Connecting the past to present – episode 8

Kritika and gauri hugged eachother..

They all then moved towards the Oberoi mansion..

Om, Arjun , Gauri and kritika was in kritika’s room..

Kritika : So where are you planning to stay??

Gauri : What kind of a question is this..

Arjun : She will surely stay with us..

Kritika : I am so sorry that i couldn’t soend time with you when we were in london.. but i will fullfill all your wish list in india..

Gauri : Yeah.. and one business call she will be vanished from the site..

They all smiles..

Arjun : Gauri.. .meet Om bhai.. He is her cousin.. (kritika gives him an irritated face) and he can help you in your doucumentary i think..

Om :Well i will try my best..

Gauri : Thanks..



Anika was feeling a little tiredness.. So she slept for so long.. Dadi entered the room..

Dadi : Kya hua.. puttar..

Anika : Nothing Dadi… i was just having a headache.. so i thought to take rest for few while..

Dadi : If you want .. i will ask pinky to serve your foor at your room…



Kritika waved bye to Gauri and Arjun..

Pinky : Dekh.. baccha. i can understand the realtions between you and arjuns family but.. some people won’t understand.. You should realise that here is priyanka and his regular vist may give a bad empression …

kritika : Don’t worry i will tell him and i also will leave tomarrow.. so no problem. Mrs.Oberoi..

Pinky : No.. puttar .. i didn’t mean that..



Shivaay , Aditya and some other board members were present there..

Shivaay was quite happy.. but adi’s face contained a quite depression.. Just then he gets a call..

Aditya : Hai.. princess.. how are you..

(he continued talking..) shivaay was listening to it..

Aditya : I love you too.. pretty lady.. and i miss you a lot..

Shivaay calls rudra..

Rudra : Ha.. bhai tell me..

Shivaay : Just look what is kritika doing..

Rudra sneeks into kritka’s room..

Rudra (to shivaay) : Di is working in her laptop. She is looking so angry about something..

Shivaay : Okay.. i will call you later..

He cuts the call..

Adi was still talking..

Shivaay (thinks) : Is he cheating on kritika.. i swear god if he is i will kill him..



Priyanka sees Arjun at her college’s office..

Priyanka : Arjun..

Arjun : O.. hai priyanka..

Priyanka : What are you doing here..

Arjun : I am taking admission here for MBA..

Priyanka : But you have to be with your gairdians for that..

Arjun : I have my cousin sister with me.. and you know until kritika di gets married to my bhai.. i can’t bring her..

Gauri comes out … They gets introduced to eachother…


A unknow place is shown.. A person is having kritika’s pic in his hand.. his face is not reveled…

Person : You disturbes me a lot.. When ever i sees you with that Aditya.. i feels to kill him.. Don’t wortu sweetheart soon you will be mine…


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