@night @same day
(San is working in a laptop and Ragini just enters into it)
Rag:sanskar everyone is waiting ,cum for dinner
san:(fake angrily) turns his face
Rag:this much angry(goes towards him) and took laptop and placed it aside
San:(stands) starts to leave(fakely)
Rag:pouts Wat happened

San:(turns towards her) don’t u know
San:since mrng I was trying to speak to u but u avoided me, u r spending time with ma papa and even laksh but not to me(sarcastically)
Fb shows rag unknowingly avoids sanskar by spending time with them

Rag:immediately kissed on his left cheek
Rag:is it k for compensation??
San:nods as no and shows his right cheek

Rag:blushes and kissed over there ,,,,NOW
san:nods as no and shows his lips
Rag:blushes more and hits on his chest
San:smiles and holds her hand in his chest and pulled into a hug
Ragsan smiles happily

Leap of two days @ragsan room
San:close ur eyes
San:suprise wifey, do it as I say
Rag:nods and closed her eyes
San:ties a heart shaped pendent on her neck
Rag:opened her eyes and touched it, wow sanskar it’s beautiful
San:less than u
Rag:blushes,wat is it for

rag:but everyone will celebrate after 1 yr oly
San:i got world best wife, so I will celebrate it every month
Rag eyes become moist and hugs him
San:do u know ragu? How much Happy I was? When I married you before a month in this same day?
Rag:hugs him more tightly by sensing his love
San:(tease her) but I knew you weren’t happy at that time, after all it’s forced marriage
Rag:breaks the hug and looks at him…do u really think I weren’t [email protected] when u gifted urself as my birthday gift? At that time I want to hug you and confess to u, yes sanskar I loved this gift but damn that door knock

2.when u entered into my room and kissed me forcefully, even though it’s wrong, my heart loved it
3.when u married me forcefully, my heart jumps in joy ,at last I became yours
4.when I purposely defame ur character (her throat chocked) u slapped me and scolded me but it shows ur love and rights on me
5.and after few minutes u again came to me to console me and said I will never get hate from u, at that time I totally became numb because this much u believe me
6.i just like that told my house dream to swara, even I don’t remember it but u (she cries)
7.atlast when I stupidly planned to escape from our marriage, u make me to go in a correct way
I’m a emotional fool sanskar ,without u I’m nothing, I hurted u alot even in our first night but you…… (cries) sometimes I think I didn’t deserve u

San:(eyes become moist) oye if you speak like this, I will get anger.. V both deserve each other and moreover v should celebrate this day but c u r crying
Rag:nods and wipes her tears ,y r u crying now??
San:i don’t know, whenever I see tears in ur eyes, my eyes become moist
Rag:smiles and hugs him tightly, then I won’t cry hereafter

Rag:becaz I can’t see ur tears
San:smiles widely and hugs her more ,ragu I forgot to say one thing
Rag:looks at him
San:opened the heart shaped pendent
Rag:widens by seeing ragsan picture in it
San:how is it?
Rag:smiles and hugs him again

Next day (mahi comes to sanskar house)
Mahi and Ragini were spending time, mahi is desperately waiting for laksh
As soon as laksh came, directly went to his room without giving a glance to her
Rag:i think he didn’t c u, that’s y
Mahi :(hurt) it’s k,I will leave
Rag:no wait I will call him

In laksh room
Rag:laksh didn’t u see mahi? She is waiting to c only
Lak:i don’t want to see anyone Ragini
Rag:but laksh she is going to London ,she will b back after 2 wks only
Laksh:plz ragu, I didn’t care about it, plz ask her to leave now
Rag:(doesn’t understand anything) but
Lak:stops her plzzzz ragu
Rag:nods and turns and shocked to see mahi standing at the door end
Rag:(stammers) mahi,l

Laksh turns and saw her
Mahi:goes towards Ragini, two minutes
Rag:nods and went by giving them a private time
Mahi:(in cracking voice) I know u r angry on me but I didn’t thought u don’t want to see my face itself.. Don’t worry I promise hereafter I won’t come on ur way without ur will and IM SORRY for hurting you ,she leaves by holding her tears
Lak feels bad for hurting her

Rag who is in hall
Rag:did u people fight
Mahi:(fakely smiles) yeah But mistake is mine only, therefore he is angry
Rag:shall I speak to him
Mahi:didi no need to wry, I consoled him somewat, he will speak to me within a day
Mahi:i told na, v use to fight like this only (fakely smiles) and went
As soon as she came out of the house, she cries badly
Laksh who is seeing her through his room window, feels bad and his eyes also became moist (he don’t know y)

Leap of one week
Rag to herself may be he is busy in his wrk that’s y
Her heart but don’t he have 5 min to speak to me, it’s been 6 days he has spoken to me

Main Door knock
She opened the door and smiles
San:(without looking at her) goes inside
Rag:sanskar dinner
San:i had it in office canteen itself by saying he went to his room
Rag eyes become teary ,immediately goes towards their room and saw him sleeping at corner of bed
Rag:(in cracking voice) y r u behaving like this
San:im always like this only
Rag:am I done any mistake? U have all rights on me, scold me, hit me but plz talk to me properly
San:u r over thinking, I’m just stressed about my wrk, that’s it, go and sleep by saying he covered himself in a blanket fully
Rag immediately goes to restroom and burst into tears by his sudden change of behavior

Hope you like it
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Guys happy to see u people in watty too.. My ID is ragsanfan1

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