“Connected forever” one shot by dolly

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Hey guys , here is a one shot for you all , enjoy till I start updating my stories …thanks for the opportunity .

So enough of my bak bak , here is the one shot .

(Guys this one shot is total of 5047 words so please read with patience , I am sure you will like it )

Before 12 years , (age – 13)

A big and grand mansion is shown .

Mishti : shona baby , here is your milk drink this !! (Caring tone)

Our little angel swara comes and pouts .

Swara : mom you very well know I hate this milk , please don’t force me (pouts)

Mishti ; but milk gives you strength so that you can easily crack your exams baby !!! (Smiling)

Swara : is it ?? OK then (takes the milk)

Mishti smiles and caresses her hair .

Dp comes inside the house , along with shekar .

Mishti ;  ap they came (shouts)

Ap comes with a little ragini holding  hand who was barely 6 .

Ap : where were you both ?? I was trying to call you both…we have a business meeting tomorrow right (she keeps on talking)

A boy same age as swara comes from behind of dp . Shekar holds dp shoulder and consoles him .

At first ap and mishti couldn’t understand . Swara was looking at the boy while he stares her back too .

Ap ; who is he ?? (Confused)

Dp ; annapurna….he…is… (stammers)

Mishti looks at shekar , he signals her . Mishti was shocked she goes to ap and stands with her .

Mishti ; swara show sanskar our house , go !! (Addresses her)

Swara nods and signs sanskar to follow her (sanskar is the boy)

Ragini also joins them , now ap looks at dp .


Ap (yells) ; that’s it , I am breaking all the ties with you !!!

Mishti tries to calm her down . But it’s all vain .

Dp (teary eyed) ; please annapurna don’t do this to him , it’s not his fault

Ap ; do you think I will accept your ex son . Just because you promised her . Bullshit !!! (Angry tone)

Dp falls on her feet .

Dp ; please annapurna !! Please , I didn’t ask you to show your care just let him stay with us . It’s my duty now to take care of him (cries)

Ap wasn’t convinced .

Ap (unconvinced) ; OK , he can stay but I am not showing him any care !! That’s final . He is nothing to me .

Saying this ap walks out of the room .

Mishti and shekar signs .


At the backyard garden ,

Swara : so introduce yourself !! (Smilimg)

Sanskar sits on the swing .

Sanskar : I am sanskar , sanskar maheshwari . I am 13 years old . Studying 8th standard . I like to play video games , my favourite food is pizza and my favorite songs are one direction album .

Swara pinches him

Swara ; same pinch . Even I am 13 and I love one direction albums (smiling)

Sanskar smiles at her

Sanskar ; are you also 8th ?? (Questions)

Swara : yes I am , and ya my name is swara , swara kapoor (smiling)

Sanskar : nice name huh !! But I will call you cupcake because you are really cute as a cupcake !! (Pinches her cheeks)

Swara pouts and hits his stomach with her elbow . Sanskar winces

Ragini comes and jumps on sanskar lap .

Ragini : hi…I…I…am rag..ini (cutely)

Sanskar : awww you are too cute princess . (Kisses her cheeks)

Swara looks at him .

Sanskar : so friends ???? (Offers his hand)

Swara : yes (shakes her hand)

But feel connected , and they start their new relationship called friendship .


At dining table ,

Everyone were seated . The food was being served .

Mishti ; so sanskar are you comfortable ?? (Smiling politely)

Sanskar nods and smiles

Ap ; of course after all this is luxury for him (taunts)

Sanskar expression changes and eats his food silently . Everyone feels pity for him . Under the table swara holds his hands .

Sanskar looks at her , she winks and makes funny faces signalling ap . Sanskar chuckles .


Swara room ,

Dp ; just share for some days , we will arrange a new room for you !! (Smiling)

Sanskar nods , dp hugs sanskar

Dp ; I am sorry you have to go through all this beta….I promise I will be there for you as always !! (Caring tone)

Swara looks at them . She also hugs them

Swara ; even me !! (Smiling)

Dp and sanskar smiles at her , dp kisses swara cheeks .

