Which couple do you like the most in Qubool Hai?

With two rocking couples in the show Qubool Hai on Zee TV, there is a competition again between Aahil – Sanam and Rehaan – Seher/Sunehri love bond and chemistry Surbhi Jyoti stills storms the show with Karavir Bohra as Aahil, and Shehzad Shaikh as Rehaan. She has been shuffling between her twin roles very well and also showing great chemistry with her co-stars. We would like to know which couple you like the most in the show.

Qubool Hai is still going strong with Tanveer’s evil plans and new Sanam’s black magic twist. Sehar wakes up and is horrified to find her feet bleeding. Sanam immediately attends to Sehar’s injuries and both of them believe that it is due to the rats that she has suffered these injuries. Meanwhile, Tanveer is celebrating as she has managed to successfully stop Sehar to come in between her and Sanam. When Sehar manages to reach home, she finds the Sanam on bed with Aahil. Rehaan too watches them along with her. Later, thinking that her plan has been successful, Tanveer mocks Sehar. Sanam replies that she got it all wrong as the person who was in bed with Aahil was his own wife. She then explains how she found Sehar inside the car and managed to exchange clothes with her and foil Tanveer’s plan.

Sehar continues to insult Tanveer and threatens her to reveal her heinous acts infront of Aahil herself or they’ll do it for her. Rehaan shares his disconcertment upon seeing whom he assumed to be Sunehri on bed with Aahil. Sunehri consoles him and reassures him that none of his plans could seperate them as they truly love each other. Meanwhile, the new Sanam surprises Tanveer by her resolution to make Aahil fall in love with her, and stakes an equal position of a friend of the Begum Sahiba and not her servant. She continues to yield some sort of supernatural black magic power. Sanam, Sunehri and Rehaan discuss about the possibility of some trick played by Tanveer which made Sanam’s nose bleed all of a sudden. They decide on a plan to reveal Begum Sahiba’s real nature in front of Aahil. When Aahil asks the new Sanam to hold the offerings at the Dargah, her hands begin to shake all of a sudden and she drops it, and Aahil holds it in time. The new Sanam is herself surprised and notices some blisters on her hands. Meanwhile, Sanam and Rehaan start looking some evidence against Tanveer in her room.

  1. Tellyupdates,stop this poll now.sehan fans r cheating u & sahil fans by doing multiple votes by deleting history and cookies.this voting s invalid.if u want proof,i will give u that how sehan fans r doing multiple votes.

    1. Go and check your sahil ka page and see how admin of that page is crying so that u all can do multiple voting cheaters

  2. Sehan is best they are more entrtaining couple than any othr boring couples of Qh i.e Sahil and RaHa .. nd miss rekha sahil fans ar doing multiple voting not seHan v dont need to do mV okay as v are best 🙂

  3. Tellyupdates plz tell us when will this poll end ..?

  4. I personally love sehan to death. And happy they are currently winning. Even if they lose which god forbid they will always be #1 in my heart and all sehan fans
    And yes when will this poll end

  5. SeHaan!

  6. Seher and Rehan

  7. Rehan and Seher!

  8. Rehan and Seher! <

  9. Pls tell when will this poll end ??
    I love SeHan only :* cutestttttt nd best couple of Qh2 ..

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    1. Unlike sahil fans posting the same scene and pics over and over again they post new stuff.

  15. Hurrrr rekha .. i think u havnt checked all sehan fanpages 54k is the maximum likes of sehan fp .. i think 54 is greatr that 23 isnt ?

    1. Just leave rehka alone this is the way she recovers from not getting her way. Blaming other peopl. I have learned to ignore her. As long as you know you didn’t cheat you are good.

  16. Telly updates should just plain take down this poll. There is more hate between the fandoms then there ever was. God it is just a stupid poll.Stop taking it so seriously I mean if people will die if sehan has more vote then go ahead try and beat them.
    My vote went to both couples. But come on guys just leave it alone. Sahil had a lead before. Let sehan live. As long as you know and believe in your couple nothing else matters. Another reasonsehans votes is increasing ibecause of the valentine special

  17. aahil or sanam ki jodri bht achi haiii aahil and sanam is the best Actor and love u so much sanammmmmmm love u alot

  18. 54k for sehan.buwahahaha.what a joke

    1. Rekha people stopped voting. Why don’t you stop caring. You are not dead are just because Sahil isn’t first. Just let it go. You should really listen to that song it will help. Just for once let sehan shine They got nominated for the zra not sehan. So chill.

  19. So cute

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