It’s Complicated! But Simple. “Mother or Father”

Hi people! So here comes one more chapter of ” It’s Complicated ! But Simple”. Well thank you for the response . I actually did not expect any response as this is more of reality and unrelatable to the shows. But I hope this chapter impresses you. K fine let’s make it fast. Fine my topic for today is “Mother or Father”. Well this is quite thought off . So what a mother is for a child . Eveything!!! A child doesn’t need words to express love for his/ her mother. A smile is enough. And the same thing when comes to a father how does it go? Not the same right? Yah . But that’s not case with our Dev and Suhana. Is it?

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi~ If you have seen our Dev and Soha together do you need an explanation? Our little Ms. Bose is just too cute when she is with her father. And in their case they don’t need words to express their love to each other. Just see them once. I mean how beautifully their relation has been displayed. A patient father like Dev and a lovely daughter like Soha is so good to see. The way Dev understands Soha is just amazing. Quite naturally he waited for his daughter to come to him and tell him “Papa”. He fought and argued with his mother whom he treats like god for lovely darling. This is a pure relation between a father and a daughter. And Soha with utmost dignity respected and gave him his happiness. She is very understanding and loves her ‘papa’ very much. No wonder they are admired so much.

That was for our Dev and Soha who have portrayed a beautiful bonding of a father and a daughter. Now what about our mothers. There have been many shows which have showed us the mother child bonding but how can we forget our “Ishimaa ” She is the best example of “Devaki”.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Tere dil ka mere dil se … rishta purana hain.. Har aason ko tere dil se mujhko mitana hain… A beautiful song which best defines the relation of Our Ishimaa with Ruhi,Adi, Pihu. So much love and care for a girl who is not even related to you is unbelievable . The love is so strong that she married a man whom she almost doesn’t know for her. Yes the small little girl is Ruhi. Today she is standing against all odds and is with her three beloved children as their Ishimaa. As we saw that how Ishita got tensed and worried for Adi. She can’t see any evil even around her children. And of course her three children can’t hate their Ishimaa even unknowingly. This called pure motherhood. She is a proud mother of three children not being even the mother of one . And our Adi Ruhi and Pihu have made Ishita everyone’s Ishimaa.

This was our mother and father relationship but we have a unique relation of a Mother-in-Law and a Daughter-in- Law. Haven’t we seen our evil TV saas’s always torturing their Bahu. But Ek Shringaar Swabimaan has something Different to offer.

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan – Nirmala has set an example for not only mother-in-laws but mothers too. Being a Saas to Meghna and Naina she is not less than a mother. And Meghana and Naina leave no opportunity to respect and love her. Uptil now we have seen so many instances where Meghna has tried hard to bring her self respect. Rather than torturing Nirmala nurtures her Bahus with utmost care and understanding. Even after being insulted and being rejected by her husband, she is happy. And somewhere or the other this is done by Meghna and Naina. Naina as an ardent daughter tries to keep her mother happy by helping Karan. Nirmala has not only one daughter but Three and these daughters will fight for her self respect ,her swabhimaan. Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan…

I hope you guys liked it and for Yhm and EkS fans this is the first chapter for you people for intro go on krpkab page ..

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