Dp ; of course , even if I am not , shona will be there for you sanskar (gives swara hand to sanskar)

Swasan looks at each other and smiles .

Dp wishes them goodnight and goes .

Sanskar : are they your relation ??

Swara : nope friends , but very close friends so we all live together . (Smiles)

Sanskar Nods and looks at her room

Sanskar : fully pink huh ?? (Teases)

Swara smiles at him

》》》》》after 4 years 》》》》》
(Age – 17)

Sanskar ; ahhh cupcake when are you coming , I can’t wait for a longer time (wearing his watch)

Swara comes with her books loaded in her hands .

Swara ; you can’t give me enough time na idiot (shouts at him)

Sanskar looks at her and signs .

Sanskar ; cupcake , you are in 12th now !! You should learn to get ready on time (pulls her cheeks)

Swara glares him , sanskar laughs .

Dp ; sanskar again torturing my shona huh !! (Hits his head)

Sanskar : dad !! (Groans)

Swara and dp laughs at sanskar , while he gives death glare .

Shekar comes and side hugs sanskar

Shekar ; always you both are abandoning my son huh , aa mera baccha (side hugs sanskar)

Sanskar makes funny faces to swara and teases her . Swara pouts

Mishti ; OK OK now you both leave to school or you both will be late !! (Smiling)

Sanskar hugs her and kisses her cheeks .

Sanskar ; bye maa

Mishti smiles and blesses him

Mishti ; bye and take care you both .

Swasan leaves arguing .

Dp ; they never learn to be mature (laughs)

Everyone laughs too but ap comes

Ap ; stop that , that orphan is crossing his limits (shouts in anger)

Ragini comes and bids bye to ap .

~ at school

Reine : swara stop being with him , it irkes us . At least let us have a chance to be with him (pushes swara)

Swara falls and hits the floor . She winces in pain .

Riya (best friend of swara) goes and calls sanskar .

Sanskar along with his friends (arav and nikhil comes)

Sanskar helps swara to stand up , but she winces in pain when he touches her left hand .

Sanskar (blood shot eyes) ; how dare you hurt my swara !! (Shouts)

Reine was taken back with his anger

Nikhil ; sanskar you take swara to first aid room we will handle this psycho (convinces him)

Sanskar nods and takes swara to the first aid room .

♡♡♡first aid room♡♡♡

Swara hand was tied with a stretching band . Sanskar was sitting beside .

Swara : they are really jealous of me sanskar (curses Reine)

Sanskar smiles at her

Swara ; because you spend most of your time with Me , so they target me often . (Pouts)

Sanskar ; awww…. (hugs swara)

Swara smiles

Sanskar : don’t worry I will manage them . And make sure no one crosses their border . (Winks)

Swara : right !!

Sanskar ; accha by the way , all the girls are falling for my handsome face what can I do (smirks)

Swara bursts into laughter

Swara ; you and handsome , have you ever looked into the mirror (laughs)

Sanskar pouts and hits her shoulder .

Swara cups his face and brings it closer

Swara : you are the only beautiful and handsome guy I ever met sanskar  (lovingly)

Sanskar looks into her beautiful chocolate eyes and smiles .

********after 2 years*********
(Age – 19)

Swara was waiting for sanskar at Starbucks .

She was irritated and was looking through her phone .

Sanskar came there and sat opposite to Swara

Sanskar : I am so sorry Swara !! I forgot the date today . (Pleads)

Swara (fake smile) : it’s OK , you order !!

Sanskar could sense her fake smile to him .

Sanskar : Swara I asked sorry right , why are you being all moody today (looks into her eyes)

Swara keeps her phone aside

Swara : then should I smile , because my best friend forgot our tradition and spent with his girlfriend !! (Angry tone)

Sanskar looks at her in disbelief .

Sanskar : you always have a problem with her , don’t you ?? You don’t like me spending time with her right !! You are jealous (Harsh tone)

Swara gets teary eyed .

Swara ; shut up sanskar , you can’t talk to me like that (teary eyed)

Sanskar leans back into his chair .

