pain and rubs his back while crying…. See u itself know how much v love each other? Don’t think like that,, ,I will never leave you,, it’s my promise on our love… Now plz stop crying.. Plz she cries
San:breaks the hug and nods but continuously tears are coming from his eyes ,I hurted (he starts)
Rag:locks her lips with his (San does not responding as he is in deep pain)
She kissed him passionately and after 5 minutes she broke the kiss,cupped his face.. .pecked his forehead, sleep (she makes him sleep by ruffling his hair and she slept beside him by hugging him after confirming that he slept
“to herself “something is troubling him, god plz make my sanskar to get rid of it(she is happy that his sanskar doesn’t change but sad regarding his condition)

Rag came with a coffee and started drinking half of a coffee after waking him
Rag:forwards half coffee ,so here ur coffee
San:nervously holds the cup and drank it
Both in mind I missed this for past 10 days
Rag:k give me my morning kiss (she is trying to be casual with him )
San:looks on
Rag: pouts don’t u give
San:(nervously) don’t u want to know reason for my changed behavior
Rag:acts as thinking and nods yes I know if I ask it’s hurts u I won’t and I believe my sanskar will share with me when he wants too ..i will be waiting for him to share his pain
San:before she complete, he hugs her and cries
Rag:feels bad if you cry again, I don’t know (she don’t know Wat to say further)
San:hugs her more tightly

Swara :Wat u decided
San:plz swara understand
Swara:if u didn’t decide about it then u will know the consequences….
San:nods unwillingly and went
Swara in mind smirks at last he became MINE

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Next update is based on ur comments
Is swara’s fan here? Sry for making her in a negative character but don’t worry she will change
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