San:closed his eyes
Rag:plz I just expressed my outburst becaz of Swara’s doings ..plz believe me, I’m happy in this marriage, she immediately bends and holds his legs
San:(shocked) ragu Wat r u doing?? By saying he pulled her up and hugs her tightly
ragu:im sry(cries)
San:sshh don’t the one who did mistake, I’m sorry Ragini, hereafter I will control my anger..i promise, u have rights to share ur feelings to me whether it’s right or wrong? I will never do like this again, I promise (still hugging)
Rag:nods (cries)

San:(worries) Released her slightly from his embrace to look her face, hey plz don’t cry, I told na, if you speak again like this, I promise I will make u understand a good path in good manner, I’m sorry
Rag:in between her sobs u said u r regretting of loving me (she finds difficult to complete the sentence)
San:feels bad, holds her hand and make her sit in the bed and he sat on the floor by kneeling down ,cupping her face, u know na how much i love you? Whatever I spoke few minutes before it was from my mouth… Now I will say u wat my heart says, this sanskar born for Ragini, lived for Ragini, going to live for Ragini and die for (Ragini immediately placed her palm on his mouth and nods no) and hugs him

Both consoles each other
San:u go and change ur dress
Rag:nods and went to restroom
After 10 minutes
Rag:knock the door, sanskar door is not opening
San:wait wifey I’m also changing my dress
San:unlocked the latch, (both smiles by looking at each other) suddenly sanskar carried her in a bridal style, Ragini widens and sanskar carefully placed her on bed and lied beside her
Rag:gud n8 by saying she hugs him
San:Smiles and hugs her back

After few minutes

San:did u slept
San:im sry
Rag:tilts her head to look at him
San:i always hurting you in the name of love
Rag:nods as no
San:i always want to get rid of ur pain/tears but I’m the one
Rag:before he completes she goes little up and cups his face ,dare to think like that, u r my happiness
Both had a cute eye lock, sanskar holds her hand which is on his cheek and goes close towards her
Rag:closed her eyes, as a signal for him
San:immediately placed his lips on her lips, both were kissing passionately, Ragini’s one hand is holding his neck and other one on his hair making it messy, sanskar is pulling her more close towards him by holding her waist tightly

Both break the kiss, started breathing heavily
Within a move sanskar came over her and started kissing on her neck and his hands r rubbing her hand, from shoulder to fingers..
San:started rubbing his cheek with her and bits her ear lobe
Rag:moans his name with pleasure
San got sense, immediately stops his act and sit
Rag turns into red beetroot

San:stammers I forgot our promise
Rag:stammers me tooo
San:(not looking at her) I will sleep on couch, u sleep here, he stands to leave
Rag:holdz his wrist.. Y
San:im scared, if I sleep here, I will break my promise,
Rag giggles But sanskar at least u can speak by looking at me, u r behaving like a girl
San:wat I (he turns and look at her) being lost again goes close towards her
Rag:loudly u made a promise

San:jerks I didn’t did anything by saying he runs and lied on sofa covering himself fully with a blanket
Ragini smiles widely and touches her face and neck wherever he kissed and blushes
Both dozed off After much strain

Rag cam with a cup of coffee to wake him
Rag:ruffled his hair lovingly and kissed on his forehead
San:opened her eyes when he felt her lips on him
Rag:gud Mrg hubby ,she forwards a coffee
San:smiles Gud mrng wifey ,did u had?
Rag:i will have it later, now u have
San:nods as no, ask her to drink his coffee

Rag:sanskar extra coffee is in kitchen ,I will have it
San:pouts at least few sips for me (by saying he makes her drink half a cup and he had remaining cup by saying coffee is too good but I have a doubt

San:is this taste came from ur hand or from ur lips
Rag blushes
San:happily one by one my dreams r happening in real
Rag looks at him, both had a deep eye lock
Rag:for me too, blushes and went

@dining area
Laksh:ragini ur hand has a magic, all the dishes r good
Ramsuj :call her bhabhi (strictly)
Laksh:o Sry Ragini
All looks at him
Laksh:i mean Sry bhabhi
Rag:laughs no uncle and aunt, let him call me by my name, if u call me like this, I’m feeling weird and also increase the distance between us, I’m ur favorite cousin na
Laksh:see my ragu is back
All smiles

Ria(mahi frd) :u should tell this to laksh? This swara, I don’t know how he loves her
Mahi:no ..laksh loves her alot, if he Cam to know he will feel bad
Ria:if u hide it from him, it’s not a respect u giving to ur relationship with him
When they r discussing abt it, laksh came
Laksh :hi mahi, hi Ria, y u called me mahi?
Mahi:stammers vo vo
Ria:i will tell laksh
Mahi nods as no

Ria tells everything to her
Lak:mahi Wat is she saying? Is it true
Mahi :ha laksh
Lak:(angrily) enough don’t dare to say one word against my swara, my swara already told abt u but I neglected all that, I never thought u stoop so low , don’t dare to show ur face again, angrily leaves
Mahi was numb, her eyes become moist

Guys I posted today itself, hope you like it
Do comments in the both episode ([email protected])
I want to know ur response
Because ur response is a boost for me to write

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