Sanskar : so yes , you are jealous of her !! I got it….just because I don’t sleep with you doesn’t mean you can blame her (angry tone)

Swara was super shocked with this sentence “just because I don’t sleep with you doesn’t mean you can blame her”

Swara : go to hell (takes her bag)

Swara leaves crying , sanskar bangs his fist on the table . Everyone were looking at them without making noise .

Sanskar : so much interested in our life !! Huh (shouts)

Everyone goes back to their own world .

The next day ,

Swara gets ready in a black crop top and short pink skirt with black boots .

She comes down and sits in her regular place of dining table .

She was silent and was going through her phone .

Soon everyone assembles , including sanskar . His seat is next to Swara so he sits there itself .

Shekar : morning !! (Smiling)

Swara smiles at him and then looks at her plate . Shekar and dp looks at each other because this wasn’t normal dramebazz Swara after all .

Sanskar looks at her , she just ignores his gaze and starts to eat .

Ap comes and sits .

Ap : Swara beta why are you moody today ?? (Smiling)

Swara : hmm nothing aunty , it’s just headache (smiling)

Ap ; or this orphan did something to you ?? (Eyes sanskar)

Everyone stops eating and looks at ap . Dp was about to talk but shekar signs “no”

Sanskar feels bad and doesn’t eat , he was about to get up .

But a hand caught his hand and interviewed their hands together . Sanskar looks at swara . She signs “not to get up”

He smiles and sits , dp and shekar smiles at them .

Later that day ,

Swara ; I may be angry on you , but that doesn’t mean I am going to leave you get insulted . (Smiling)

Sanskar hugs her

Sanskar ; I am so sorry for yesterday swara , I was all just frustrated and I showed all my anger to you !! (Hugs her tightly)

Swara : it’s OK , in relation we have misunderstanding and fight , it’s common . (Hugs back)

Sanskar breaks the hug

Sanskar : you never leave me right ?? (Looks at her)

Swara holds his hands .

Swara ; like our hands , we are connected forever . Even god cannot separate us !! (Smiles)

Sanskar looks at swara lovingly .

》》》》after 5 years 》》》》
(Age – 24)

At an grand hall ,

Swara was wearing a grand lehenga with diamond works . She was looking stunning .

Mishti and ap brings her down

Shekar and dp smiles .

Swara was made to stand next to her would be husband .

Ram comes and hugs shekar .

Ram ; I am so happy for this relation shekar , it’s our pleasure to have swara as our daughter in law (smiling)

Sujatha : yes indeed , our laksh is very lucky (blesses them)

(Shocked !!! )

Swara stood beside laksh who was smiling at her

Laksh : you look gorgeous Swara !! I am a lucky lad (smiling)

Swara smiles and nods

Swara : you don’t look bad either laksh (looks at him)

Ap : why don’t we start the engagement ?? (Address everyone)

Swara ; stop !! Let’s wait for sanskar (nervous)

Laksh expressions changes .

Ap (whispers) : Swara why are you waiting for that orphan !! He will be late

Swara didn’t reply anything

Dp ; Swara beta , he was meeting . He will be late today !! You exchange rings first know (convinces her)

Swara nods “no”

Swara ; let him come first . (Stubborn)

Shekar and mishti tries to convince her but she was stubborn , which didn’t go well with laksh family .

Suddenly sanskar comes hurriedly with a bouquet in his hand . He was wearing a formal suit .

Sanskar ; sorry sorry , sorry for being late (apologizes)

Swara eyes and then hugs him

Swara ; it’s OK at least you made it !! (Smiling)

Sanskar breaks the hug , swara agrees to exchange the rings . Sanskar saddens seeing it .

Everyone claps , now they were taking photos .

Swara made sanskar stand next to her . Laksh wasn’t having a good smile after sanskar came in

Ap : this orphan always brings bad omen to the house (angry tone)

Mishti ; ap it’s OK leave it . (Controls her)

Sanskar gives her the big bouquet which had many roses of different colors . Swara has tears . Sanskar signs no and wipes it with his hanky . Swara smiles at him

~ later that night .

