Contract marriage (swasan few shots) 3rd shot

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He guys I m back n Here we go with 3rd shot
Precap-raglak meeting
After the raglak meeting .ragini mind is full of laksh words that’s” now you are mine”.now her heart wins over her mind and want to meet him.nd screen shift towards swara as I said swara love simplicity she love to share happiness xo she always goes orphan NGO she loves to spend time with them for some min also she feels good.

Ok here we go
Previous day end with ragini feels fr laksh and swara spending time with children of orphan.the next morning swara goes fr temple n our miss kissmiss is still sleeping on her bed.
The screen shifted towards the temple where swara is on temple for praying while returning she sees a old lady feeling unconciuos n going to fall bt swara huridly goes n catch her n make her sit .
Swara- aunty wake up ? r u alright (she feels worried fr a lady).she split some water frm her hands to wake up her
Lady- now I m fine beta tqs to help me.just my BP lows so I feel unconscious
Swara-its my pleasure aunty nd elders don’t say tqs to junior just give their blessing to them by saying this she kept old lady hand on her head nd say like this
The lady was really impressed by swara
Lady- u r really sweet beta
Swara-shall I drop u?
Lady- no beta there is my car I will go ( by saying this she try to stand bt she fell weakness xo fell little hard to stand)
Swara sees this nd help her nd said
Swara-its ok aunty I will take to you there
Lady feels good due to her care and swara take her to the car and make her sit.
Swara-ok aunty nd take care hann
Lady –sure beta

By this she bids byeee n swara again go to the temple the lady really likes her xo she take her photo through her mobile nd kept it.
Nd here ragini was still sleeping n suddenly her phone rings she is still on her sleep n that’s a new number xo she talk uninterestedly
Caller-hey miss kissmiss
By listening this ragini huredly wake up frm bed now you all know that who is that guy
Laksh- yaa mee ,r u waiting fr any other call
Ragini-not like that,she is still on shock how he get her number
Laksh-don’t be xo shocked my kissmiss .if I can know ur colz than what is big thing to get ur number
By saying this he smrik
Ragini feels happy frm inside becoz she loved when he says her my miss kissmiss she really loved it bt not sure of her feeling xo she is still on dilemma
Ragini-why did u call?
Laksh –xo what did u think when will u give me ur one day? With a gentle voice
Ragini- how can I trust u?(she said with her innocent)
Laksh- miss kissmiss you should not afraid of me instead I should be afraid frm u in first meet you kissed me nd second time wht will happen OMG I will not able to saw my face to other he say in dramatic way nd he laughs
Ragini-what how many time should I say that was bet n I m not interested on you
Laksh – bt I m he says
ragini-ok I will come today at 6 pm bt if I don’t like your company then promise me you will not disturbed me ever
laksh- I promise bt I m sure that u will love my company ( with confident voice
ragini-lets see by saying this she cut the call

ragini pov
why he is xo curious to meet me he truly love me or just attraction .dont know that one kiss really make our destiny with each other omg I m being mad
laks prov
now its time laksh singh to prove ur love to ur miss kissmiss n make her fall in love.omg miss kissmiss you wil make me mad by ur cutness nd when u became nervous you look xo preety .laksh contoll she is all urs
now ragini is in panic what to wear what to do she huridly wake up n try to watch things she make her room fully mess up
just then swara enters nd sees the room fully mess up nd she sees the ragini who is looking confused
swara-choti what happen
ragini-I have to go to meet someone bt I don’t have nothing to wear
swara-someone ,who is this someone whom I don’t know (with a teasing tone)
ragini- di ,nothing like that there is dinner party with frnds n I hv nothing to wear
swara –just chill choti there are xo many outfits on your cubard
by saying this she take out a beautiful white gown nd ask her to wear it .
ragini-ohh how I don’t find it ? tq di you always solve my prblm by saying this she hugged her
swara- you are always in panic n hurridness xo u don’t find things
swara try to clean the mess up n just then ragini smirks
ragini- di u love me a lot .yes
swara-yes bt why u asked.
Ragini-first promised me what I said u will do that
Swara- ok promise now say
Ragini-di I havent see you on this type dress please once wear I one a see how u looked
Swara –no way ( shockingly)
Ragini-see u don’t love me by making fake angry face
Swara- bt choti I haven’t wear it in my entire life it will really fell uncomfortable
Ragini- di plz mom dad also are not home today (she try to insis fr her along time )
Swara-ok now stop ur drama I will wear it…
Nd she wear that dress nd came near to the ragini. Swara asked through eyes how she is looking.ragini was shocked to see her sis she is looking breath taking on that gown. Swara jerk ragini n says
Swara- she choti I said na I don’t look good.(sad face)
Ragini- di r u joking u r looking like angel di .OMG di u r looking xo gorgeous I feell xo jealous of u in teasing tone
Swara- really?
Ragini-bt one thing is left xo u looking incomplete
Swara- n what is that
Ragini-make up ( in loud voice)
Swara – no way choti ( she make her face)
Ragini-see di u don’t love me again u r not listening she is crying bt in fake
Swara – no choti I will not come in ur this drama
Ragini-plz na di plz my cute di plz manjao
Swara-ok fine
Nd ragini make her sit n does her make up nd her eyes where she never put kajal now eyes are looking xo beautiful nd her hair which always she make bun n now ragini make that hair open n little curl nd in her lips which is pink bt not a lipgloss now ragini put some gloss on her lips omg is it this is a same swara
After completing ragini take her to the mirror swara is also shocked to see her omg she really look like a angel
Ragini- I must be jealous u r looking awesome if anybody sees u like this he will take out his heart in put in ur feet
Swara- bt ragini I m not this nd want if someone likes me than like me what I am
Ragini- what difference is there di this swara n that swara is same
Swara smiles will know it later choti
Ragini nd swara smiles looking each other suddenly swara phone rings
Swara- hlo
Caller – hlo swara beta
Swara- hlo ram uncle
Ram- swara beta misthi says she will not celebrate until u come here
Swara- ohh gosh how can I forget she always celebrate birthday with me what to do don’t worry ram uncle I will at ngo in half an hour
Ram-ok beta come fast
(ok ram uncle is the care taker of NGO of orphan children .misthi is small girl one of them .she loves swara lot n always wants her with her while celebrating birthday n swara has too strong connection with them as I say na swara always value the things nd know their importance bcoz she know all don’t have everything)
Ragini- what happened di
Swara- u known na misthi choti she always celebrate birthday with me bt today I forget I hv to reach in half an hour
Ragini-its ok di jus claim n go
Swara- bt hv to change the dress
Ragini- di its not important u go n u hvnt make cake ready to
Swara- ohh gosh, bt u are also going at party na by wearing this gown
Ragini-di its ok I will wear any other outfit u go n di at the way of NGO there is a xyz café nd as well as bakery too u can get their cake fastly xo go
swara- r u sure na
ragini- hann di bt today there is no car all are gone fr servicing it will come after one hour only
swara- its ok choti I hv my scooty na’
ragini – ok di go fast n all the best fr bcoz misthi will not leave u by saying this see smile
swara also smile n says today I m gone
she drives her scooty n goes
where screen shifted towars the xyz café where a guy n girl are having coffee
girl-did u miss me ?sanky
sanskar- u r my best frnd kavi, of course I miss u
(ok guys sanskar and kavita are childhood best frnd .for sanskar its just a pure friendship bt for kavita its love frm childhood. Sanskar is unaware abt it.kavitha was living London since 3 years just she return india to express her feeling to sanskar)
Kavita- can I ask u one qstn?
Sanskar-yaa, kavi frm when u need permission to ask me qstn?
Kavita- now you become MR sanskar maheswori to meet you people hv to take appointment.xo I guess I should also hv to take permission
Sanskar hold kavita hand says
Sanskar-you are best frnd kavi u hv full right nd of course u r special
By listening this kavita feels very happy nd take wrong about special where he is talking about frnd zone
Kavita-sanskar I wanna tell this things before going to London bt that time I cannot tell you bt I cannot wait
Sanskar-okk say it na
Sanskar who is having coffe split frm mouth with shocked n widened his eyes
Kavita-what happen sanky are u alright…
Sanskar-to escape frm that moment he says he wanna use washroom.
Xo he goes frm there in hurridness he reach the corrider where he pushed a girl in result girl is going to fall bt he catch her through her waist he was mesmerized to see her beautiful closed eyes with full of nervousness . he was just staring her nd that girl open her one eye to see why she did not fall.she also abstruck to see his intense deep eyes..they are just staring each other without blinking their eye…