At swara room

Swara ; sanskar help me remove this necklace please (struggles)

Sanskar ; uffo give it to me , I will do (sides her hair)

Sanskar touches her neck , swara shivers under his touch . Sanskar comes closer and tries to remove the necklace . Swara closes her eyes

Sanskar ; look it’s done (hands her the necklace)

Swara ; thank you !! (Smiles)

Sanskar : OK then good night (gets up to leave)

Swara ; sanskar !!

Sanskar turns and looks at her .

Swara ; today is Saturday and you forgot about our tradition (winks)

Sanskar (uncomfortable) : cupcake…that..time…we were young now…you are now engaged . It’s won’t be appropriate

Swara keeps her hands on hips .

Swara ; so what , I will never leave my tradition and moreover after marriage I will leave that time we won’t have this (sad tone)

Sanskar also gets sad , he wasn’t able to express that he didn’t want swara to get married to another man when he is there for her .

Sanskar ; OK madam today we will follow our tradition . I will come changing OK (smiling)

Swara smiles and nods , sanskar leaves to his room . Swara also gets changed into her pj’s and sits on the bed waiting for sanskar .

Sanskar comes changed into shorts and shirt .

Swara : today I am very sleepy so we will sleep OK !! (Holds his hands)

Sanskar nods and sleep on the same bed .

Swara hugs him tightly while sanskar wraps his hand around her . They sleep peacefully without knowing about their upcoming hurdle .

~ next morning ,

Dp ; please sanskar , you go there I have work na (signs)

Sanskar ; dad please please only this meeting you go , I have meeting with the foreign advocates . (Pleads)

Dp ; OK then , I will meet you later (waves bye and leaves)

Ap ; why can’t you just go orphan , always want to enjoy your life in our blood huh [email protected] (angry tone)

Sanskar ; maa I have meeting (interupted by ap)

Ap ; don’t Call me maa , I am not your mother you blo*dy orphan (angry tone)

Sanskar feels bad but doesn’t shows .

Swara comes down and witnesses this all .

Sanskar ; OK I am leaving now (leaves without eating)

Swara feels bad for sanskar . She goes behind him without eating too .

Mishti calls her name but she didn’t react

Sanskar ; cupcake go eat and come , I will wait !!

Swara ; it’s OK , we will eat in office canteen come (drags him to car)

Sanskar smiles at her , swara drives the car .

At office canteen ,

Swasan were sitting opposite to each other .

Swara holds his hand and kisses it . Sanskar looks at her

Swara : don’t worry sanskar , I am there for you . Just don’t take aunt’s words OK (squeezes his hand)

Sanskar holds her hand back .

Sanskar ; you are the only reason , I didn’t open my mouth yet swara . (Smiles)

Swara nods and smiles back . They order and we’re eating . In halfway they got a call .

Police ; Mr sanskar

Sanskar ; yes (confused)

Police ; your father Mr durga prasad met with an accident and died on spot

Sanskar eyes widened and the phone fell from his hands . Swara was continuously asking him what happened but everything went blank for sanskar .

He just fainted , swara was shocked and was immediately taken to hospital .

°°°°°°°°after some days°°°°°°°°°

Sanskar woke up , he was in hospital and was unconscious for 3 days .

Sanskar sat up , and found swara holding his hand . She was wearing a white salwar and her face so swallowed .

He recollect all the incidents , he couldn’t digest the fact . He seemed to disturbed . Due to which swara stirred and opened her eyes

When their eyes met , swara quickly jerked and sat up cupping his face with her both hands .

Swara (concerned) ; sanskar , sanskar how are you ?? Are you alright ?? Are you feeling dizzy ??

Sanskar interupts her .

Sanskar ; I am fine swara…what…happened.. (teary eyed)

Swara wipes her tears which were flowing from her eyes .

Swara ; dp uncle…uncle…died on spot due to car accident and you fainted for three days , the funeral of uncle is also over . (cries)

Sanskar also cries

Sanskar ; it’s all my fault , I shouldn’t have sent him , it’s all my fault (cries)

Swara hugs him , while he too hugs her back tightly .

Swara : no its not , you don’t have a role in his death sanskar . It was an accident !! (Calms him down)

Sanskar ; no swara , it’s my fault . If he didn’t go there . The accident wouldn’t have taken place . I am the reason  for his death (cries)

Swara calms him down , after a lot of convincing process of swara . Sanskar stopped blaming himself .

Nurse comes and gives sanskar his food .

Swara was about to leave to bring him water , but sanskar holded her hands .

Sanskar ; did you eat ?? (Concerned)

Swara nods “no” , sanskar pulls and makes her sit beside him . Swara looks at him .

He feeds her one bite , while she feeds him . Both were intensely looking into each other’s eyes .

~ at mansion

Swasan enters , ragini and ap were sitting shattered

Ap eyes fell on swasan , mishti and shekar also stood up with a broken heart .

Ap ; why the hell did you come , came to see whether I and ragini died or not ?? (Yells)

Ragini cries , mishti calms her .

Sanskar ; maa (tears fell over his cheeks)

Ap ; don’t show me you blo*dy stupid concern , I am sure now you are happy seeing Me and ragini right !! (Angrily yells)

Sanskar stood there numb looking at dp photo with garland .

Ap : if you ever have shame , please leave this house . Enough of wasting  his money !!!! (Shouts)

Sanskar looks a them all , swara steps forwards and holds his hand .
Sanskar looks at swara , she signs “no” .

Sanskar : not today swara , not today . I have did a sin and I will bear it’s punishment . (He shoves her hand away)

Shocking swara and everyone , Sanskar leaves . Swara cries and runs up to her room and locks the door . Mishti and shekar runs behind her calling her name .

Sanskar felt really bad for swara , but he just kept going .

~ nikhil’s house (sanskar friend)

Nikhil ; sanskar tomorrow is swara’s marriage , don’t you want to come ?? (Concerned)

Sanskar nods “no” and tears starts to flow .

Sanskar : I can’t see my swara getting married to someone !! (Cries)

Nikhil feels very bad for him . He just pats his shoulder .

~ kapoor mansion ,

Mishti and ap were selecting jewelries for swara , while she didn’t pay a heed instead kept looking outside .

She didn’t eat properly after sanskar left , she don’t know where he is and how he is because he didn’t have money .

She cries silently and goes away from there . Ap and mishti looks sadly at her .

Later that night ,

Swara was wearing a red salwar with black shawl . She got ready and took her bag .

She jumped from balcony with the help of the rope .

Ragini came there and helped her down .

Ragini ; don’t worry di , whatever you are doing is right . Phone me when you reach OK !! (Hugs her)

Swara : thanks a lot ragini (hugs her back)

Ragini : it’s OK now you leave , be safe . (Smiles)

Swara nods and leaves .

~ at railway station .

Swara was sitting uneasily , she wasn’t used to here afterall . She was crying silently and was constantly wiping her tears .

Suddenly some one pulled her up . She was shocked but later recognized the person .

Swara : sanskar (whispers)

Sanskar looks at Swara , they both look into each other instantly .

Sanskar : Swara what are you doing here (shocked)

Swara didn’t reply but stayed numb .

Sanskar : answer me Swara , (orders)

Swara : why should I answer the person who doesn’t even care about me huh (teary eyed)

Sanskar softens and looks at her

Sanskar : swara , I am sorry and I didn’t mean to hurt you (teary eyed)

Swara hugs him instantly , while he too hugs her back .

They both breaks their hug .

Sanskar : now tell me what happened ?? (Orders)

Swara wipes her tears and looks at Sanskar .

Swara : hmm nothing actually , but laksh well over ruled me , kind off !! (Hesitating)

Sanskar : what he did ?? (Shocked)

Swara ; he wants me to cut ties with you and family , leave my writer job forever and settle as housewife with him . (Teary eyed)

Sanskar pats her back and calms her down .

Sanskar ; how dare that bastard !! (Angrily)

Swara : now it’s no use , I have left the home and I am not going back (calms down)

Sanskar ; Swara where will you go , it’s not safe , head back home !! (Orders)

Swara nods “no” being stubborn .

Swara ; I am not going back . That’s it !!!! (Stubborn)

Sanskar ; but where do you think , you will go ?? (Crosses arms around his chest)

Swara rolls her eyes .