Where here kavita is feeling restless becoz she is stilling her answer its really hard to wait xo she goes to search sanskar ns she came to the same corrider where still sanskar is catching that girl through her waist .. she sees that scenario
Kavita-sanskar(with shocked tone)
Sanskar nd that girl come in sense n parted frm each other
Kavita-sanskar is she ur GF? With sad tone
Sanskar-yaa kavita meet my gf (by cathing girl through her waist)
Girl(in mind)-is this guy is mad n I don’t know can he say I m his gf
Kavita(with sad tone)- why u never said me abt this
Girl-xcuse what is this I don’t know who is he?
Sanskar-I wann a tell u abt this bt u hv already left for London….dear I know u r angry with me bt its bad na to say u don’t know me
Kavita- xo guys u are in love since 3 year with heart broken tone. Bt why ur gf is wearing scarf on her face
( yaa guys the girl is wearing scarf sanskar has only she his eyes not her face)
Girl(in mind)- ohh god what is this I hv to reach NGO misthi is waiting frm me n here I m just meeting himi don’t know his name also n this girls is saying we are in love since 3 years..
Sanskar-she is having allergy xoo..
Girl is giving I will kill you look to sanskar becoz she don’t know who is this sanskar who is kavita she don’t know what is happening with her..
Girlin small tone which sanky can only listen
Girl-leave me who r u just leave me..
Sanskar-just wait fr min
Gir- leave me( by saying this she try to jerk his hand)
Bt sanskar pull her frm through waist as a result she land her back to his chest.she feels current pass becoz the gown she is wearing back less
Kavita who see this feels really heart broken…nd says I hv some work n leave frm there
Kavita-happy for u sanky
Sanky feels bad to lie her best friend bt he don’t want to hv her false hope for their friend ship
The girls feels really irritating she jerk her hand nd try to leave frm there bt sanky is not ready leave her he is attracted towards that girl her fragnance is making crazy xo he pulled her through her hand nd pinned to the wall..
Girl-what is this leave me? How dare u
Bt sanky is not listening anything he sees only her eyes which is attracted him towards her
He came near to her face his hot breath is touching her face she is feeling xo nervous that tear flows frm her seeing this sanskar feel pain in his heart nd leaves frm there…
Girl is still standing by hving support of wall n still she is closing her eyes. She slowly open her eyes n see one no is here.she is still confuse just now she sees a dream or is it really happen n she compose herself n take cake frm that caffe n leaves frm there..
Where the sanky is feelin really bad to remember her teary eyes. He never feel fr anyone like this even his best friend too..nd he even don’t see her face only her beautiful innocent eyes is enough fr sanky
The screen frezes on kavita heart broken face, sanskar confused abt this new feeling , where as the girl confused face ………….

Recap-raglak confession.. sanskar rembering that scaf girl

okk guys who is that girl ?guess
n tqs fr a support guys …………….

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