Swara ; I have brought all the things I need to survive , I am already working on a book which is going to be published soon . And I can rent a apartment with my savings and lead a life . Everything is settled (tells in one shot)

Sanskar looks at her in disbelief .

Sanskar : do you think , you can survive alone ?? (Disbelief)

Swara (smiles) :why don’t you come with me then , let’s start a new life

Sanskar was first shocked and then thinks .

Swara wraps her hands around his torso .

Swara ; there is nothing to think Sanskar , we will start on our career , show your potential to ap aunty for that we need to leave Mumbai the work place of India !! (Smiling)

Sanskar smiles at her and then nods .

Sanskar : why do you always care for me ?? (Hugs her back)

Swara smiles

Swara : do you remember , we were connected forever and I made a promise not to leave you !!! (Kisses his cheeks)

Sanskar smiles .

☆☆☆☆ after a year 

Swasan found it difficult to adjust in the one bedroom apartment . They didn’t have enough money too.
They were used to luxurious house so that was quite difficult .

Swara made it all easy and adjusted with Sanskar . She always helped him

They both even confessed their love for each other .

Swara was cooking some dinner , while Sanskar came back .

He loosened his tie and sat on the sofa exhausted . Threw his file on the couch .

Swara comes there with coffee for  both of them . Sanskar smiled at her .

Swara : how was your day ?? (Cheerful tone)

Sanskar : went good , just some extra load of projects . (Tired)

Swara : don’t worry Sanskar soon , you will have your own business and you won’t be exhausted . (Cheerful tone)

Sanskar smiled at her , she stood up but Sanskar pulled her and she landed on his lap . (This wasn’t new)

Swara ; Sanskar (wide eyes)

Sanskar ; you didn’t say me about your day ?? (Cockky voice)

Swara blushes .

Swara ; hmm , my first is going to be published soon . Just editing is going !! (Smiles)

Sanskar ; great !! (Kisses her cheeks)

Swara ; will my book be published and will be successful ?? (Confused)

Sanskar ; of course cupcake , you will rock ! (Kisses her cheeks again)

Swara looks at him , his s*xy handsome face . Sanskar also looks at her face which was beautiful as a flower .

Both looks into each other , Sanskar leans forward , Swara closes her eyes .

Sanskar leans and slightly presses his lips on her soft lips . Swara wraps her hands around his neck .

Sanskar goes wild and enters into her mouth . Swara gasps but kisses back .

Sanskar smiles and lifts her shirt without breaking the kiss . Swara removes his tie and open his shirt button .

Sanskar removes Swara shirt and throws it somewhere . Swara removes his shirt . Both looks into each other intensely

Swara : don’t make me carve more !! (Husky voice)

Sanskar ; I won’t baby (s*xy voice)

Sanskar carries her to the bed kissing again . He makes her lay on the bed ,

Sanskar : are you sure Swara !! (Smiling and nervous)

Swara ; I am Sanskar , I will !! (Pulls him closer)

Sanskar roams all over body marking her as his !! Swara was moaning making Sanskar go crazy .

(Let them enjoy their scene)


The next day ,

Sanskar woke up and was admiring Swara who was sleeping next to him .

Sanskar : cupcake wake up , it’s already late (shakes swara)

Swara doesn’t wake up , Sanskar tries but all goes in vain .

Sanskar gets tensed up , he checks her breathing…she wasn’t breathing .

Sanskar was shocked

Sanskar (shouts) : swaraaaaa !!!!!


Doctor : we are sorry but she is already dead !!

Sanskar was shattered , he couldn’t digest the fact .

He goes to her , and looks at her

Sanskar ; swara , swara wake up . You said na you promised that you will not leave me but you broke it !! (Teary eyed)

Sanskar ; now who will care for me , who will hold my hand when maa scolds me !! Who swara who ?? (Cries)

He breaks down , swara body was taken and last rituals were paid off .

He didn’t inform shekar and mishti . He knew it wasn’t good for them .

Suddenly a thing striked his mind , he ran to their room and took out her diary .

Swara has the habit of writing diary .

He was checking through all the pages and one page stuck his head .

Diary , (day before sanskar  left the house)

I am crying today , I don’t know why . Lately I have been having this dizziness and vomiting . I thought it was due to my work load .

But yesterday when I went to doctor he said , I have pancreatic cancer and it’s already in the final stage .

I don’t know what to do , this can’t happen to me .

The doctor said I can live only for a year or so . But likely to a year . I don’t want to die soon . I don’t want to leave my family and sanskar .

I want to have a love life , as I imagined in a fairytale which was told by sanskar . I don’t want to die in a young age . If I go , who will be there for sanskar , who will care for sanskar !! I want to cherish my moments with sanskar .

Just now I realised my feelings for sanskar and God has taken it away from me . I can’t live for long but what about the promise I made to sanskar . Am I going to break it !!!!!!

End of the page .

Sanskar cries , he still remembers swara wanted to say something to him and things got complicated after that .

Diary page (when swasan came to mimbai)

Atlast I have got the chance to spend with my sanskar . I thought I will die without seeing him after he left .

But God Atlast listened my prayers and gave me the chance . I am very happy now .

Now I am happy to accept the death god !! I just want my sanskar to grow higher and higher , so that he can show ap aunty that he is worth !!

I am very happy for him and I will help him in each step . We are connected forever and will be .

End of the page

He cries holding her dairy . Suddenly a page fell on is feet .

Sanskar took it and started to read .

Page .

Sanskar I know when you will read this letter I won’t be there . I will dead that time .

I don’t have enough time sanskar , I have already the panic attack . I am sorry I didn’t say you that I have the cancer , I didn’t want to be burden nor spoil your happiness sanskar .

I always wanted you to be a shining star . I know you will make me proud one day which is going to come soon .

(Tear drops fell on the paper)

Please take care of yourself and marry someone who will care for you and make you happy . Just don’t forget me , I will be always there for you to care and spread my blessings .

Thanks for this amazing night , at least I am lucky to die happily !! I am dieing at yours sanskar . As sanskar’s swara , that’s what I need !!

I am so lucky and thanks for the amazing year , which I would never forget .

Thank you for everything . Good bye

Your cupcake

End of the paper

Sanskar shatters down and cries hard and hard . He couldn’t believe Anything , he was agitated . The respect in swara gained in his heart more and more ……. he will have to fulfill her wish seeing him in a good place .

~○~○~○~ after 3 years

@kapoor mansion

Everyone settled in front of the TV , swara death was informed to them , they all were shattered , mishti was highly broken too ……

But sanskar helped them to come out of the trauma and cared a lot for them

Ap suddenly seemed to slightly change her views on sanskar and was accepting him as her son ……

It was his interview today In the TV .

At grand palace hotel .

There was a interview going on , there was a media crowd and people were fighting to ask questions .

Reporter 1 ; Mr sanskar kapoor we know your success wasn’t a overnight one . Could you share some of your hard work ??

Sanskar (smiles) : yes It wasn’t , but it’s all because of my swara who was my confident and support , and one more person who gave me a new life was my dad Mr durga prasad and my maa annapunra . Also my little princess ragini

(ap and ragini watching this had tears)

Reporter 2 : are you telling about the author miss swara kapoor of my love life ??

Sanskar (smiles) ; yes indeed !!

Reporter 3 : inst she dead before her first book was published

Sanskar : hmm , she had cancer and still tried to fight but God had another plan so yes … (tears)

Reporter 1 : can you share some beautiful words about swara ma’am

Sanskar (smiling) : she is beautiful and my only family . She is very cheerful and never let’s others to he sad . Most talkative and very understanding person .

The book my love life is her own story if you want a glimpse of her life

Everyone claps .

Reporter 3 : why didn’t you marry anyone after her Mr sanskar ??

sanskar (smiles) ; sanskar is only of swara and no other person .

Reporter 2 : do you miss her Mr sanskar ??

Sanskar : yes , but she is here with me right now . Glowing with happiness seeing my achievement . Because she always wanted to see me like this . (Smiling)

Reporter : how can you say she is here (hesitating)

Sanskar gives a small laugh .

Sanskar : she promised that we are connected forever through heart and soul . So I could feel it (smiling)

Everyone claps .

A flower from swara photo fell on the table .

Yes they were connected forever !!!

The end .

Hope the one shot was good , sorry if it’s not upto mark . Thanks for the friends and sisters here who supported me to write .

Hope you all comment and share your views

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  1. awesome dear

    1. ERA

      Thanks a lot dear

  2. Subiksha

    Its awesome and emotional too
    U can consider me 2 as 1 direction fan?

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear , yep of course 1D rock’s ?

  3. Sus


    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  4. awesome emotional thoda sad ending but amazing ff’s swasan connecter forever…

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear ,

  5. Sreenandana.suresh

    awsome era…..hatz off 2 u….i was crying after reading this….

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear , sorry for making you cry though

      1. Sreenandana.suresh

        its d best ff i ever read…

  6. Sreenandana.suresh

    awsome era…..hatz off 2 u…a tear automatically fell from my eyes after reading it…

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear and sorry for making you cry

  7. Praju

    U made me cry…..it’s awesome

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear and sorry for making you cry

  8. KrissAnn

    this is not fair u made me cry

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear and I am sorry for making you cry huh !!

  9. Emotional kar Dia….

    1. ERA

      Sorry ?

  10. It was nice but I didn’t like the part when sanskar said – ‘just because I don’t sleep with you doesn’t mean you can blame her’ and then swara forgave him easily. It is like saying that swara is a pr*st*tute that wants to spend a night with sanskar. Main thing was that Sanskar said like that even after being her best and also childhood friend and swara also forgave him very easily.. being a woman I cannot accept things like that.
    Just my opinion..

    1. I don’t know how that picture came there..?

    2. ERA

      I can understand , actually I wanted to show many things but due to its length . I cut shorted . I actually respect your opinion though . Let’s see what I can make anyway

  11. I want to ask esha that did she completed meri aashiqui season 3…i wish to ask this long time ago.i couldn’t…
    Anyways it was an other masterpiece from you guys

    1. ERA

      Nope she didn’t complete meri aashique 3 , we don’t think she is continuing it anymore dear . Sorry about that !! I am glad you liked this one shot

  12. Ashikyl

    I want to ask dolly that did she complete meri aashiqui season 3 i any platform..I wish to ask this long time ago…but i couldn’t..
    Anyways its an other masterpiece from you guys..

  13. Awesome and miss your ff my love meri jaan so much…hope you will update that soon plz its a request

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear and surely we will update it asap !!! We accepted your request

  14. Phoniex

    it was too emotional dear

    1. ERA

      Yes it is , thanks for the comment

  15. Awesome os.
    Please update your ffs. Missing them badly.

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear , will update asap of the ffs

  16. beautiful..loved it..waiting for ur ffs..tc..

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear , I will update soon

  17. Pooja26

    awsm os !!!!!
    post ur ff soon…

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear , will post ffs soon

  18. awesome…

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  19. Soujanya

    Awesome… So emotional…

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  20. Awesome dear

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  21. Awesomee…loved it….

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  22. It’s amazing lovely & sad too.But good one.
    Waiting for ur ffs update soon

    1. ERA

      Thank’s dear , I will update soon

  23. Kakali

    Dolyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Gosh after a decade.! Waaah where disappeared suddenly?
    Well I
    coming to the story, awesome..! Loved it.! Some points are there which are lil uncomfortable for me or you can say I couldn’t digest though I loved it..!! Continue with ur ffs.! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. ERA

      Omg di , I am so happy that you still remember me , thanks a lot for the comment di . I had exams so disappeared .I am sorry you have to go through the uncomfortable points and all !! ?

      You are the OS god !! So no one can beat you in it ?
      I will continue my ffs di …soon

  24. Awesome dear…… Waiting for your ffs

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  25. Tamil

    Amazing dear

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear

  26. It’s amazing….and emotional love it very much.

  27. Seebu_s

    i missed u n ur ffs so much?nice…but pls continue all ur ffs?and r u there in wattpad?

  28. Vyshu10


  29. Awesome……..??

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